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Kitsune/kyuubi Based Frame Concept (Updated Based On Initial Feedback)


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This idea is for stealth DoT based frame that is capable of actual solo play, but also helps with a little CC. He's also have his own scarf that is basically 9 energy tails.


Physical appearance: He/she would have a Japanese kitsune mask as part of its helmet and something similar to a kimono as part of his armor. Armor and tails would both likely use some cloth physics.



Will-o-wisp: creates a spectral ball of fire at the target location that lures in and fascinates enemies in [radius], causing them to ignore their surroundings. Those affected take no actions until effects end or they take damage, and are able to be stealth attacked. Enemies killed within [Radius] of the will cause Kitsune to recover [health].

Possession (toggle): Possesses target enemy, allowing full control of their actions. Possesed targets emit spectral flames of void energy, only visible to tenno, which gradually deals [damage]. If the victim dies from this the possession ends and a Health orb spawns. Kistune controls their actions completely in this state, using the victims’ stats and weapons to attack (some infested may only be capable of melee). If the effect ends while the victim had agro, they will continue to be attacked for [duration]. When the effect ends, Kitsune leaves the body and is invisible for [duration].

Wisdom of Ages: Kitsune grants itself and allies enhanced knowledge of combat giving them a [%] increase to crit rate and proc chance for [duration]. 

World of Fear: Traps all enemies within [radius of target] within a realistic illusionary world of nighmares. All enemies to take [radiation] per second for [duration] with a 100% radiation proc.


Open to other power suggestions.

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1. What "tail"? Are you going to introduce something like second Energy bar?


2. How do you want to control the enemy? You do realise, that when you stand still you die? Leaving your character alone only to walk few metres with a Grineer Butcher does not seem like a good idea.


3. Nice team buff. The stacking may bee a little overpowered, though.


4. I knew it. I knew, that it is goiung to be a weeabooframe.


Basically you want a Naruto frame. Not gonna happen. Never, ever. Nu-uh. Thank you. No.


The abilities seem overcomplicated, but after some work they may be usable. You kinda ruined the whole thing by making it a kyuubi frame in kimono and kitsune mask.


Oh, and the ability names? 1000 Years of Horror, seriously? That sounds like some chuuni name for imaginary ability that is sealed in one's left arm with magical bandages and has the power to destroy gods themselves...

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I like the ideas for the first 3 powers (apart from the tails but we'll get to that later) and after a bit more panning out I think it'll be good. Also the suggested looks for the Warframe are nice. 


The 4th power is ok.....but maybe a bit too complicated with the different stages...and I really don't think DE would get away with copying something like that. And tails - No. Its like a secondary energy doubly limiting the use of powers. To use 3 or 4 you HAVE to have used 1 or 2 before. Seem like its forcing people to use the frame in a certain way...


But otherwise - Not a bad idea!



Edit - the tails would be a nice touch for being purely aesthetic.

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well I'd be open to more ability ideas, I drew inspiration more from the general abilities of kitsune in mythology (the name of the last ability was just a joke ref). I suppose taking out the tail mechanic would probably be best over all and making it a unique scarf.

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