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Orokin Vault Runs: Key Occurrences



Hello Tenno,


A friend and I will be starting to do duo-only Orokin Vault runs.

Anyone has experience or statistics on key occurrences since we'll only be 2 Tenno?


What I've read so far is that the two keys most often seen are:

- Extinguished (45%)

- Decaying (27%)

...with Hobbled being very rare.


Thank you for sharing your experience.


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It's a grass is always greener kind of thing, whatever key type you don't bring will seem like it shows up more then it should.


When I did duo vault runs we took Bleeding and Decaying because we felt those were the least crippling.


From personal experience i'd say Hobbled is the most common and extinguished is almost never picked; in other words RNG is RNG just take whatever you think is least annoying.

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