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Excalibur's Radial Javelin Super Weak


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 Upon doing 3 of the missions of the archwing   quests I decided to get a couple of argon crystals in a t1 survival.  Well I normally would just melee away but I wanted to see the new and improved radial javelin, you know the one that you would jump in the middle of the enemies and press 4 to clear the room, aint happening.


 around 10 m away from me was a heavy gunner in that circular room the void has so I pressed 4 just to see this targeting javelin effect the community was raving about just last week how it would be better, not so, it barely did anything to a level 14 heavy gunner in a t1 void survival 10 mins in.


 So after using my amprex to kill the enemy I went to gather up a few energy orbs to try it again, this time there was a lot more enemies in the next room, jumped in the middle of them and pressed 4, the regular  infantry men died but the level 14 heavy gunners and corrupted ancients were still standing, remember folks this is a t1 survival around 12 mins in now.



 basically I did radial javelin at various distances on these enemies in the void for 15 mins starting at the 10 mins mark. And out of all the distances tested  this new radial javelin against t1 level enemies upto level 16-18 was only effective at around 5-8m on  the lower level infantry and ineffective at 10m+ ranges.


 This is now a crippled frame as it is now.

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my Excalibur is well equipped and what I wrote stands true, his power level is 300 with a flow mod on. and for the record my excal was formad 7 times just to give you an idea of the kinds of mods I have on him all maxed.


 And yes it's a crippled frame  whilst every other frame's ultimate can do damage to those level enemies with ease and his cant atm what would you call it? handicapped? underperforming? well crippled is more fitting to describe it.


Isnt the point of this update  is for players to once again use all the frames abilities as intended and steer away from the one ability heavy usage?  Coming from what it used to be this new radial javelin is not even good enough to call it sub-par.

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