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Bug With Limbo Warfarme


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After using Limbo for some time, I've noticed a recurring bug. After a minute or two of being in a game, all of the shades of black on him turn grey. I mean the default, bland, horrible grey that makes anything look dull. this is a huge problem for me as someone who praises aesthetics, because I can't even see the colors I put on him.

Also the smoke colors pallette is super bugged. only two of the colrs are black now, the rest being varying shades of white.



the color my warframe turns.

As you can see based on the armor attatchments I have on, that is what my warframe SHOULD look like..



What he looks like when not in a mission

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hmmm, might be due to the PBR (Physically Based Rendering) that they've started to use, in different lighting conditions the colours will look different as the different materials reflect differently. 

Is there any way to stop it from happening, or at least fix it on Limbo?

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Any help with this would be VERY appreciated. I seem to have noticed that he "camouflages" into his surroundings. while this is kinda cool, its also really dumb. I would like to see the colors that i chose for him, not have the environment choose for me.

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There's no need for you to be so impatient. DE will address this when they do. They have more pressing matters at the moment in the update, but I'm pretty sure that your issue is in queue.


So, don't worry, DE always has our backs :)

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