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What About The Ability Mods?



I was looking for my Rhino stomp mod to use the fusion cores I just got and I realized my Rhino Stomp wasn't there. Some players have told me that they removed the ability mods, but I was playing and appeared a message that said that my rhino stomp leveled up... I just wanna know where can I see that and how am I suppsed to max it, because before the update I was fusing it with my cores but now I don´t know what to do. Thanks to all those who can help.

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Please read the update notes, that will usually explain any changes that DE made unless its a bug.


From the U15 update thread:

The former 4 Ability Slots have undergone the following changes:

  • All Warframes have had 2 Ability Slots removed. Any Forma spent on these slots will be refunded.
  • All Warframes have had 2 previous Ability Slots converted to be blank polarities (unless otherwise Polarized).
  • All Warframes purchased or crafted moving forward will have their abilities automatically viewable in the Arsenal.
  • Abilities are all unlocked as a Warframe is levelled up.
  • Abilities are all ranked up as a Warframe is levelled up.


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so I need to play to get again my rhino's abilities cards?

No. Your abilities are now always on your frame and they will be the same rank as they were before the update. The difference is now you rank up abilities through using them till they hit max rank rather then through fusing them. There are no more ability mod cards.

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Check the last line of the update notes Pygmy - you rank abilities by leveling the warframe, not by using the abilities.

I think that was how abilities are unlocked initially. Either way use of abilities = WF affinity = ranking up both abilities and warframe.

It amounts to the same thing.

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