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Scanning Doesn't Work!



Today I joined a Vay Hek keyshare party to get his codex scans (I'm a collector). My Helios scanned Vay Hek probably around 10 times in all 4 missions, and scanned his Terra Frame 4 times. When I leave the party to check my scans, there's absolutely nothing new in the codex.


This may not be a Helios problem though, as I managed to scan Vay Hek once manually.

It's strange, though. Because I could swear that the Zanuka Hunter scan was taken today. And yet... when the Stalker appeared today as well... Helios wouldn't scan him (And yes, I do have a scan left for him).


They said they had fixed this already, but it seems it's just gotten worse. Helios is still scanning after maximum codex scans, and although I appreciate the reduced scan delay he sometimes just don't want to scan things unless I walk around it some. Also, he even kept scanning something in a new mission when I knew I had all the scans from a previous one.


As a scanaholic, this really bothers me.

Anyone else experienced this?

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I've had problems with scanning as well, especially with the new enemies introduced in U15. The grineer kubrows and grineer that spawn them aren't updating despite scanning them almost to completion. (Nothing showing up in the codex, and the tiles that I think are the grineer kubrows and their handlers are still greyed out and "undiscovered".)

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