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Lan Party?



I've been looking around on the forums, the wiki and the various third-party sites the support Warframe but I haven't been able to find a clear yes or no answer to whether or not LAN parties work. Or any type of lan connection that would void the need to use an internet connection to play with someone sitting next to you. 



Can you play Warframe over a LAN network?

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No, you cannot. Your save game is uploaded and updated constantly to the servers so an internet connection is required to play even if you play solo all the way through.


You can play with people on the same local network, but it requires that each of you have an internet connection. And depending on the router and network setup you have it could require some extra work: if your router does not support UPnP and/or has strict or closed NAT, then you'll need to forward the specific ports for each machine on the network. If your router does use UPnP, then you can just connect and play.


So the answer I suppose is a technical "yes and no." You can play with friends over a LAN but it requires you each have a connection to DE's servers.

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