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An Idea To Bring Raid Back + Introduce Stealth


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Someone posted a similar idea a while back but suggested it as a spy type mission instead of raid. What if they brought back raid, but you play as the tenno who we always hear about in survival missions. Sneaking on board enemy ships and stealing artifacts.

But you must always be stealthy, if the alarms are set you lose.


Another somewhat experimental idea to make it more interesting, what if these missions actually worked in conjuncture with survival missions, where the time you have to find artifacts is based around the survival teams ability to last, and vice versa, the amount of rewards you get it in survival is based on the guys performance in raid. That being said they wouldn't actually play in the same map, just that the timers might be synced up or something... it's not necessarily the best idea but it's an interesting one if I do say so myself.

Also these raid missions would be solo only.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Feedback?


EDIT: Also, as to not make loki/ash OP. What if there were various hazards introduced only in raid types, that different warframes could get around, like what if they had some kind of ability to detect cloaked units to make it more challenging. Also what if there were various paths you could take, that can be bypassed by different warframes (ember could melt her way through certain doors, rhino might bust down a door... nyx might be able to extract passwords from a grineer commander, etc etc)

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I like the idea  but the human factor makes linking them rather... Hard.


People can be terrible, and the preformance of the spy should not punish the performance of the survival team. Therefore making them linked wouldn't work. 


But having the missions is a great idea and I think it'd be fun

Well, simply play with a couple friends, it'd be good farming. Though, I can bet a copter+loki would be OP.. lol

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Here goes... 


    A lot of damage abilities can go through walls (Stomp, RJavelin, Prism's blind, Blade Storm[in a way], Crush, Pull, Reckoning, Overload, etc...), so the whole "If you're found you're dead!' won't be as fool proof as you think.



Also...  "Insert OP weapon here" + Silencer mods = Silent OPness.

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