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Archwing Agility Trial


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Hey, so one thing I'm starting to notice to be the most fun thing to do with my Archwing, so far, is to rush through different levels that don't require killing to test my agility, reflexes, and control in it while in those tight Corpus tunnels.

I was just thinking, wouldn't it be interesting for DE to put into Warframe, maybe as a new mission or area to the Dojo, an agility trial specifically for the Archwings? Everyone loves those scenes from different media where someone in an exploding spaceship is dodging everything perfectly to escape, so why not implement that as a game mode?


What're your opinions on the thought, Warframe community?

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race mode! i want that too! its not like we dont already pretend its a race (even when we were only on foot)

Yeah, that sounds like an even better extension of what I just said. Use that along with the the stuff Escantell said and it'd be great.

that would be a fantastic MASTERY RANK test.


so far the last 3 mastery rank test have all been the same. lets get something different to test our skills Lotus!

Oh, man, I never thought about it like that, that's even better than what I thought of just a dojo free, fun, thing.

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