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Please put that you have to tag it with the #warframeArchwing2014 on the homepage announcement. I use Raptr all the time, so I didn't go to their main website to check the contest. Saw the post, went into game, recorded some stuff and uploaded. That is what your post says, nothing extra.


Went to upload, and then saw the raptr rules and it says you have to tag it with "#warframeArchwing2014" to be eligible for the prize. Please fix this. D:


PC Tenno!

Have you ever had an epic moment happen in Warframe and said ‘I totally deserve to win Platinum for that’? Well, starting today until December 1st is your chance! We are teaming up with Raptr for an INSTANT REPLAY EVENT, where every single day, 3 PC Tenno will each win 170 Platinum for sharing their Warframe captures! You can enter an unlimited amount of times, so be sure to capture all of your amazing Warframe moments! Two lucky grand prize winners will also win a Nyx Prime Access Absorb pack!

So, how do you get started?

If you don’t have the Raptr App yet, click here to grab it! Launch Warframe through Raptr and simply hit the “INSTANT REPLAY” hot key ('Ctrl' + '/') to save your video and upload it!

October 29 starting at 3:00pm EDT ending December 1at 3:00pm EDT


- 3 x 170 Platinum daily prizes. Best entries chosen by Raptr.
- 1 grand prize of Nyx Prime Access Absorb for best overall Instant Replay.
- 1 participation prize of Nyx Prime Access Absorb randomly selected.


- Record an epic moment in Warframe using the Instant Replay feature in Raptr
- Videos required to be 20 seconds or less (15 seconds +/- 5 seconds) to be eligible.
- Enter as many times as you like with new videos.
- Prizes limited to one per account during the event.

For full contest rules, click here.

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The tag is to help them find it, without it it would be much harder to dig through all the videos.

Plus I doubt vids before the contest opens will count.

I get the tag is there. You ignored what was just mentioned in the thread. I am asking them to put on their main announcement that you HAVE to tag it with #warframeArchwing2014. I JUST uploaded a video without the tag on accident cause I didn't know about the tag, simply because the Raptr page has added information the main announcement on Warframe does not.


I didn't try to enter a previous video. This is my first time using the reply function on Raptr, I mainly use raptr for the point system and rewards.


Video was just uploaded 10 minutes ago, within the event times. Just untagged cause the main page doesn't state it needs to be tagged. Just simply uploaded.


Either way, I had to upload it a second time with the tag.

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