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Archwing Interception Bug Galore Makes It Totally Impossible


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- No reward

- Rewards do not display while choosing to extract or battle

- Towers are instantly taken over

- Towers are occupied by NOTHING counts as "conflict"

- Towers are taken over by NOTHING

- players instantly and randomly die in archwing interception

- players crash

- Players can't join an archwing interception mission while it's in progress leaving you with 2-3 players

- automatic random failures during mission

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I have seen every one of these in solo, as host, and as a client. It made me very annoyed when I learned that Limbo and the other Archwing gear is gated behind fairly high level interception. At least it gave me 10 fragments in a single run when I finally beat the Limbo mission.


I love the trench run missions, and they seem mostly stable. Even the freespace exterminate seems pretty solid. Interception has all the problems to terrestrial Interception, plus more problems on top.

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I also have encountered these problems. Not the random death thing or the crashes, then again I don't use DX11/10 mode. The things with the enemies is what I mean.

One culprit is the fact some enemies have an extremely long range in which they interact with a tower so they don't even have to physically be present, just alive.


Another problem is a bit weirder... I've seen this several times, even worse in the Limbo interception but you can see a red bubble orb by a tower and a bigger red bubble around the tower. You see no "conflict", and no enemies are even there, but immediately you lose the point, even if you captured it less than a second ago.

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