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  1. Yeah, I'm getting a 0 on my score even though I recently did a 19k run (post hotfix).
  2. This is what I'm wondering, this was not at all communicated.
  3. Just redid my run for the Endurance, still showing score as "0" on the leaderboard.
  4. My clan isn't appearing on the leaderboard, nor is my score being reflected. Some of my clanmates have at least made some score during this event.
  5. After testing it myself a few times, I share the general consensus. As a lot are saying, the new vault bounties are rather tedious to unlock, inflexible, and the still persisting glitches, particularly the one that disables the ESC menu can thwart efforts and force a restart back into the grind to get them unlocked again. As it is, the tedium levels exceed enjoyment, and requiring to do the cycle again each time makes this a time gate. The only thing in its benefit is the ability to repeat it in a session where it was unlocked, but being it has to be in a single session does have the cost of q
  6. Can confirm, getting no encounter on this node. Also, seems these rates are way too low, or encounter time window too narrow.
  7. It was stated that after each story progression, the spawn rate of the Wolf would increase by a degree that, by the end of it, would be hard NOT to encounter him, but after three episodes, this rate has yet to noticeably increased. I've been testing this since the start of this Nightwave season, and the Wolf has remained consistently rare, with around a 1/80 to 1/100 rate. Worse yet, with Episode 3 his mechanics have apparently changed a bit, but his rate remains the same low chance. We are edging past the apparent halfway point of this Season, with little idea how many episodes remain. I
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