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  1. I'd think buffing special boss encounters initially than letting them be rare for the first half. Been playing a lot in hopes of seeing the Wolf once, and it feels like as weeks go by, the chance hasn't increased at all. I know it was stated that his spawn rate will increase, but this feels abysmal starting off.
  2. The problem with long survival missions isn't the fact it is long, it is long and at the mercy of RNG. Even with an optimal built team, you can still just hit bad luck and not get the life support drops you need.
  3. Any buff to that Grineer meathead's spawn chance?
  4. To start off, no, I'm not going to say anything about rewards, or the challenges, though I do feel there should be a little more of the latter I'm not too bothered by that. This is about the Wolf boy himself, and his scarcity. He's like the stalker, either appears or doesn't appear 5 minutes into a mission, but has a very low chance of appearing. But unlike the Stalker, he's got a limited run and will likely be gone for the foreseeable future, along with his signature weapon. You either get real lucky and encounter him enough to grind each part, or lose out entirely. For a limited run boss, tied to a kind of season event, it seems rougher than it needs to be. Suggestions for this are multiple in my head: 1) Increase the spawn rate overall 2) Increase the rate on Saturn, I mean he IS the Wolf of Saturn Six, Saturn is in the name! 3) Increase the spawn rate per player's Nightwave tier, thus rewarding participation with a higher chance to fight the bad boy. 4) Increase the spawn rate per weekly renewal into this season, becoming far more common towards the end of the season 5) Less behind this idea, but... wolf beacons These are just a few thoughts I had. I actually think this could be fun with a few tweaks like that. Have a good one!
  5. Wolf of Saturn Six and his buddies both seem to have an extremely low spawn rate, any consideration to buff them? As a "season" boss and one that is particularly tougher than average, it seems odd he'd be so scarce right now.
  6. Feedback: More daily challenges would be welcome. More weekly challenges would be welcome. Increase fugitive encounter rate maybe? Especially on affected planet (Saturn) Fix problem with fugitives becoming uncapturable
  7. Will Nox's Cannon be joining the heavy weapons roster? Is Twin Hek for Tenno use now a possibility with the Gravimag?
  8. Any news on that Ghoul Saw? Will we ever explore the Unum Tower or interact with the Unum herself? What of the Nox Cannon and expansions on the heavy weapon systems?
  9. Any chance on getting the Nox Cannon now that there is a proper grip for it with the heavy weapons?
  10. Hm. This is with shields, but what of a pure health based frame?
  11. Which? Adaptation or Nezha's halo? With Adaptation there is certainly a discrepancy in damage reduction I'm experiencing with a build I had before and after the apparent change, on an Inaros. Right now I'm noticing no DR taking place, taking it off or putting it on, the damage looks the same, there is a difference in performance. Not sure I can trust your tests, especially when several seem to feel the same difference in behavior.
  12. About Adaptation, yeah, it is currently not working. Not sure if DE is aware, but IIRC, it and Nezha's halo stopped giving the 90% DR since... Fortuna, or a hotfix after. I feel like the latter is the case, because it felt like it worked before the changes to K-Drives and such.
  13. Adaptation still seems unfixed, last I checked it wasn't giving the DR at all, or improperly.
  14. What is the status of Heavy Weapons (land archguns) and will this bring a new class of land warfare?
  15. Will ground based AW weapons be coming soon? I remember an issue with the Nox Cannon was the grip being a modified Archgun one, does that mean it'll be classified as a heavy weapon?
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