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  1. Same thing happened to me, I'm at rank 13, I was at 30/10,000, completed the 5th bounty and had a failed host migration, then when I got put back to Fortuna, it looked like this, and instead of 4,530/10,000, it was still just 30.
  2. I had reached rank 13, thanks to the glass encounters, was at 30/10,000 was doing the Orb Bounty Hunter act and upon finishing it, the host quit and though the act was finished, it didn't count, still 30/10,000 rather than 4,530/10,000. Something is certainly fishy.
  3. 1) How is the Ghoul Rictus Saw and Nox Cannon coming? I know you said they were in the works a long while back, and that they were considered for land-only heavy weapons. Just wonder if there has been any progress! 2) Will Baro be bringing any new weapons/new non-cosmetic stuff anytime soon? What happened to Baro bringing relics for solo/dual variants of existing prime weapons? 3) Are Land Arch-Melee still on the table of "maybe" for after Melee 3.0? Likely with similar anti-grav tech being utilized? 4) Panthera Prime..? 😟
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