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  1. We've had no shortage of cosmetic updates in the last few days, but will we have a content update soon, even if just weapons?
  2. Where's Emissary Episode 3? 😞
  3. Wonder when we'll get to see Grendel in action.
  4. Of course land archmelee is silly, but no more silly than other things we got, and the less mundane weapons are the ones that stand out more. (Do we even need another flamethrower primary?) I mean, I have a green colored Knux sitting in storage if ever an occasion were to occur. Many want it because of the Kaszas because it'd make the a properly large scythe.
  5. Anything to show on the Nox Cannon or Rictus Saw? Is land Archmelee sounding promising in the future?
  6. Cannot agree more. Three forma too, forcing players to use the very resources you get rewarded in Nightwave... and the guilding? Eh... these just need to go. This is not a way to go about teaching players to use systems. Also not fond of the future transmutation act. Really should focus more on missions and in-mission systems than forcing the use of resources.
  7. Still no fix for Komorex research removing 20k clan affinity.
  8. Any updates on the Nox Cannon (Stug's non-suck big brother), Ghoul Saw, PVE Arcata?
  9. Anything on the Nox Heavy Sludge Cannon, Ghoul Saw, PVE Arcata, the unreleased Ayatan on Plains of Eidolon, or event/syndicate infested weapons?
  10. Don't add revives, if you plan to increase scaling rate to normal, just make reward rates normal. Time does not equal hard, just... time consuming.
  11. Arbitrations suffer from being long and boring, longer != more challenging, just... longer. Longer just = deteriorating interest.
  12. No, it is the Stug if it was the GLOO Cannon from Prey, and not simply an explosive booger flicker.
  13. You should make it so Rhino crashes down like a meteor from casting stomp in the air for more "heroic" impact. XD
  14. Will we ever get the Jat Kittag Polearm or the Twin Hek used by executioners? What of the Ghoul Saw and Nox Cannon, will we be getting these soon?
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