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  1. Anything on the ghoul saw and Nox cannon? Will they be making it in the next update?
  2. This has been an ongoing glitch with k-drives where beam weapons, like the Nukor, will only fire in the last place the player was aiming prior to boarding the k-drive.
  3. What of the Nox Cannon? Also, will we ever get to talk with the Unum or find out what that gate is at the Orokin Dig Site on the Orb Vallis?
  4. Since we are going to get the Ghoul Saw, what about the Nox Cannon as well? Also, since Orphix Venom is over, when can we expect broad Necramech usage in missions?
  5. I don't think there is much argument that Inaros is mostly just a healthbar and armor with a very lackluster kit. Visually he's unique, he stands out, he's the mummy, and mummies in terms of fantasy, even science fantasy, should be this supernatural undying force. All we really got was the "undying force" part. I feel like, overall, he should feel more like a supernatural protector to his allies and a terrifying deliverer of judgement on his enemies. Like his lore suggests! So, here goes: Reworked 1: 1&2 combined into one, they are both throwing sand but ultimately result in the
  6. I know what they mean, I was just expressing surprise that it is that far along that they can show him off in a working state.
  7. Wait, Wraithe is going to be ingame and with a working kit? What!? Also, what of the Archwing melee on mechs, mission mechs, arch-glaive, the Ghoul Rictus Saw and Nox cannon?
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