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Melee Effect



So lately guys when i have been playing some missions i see some peoples melee weapons have an effect,for example, a flaming effect.


When i say this i mean you could see fire on the blade.

Many people say you need molten impact but when i put on my maxed out molten impact i don see the effect. The only thing that happens is that when i hit an enemy they burn.


Here is what i a want n my blade: http://gamerun.org/BDfiBED_viA/warframe_flaming_sword_of_justice.html


Just watch the vid in link above and you could see that the guys sword is actually on fire.


Please tell me how to do this.

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First off, that's a pretty old video.


Secondly, sorry, it's like people told you. Just equip a mod that adds fire damage to your melee weapon, and it'll get the Fire effect overlaid. If you slap on a second elemental mod, however, you will get the Blast ( Fire + Cold ), Gas ( Fire + Toxic ) or Radiation ( Fire + Electricity ) effect, instead.

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