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Why All The White-Knighting Presumption?


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As of late, some threads have been posted to tell those who complain to, put plainly, 'stfu and enjoy'.

What is the point of these threads?

People who agree will just give a +1 and maybe their opinions.

People who don't now have extra reason to throw fire.

This fire throwing will/may be responded in kind by the people who agreed with the thread.


While it is acceptable for people to enjoy things, there is in no way any requirement that everyone enjoy things the way anyone else does. Telling people 'what is good' is all fine and dandy, but they're perfectly at liberty to tell you what they don't like.


Is this some sort of showoff contest to see who can be the best white knight? It's pretty gross.

Perhaps it's an attempt to advertise you and yours?


If so, please keep DE out of the crosshairs, mate.

I'm an experienced snowballer of hate and things like these are pretty much oil to the flame.



Topic ; Discuss your opinions on whiteknight threads.

Do we need them? Does it help morale? Is it trollbait? Is it flamebait?

Is it necessary to give haters MORE reasons to hate?

Is it helping haters be aware that their DE hate (may) be unreasonable?

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You like something and defend it because you like it? No thats not possible because i don't like it so you must be a WhiteKnight.

Seriously is this thread even a bit necessary?


If you like somethign and someone else doesn't he/she is a flamer/hater/troller

If you dislike something and someone else likes and defends it he/she is a Whiteknight


What about someone really enjoys playing something and is jus tannoyed of all the complaining about stuff he enjoys?

What about someone really disliking a few things and want them to be changed?

Isn't that a posssibility? No ok then i haven'T said a word.

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Depending on the content of a 'whiteknight' thread, we (as in the mods/admins) don't really support them, and usually end up locking them. 


Meta-complaints, which this thread is instigating as well, being complaints about complaints, brings nothing constructive to the community and only further brings trolling and hate, splitting the community into two unneeded and unnamed factions. 

In an effort to keep the forums civil, and constructive, locking.

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