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Sentinels Or Kurbows For End Game Missions?



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kubrows have the higher survivability as they have higher stat values that can feed off the frame you use as well as having that mod that heals them if you melee an enemy. A sentinel can in some situations provide better utility like wyrm's radial knockdown but at high levels they might get one shotted by some heavy aoe attacks like a bombard's missle

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Depends on the frame you're using. Tanky frames like Valk, Chroma, and even shield tanks like Frost and in some situations Rhino will not only gift the kubrow with higher survivabiliy stats, but also be able to revive them more easily. In addition, Sentinels will die quickly when equipped on such frames as they tend to take far more AoE damage.


Squishy CC or Damage Amp frames like Loki, Mirage, Banshee, etc will find that the Kubrow not only gets terrible stats, as they don't equip shield/hp/armor mods, they also may struggle to revive the kubrow, depending again on the frame, especially if enemies are nearby. These squishy frames tend to avoid getting shot at, so a Sentinel has a much better chance of surviving. Finally, the close range CC offered by a Sentinel, especially a status-Sweeper, is extremely effective at keeping squishy frames alive against melee enemies.



Mostly it boils down to the Kubrow AI. They tend to charge into combat when it's not always the best idea; when they do die, it's usually in the middle of a pack of enemies. There's nothing you can really do to prevent them from suiciding into a group of Bombards; so their suitability is based entirely on whether you're able to pick them up again. A sentinel is extremely vulnerable to AoE damage from enemies attacking you, so if you are set up in such a way that you plan to get hit a lot, your sentinel is likely going to die quickly and the Kubrow is the better option.

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