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  1. So I'm pretty sure this is unintended, but it seems like it is possible to have a syndicate death squad spawn during the specter fight in the junction nodes. I was doing the excalibur fight specifically to get to pluto. I had just killed the specter and got the notification from new loka that they were about to attack. I activated the cutscene, and they spawned during it. Thankfully I was already invulnerable at that point so I was safe. This was on steel path mode so I dread to think what would have happened had they spawned mid fight. Edit: snagged a screenshot at the end
  2. It is now the next day and I received nothing from the twitch drops. I did not get hydroid prime and I have not gotten the Athodai. all I got was the relay items.
  3. Tennocon just started and they confirmed that the drops are backlogged due to sheer amount of people. Guess it'll just be a matter of time.
  4. I've been watching the panels for more than the stated time but I logged into the game and noticed I hadn't got anything at all. I double checked to make sure I was properly online and linked up but everything seemed to be in order. Is the drop server struggling again? And I did actually participate in the stream. I was online during the whole trivia quiz with the interactive inputs.
  5. I as well haven't received any of the drops and have double checked everything to make sure nothing isn't delinked or offline
  6. Mostly in tone, but don't let me stop you from getting clarification.
  7. You seem to assume a lot from 3 posts. Have fun I guess....
  8. the exact words used are Unique/Exalted. Garuda's falls in the first category.
  9. Its not tagged as an exalted and does not follow the exalted weapons patterns i.e. being energy fueled. That said, no I didn't know it hits through rift, could be an oversight since in a sense it is a passive. I play mostly solo so the situation has never come up where I had a limbo while I was garuda. What's with the sudden increase in hostility?
  10. The set bonus isn't supposed to work. the mods primary effect still works so while it could and should be made clearer, its still working how it is intended.
  11. Garuda's claws aren't an exalted weapon at all. Its a standard claw type weapon that appears when no other weapons are equipped. Also, the blood rush thing was fully stated in the exalted weapons rework back when.
  12. Exalteds were already officially stated to not work with blood rush and similar effects quite a while ago.
  13. Should be automatic after a certain period of time.. Nightwave never progresses the story because of updates.
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