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  1. Caught the demonstrations on the devstream. Definitely going to enjoy these reworks when they come out. Especially Vauban's. These reworks definitely look like there'll be some new life in these old frames.
  2. Personally I must disagree, In the original theme of a hunter, the skin seems to draw on both a royal, and tribal feel. when it was originally shown off I wasn't too much in favor, but I feel this updated version of it really improved on the concept. As for assumed gender, The only difference I'm really seeing is that the armor is bulkier than normal on the side that holds the bow. As much as there are people like you who don't like it, there are others who do like it. Same goes with that Equinox skin, I personally don't like it at all, but there are others who probably find it interesting.
  3. Whatever nourish does is instant, its just unclear if the enemy is killed or just damaged as they aren't present to see.
  4. Grendel is certainly a unique playstyle though I must ask: when using nourish, is that an instant kill to swallowed enemies? It wasn't made perfectly clear, and depending on the results could change how people use him. Also very impressed by how the ivara skin turned out, I wasn't all that impressed on its first showing but now it definitely seems like something on my list to get.
  5. Better, My side is founded in my understanding of how people operate, I'm no psychology expert, but I can detect patterns. Its also based on general moral principles. If one wishes to have credibility they must act in a manner that gives them credence not mockery. Exaggerating a point is counterproductive as it robs a person of their credibility. In addition, when faced with a negative situation, the two most common methods of reaction seem to be avoidance and combatance. To mitigate this, creating a positive spin on a topic can promote positive outlook, thus allowing clearer thought. That said, we can only provide our insight, in truth the devs don't have any legal obligation to follow through, as such placing an aggressively negative outlook is only detrimental as there may be other problems in the future, and portraying yourself as "that angry complainer" will make you even less credible over time. I post my feedback thoughts in a way that make sure I can be counted on for feedback at a later date. That's my philosophy on the matter. Take it as you will.
  6. I know when a waste of energy is going to occur is the thing, This is a forum, I could spend all day trying to convince you, but I have other things IRL which I care more about, especially if you are going to be like that. You won't be able to change my opinion, and I doubt I'll be able to change yours.
  7. It seems you aren't really going to see my side, so I'll just leave the following and be done with it. Shouting at someone often leads to people ignoring them, or pushing back. Credibility within a conflicting viewpoint is also important. That goes down a lot when you start blowing a situation out of proportion, even if there is something seriously wrong.
  8. Personally I feel the soaktron projectile speed is a bit too slow to be practical for pvp.
  9. I'd say yes, if they provide reasoning, and if the intention is sincere, I've known people who have thrown around that opening sarcastically. My general irritation with some of the "feedback" given, is that it barely counts as feedback and is presented rudely. Most of it is complaints which does nothing, feedback actually gives direction. Not many of the complainers have actually offered actual suggestions on how to improve the grind, they just complain about the grind and expect it to take care of itself.
  10. Yes..... Displeasure =/= a reason to be rude in most cases.
  11. Then make sure it is done politely. Yes the grind is a bit high, is it as blown out of proportion as some rude posts are implying? not really. It needs adjustment, but its not like it slapped anyone in the face, most people being aggressive to them are simply responding to the aggressive tone in the message, not the message itself.
  12. Still, people don't need to be so rude in their feedback, the first person was definitely out of line, defend the good feedback not the overly exaggerating ones.
  13. typo in the overview. Not sure how appealing a trip to Safe is.
  14. There's an issue where sometimes Thumpers will despawn in the middle of combat. I've had this happen twice to me so far, both times after the Thumper Jumps. One landed near deep water so I think that despawned it, another jumped on a mountainside and just went poof. Very frustrating though cause this happened when both were at low health.
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