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  1. It should just be total over many runs. Edit: In the original event 4 fractures (1 successful thermia) gives 7 points. So you should have gained at least 28 points from the run. Is that accurate?
  2. There's an issue where sometimes Thumpers will despawn in the middle of combat. I've had this happen twice to me so far, both times after the Thumper Jumps. One landed near deep water so I think that despawned it, another jumped on a mountainside and just went poof. Very frustrating though cause this happened when both were at low health.
  3. Tried again and I'm still not receiving any response from the site. Its not like it's breaking, there's just nothing happening at all when I click the buttons. edit: Tried from my phone and it worked fine. Maybe it has to do with the website cache I had on my computer or something
  4. Keep trying to buy a digital pack but nothing happens when I click the buy now buttons on the pages.
  5. You misunderstand my methodology. In development there is a significant difference between complaints and negative feedback. Complaints are directionless, simply there to express one's discontent and forget to provide any meaningful input(i.e. solutions, alternatives, thoughts). These complaints end up as useless unfortunately as nothing is gained from them but a general sense of displeasure. Negative feedback is different. If handled politely, it gives insight into the why of the displeasure while also giving a direction in which a solution might be found. It is unfortunate, but I've seen many posts that simply lash out without purpose, and end up providing nothing. I simply want people to actually make use of their displeasure in a positive fashion. Many simply can't be polite about what they find wrong though.... unfortunate.
  6. With all due respect, reading your comments in this thread you put out a lot of barbs and aggression towards other people's comments. That's bad form. As for the topic itself. I personally don't believe Melee 3.0 will be "catastrophic", and some of the arguments I've seen towards the matter use some flawed logic. The current state of melee is certainly in a rough state right now. Some of the new changes were good, I can definitely string combos between guns and melee far better, but the system needs a whole lot more polish. For example, I personally don't like the auto-block. My experience with it has been more interruptive (combos interrupted, unreliable usage.)than supportive. I think a return to manual blocking would be a better fit while in melee mode. But overall, as a person going into Game Development, I feel this is how it has to be. If you wish to make a new system better, you sometimes have to crack the old system apart to see the flaws and good pieces. It's going to change either way though so people need to stop complaining and give more solid advice on how to improve the new system.
  7. Its a global milestone, not personal. The community still hasn't found a couple of em.
  8. You can still activate block combos, It certainly needs some refinement, but they still react to the same button that activates the combo, I tested with tempo royal out of curiosity and found you could still do the block combo.
  9. There is no global hp bar only a control bar. If we keep the bar low we get bonuses like extra resources and credits. The event is locked at its full time.
  10. Guessing by WHAT we will be going up against based on the trailer. I assume its going to be similar to baruuk's acquisition.
  11. Eagerly awaiting. Edit: So judging by the hints, will we finally be taking on the stormy wanderer? I'm up for a challenge
  12. Thanks for the knockback immunity and extraction independence. And especially client-side doors. Looking forward to the deploy.
  13. Question about two tone energy colors. How would that potentially affect chromatic effects like chroma's passive and excalibur's augment. Could we finally get the mix elements as effects?
  14. This was mentioned before when they introduced the concept.
  15. Will look forward to the information drop. Curious to see how things are planned going forwards.
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