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  1. Never really thought I'd ever live in a time like this where a contagion affects work worldwide like this. Stay safe everyone.
  2. Not even then. There’ll be more mastery than necessary to reach max rank over time. Doubt there’ll be a reason to keep going past then besides bragging rights
  3. I was personally referring to the rail jack void (exo) units and testing weapons against them at levels above 100 so I was referring to that when saying higher than usual spawn levels.
  4. Having done my tests with the new mechanics for a variety of weapons against the exo enemies, I must state you are exaggerating that only melee can reliably kill them. And that's having them at higher levels than they usually spawn at.
  5. Doing some testing with shotguns now. Seems that status shotguns still rack up a huge amount of status (you can count status procs on enemies now). It is very hard to acknowledge it from a distance though due to the reduction in the amount of damage ticks visible at once (a mentioned change).
  6. After actually going out and testing my explosive weapons, I fail to actually see the problem that everyone was complaining about before the update. And this is testing by firing away from the target itself to test the falloff. People got scared too much by the 90% at the utmost edge. Edit: I will admit though that the stagger is an issue for the Shedu specifically. It makes it much more difficult to take advantage of the "reload burst" that the weapon can emit when running out of ammo.
  7. Relics each had a 9.67% chance to show up before this change to give perspective. How many relics did you get back then? It sounds low, but the actual way chances distribute means that this is actually a lot better. how much better we'll have to test though
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