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  1. Better to destroy their own tech than let the tenno have it.
  2. There are some locations where creatures guarantee to spawn. Like the condocs swarming the ocean base near the windmill and the little mice/rabbits always seem to spawn in that one elevator shaft in the cave near the coast on the other shore.
  3. Here's a mod concept: Conditioned hunter: equippable only on semi-auto weapons. Scoring a headshot increases the damage of the next headshot and gives reload speed increase. Buff is lost if the next shot is not a headshot.
  4. Since Nezha is going to be damageable during warding halo, and is going to drop health orbs form marked enemies, both Rage/hunter adrenaline, and Health conversion are going to become useful to nezha. Consider slotting in one or both of those.
  5. Because of Melee's combo multiplier. Melee on start is weak, but fuel it long enough, and it'll overpower most weapons in the game, this is in addition to the other tactical boosts melee can gain compared to other weapons (the massive invisibility damage multiplier for one)
  6. Its about what the mod can do for a build when it IS past the point of the normal variant. Melee as it stands has significantly different scaling than anything else.
  7. 40+ is still highly manageable. (Sorties even are still quite manageable even when maxing out over 100)
  8. You keep the trinity prime if that’s what you’re worried about, but after the trial ends, you’ll need to pay the subscription if you want to keep getting the benefits of twitch prime
  9. That's only free if you do the free trial. If that's already used up, its not free. The only truly free prime they've given recently (barring individual people winning a prime access) was the Tennocon Ash prime and that was a big deal. I don't see them doing any more for a good while.
  10. Are you keeping your combo counter up? From what I recall rubico has the shortest timer for its combo decay and that'll severely hurt your Dps when the time arrives. Edit: Also image critique: you messed up accidentally by having a focus over the riven. Would have been better to list the stats just in the post and having us see the full build.
  11. Same reason that we can't fly a landing craft right up to the balor formorians. Though for the Formorians, they are massively powerful both on offense and defense, but they are slow to aim and fire. They can handle large and powerful targets like capital ships, but not agile targets like archwing. Under normal circumstances we can infiltrate Ships due to them being unaware. If they are on alert, they have heavy defenses for even agile archwing targets. At that point the need for raw power is apparent. Archwing acts as a supplement for travel and small spacecraft, but it simply can't destr
  12. It's an interceptor class ship. It's designed for open combat, it simply isn't built to cloak. Its like the difference between a standard fighter jet, and a stealth bomber.
  13. Landing crafts use something similar to cloaking that does render them nigh undetectable. Its mentioned in the radio scanner aboard your orbiter, among other times in the game. As to why kill everyone aboard, sometimes you need to strike fear into the enemies and draw resources to an area, sometimes you kill everyone on the ship so that the ship can later be raided for what's on board by operatives actually suited for the task. But as you said, there are many ways to explain it, so why really argue. Its going to be the same either way. Railjack is more designed for situations where o
  14. The thing is, Its designed to be the crowd fighter of bows, much like the lenz, but with different methodology. Its simply a different tool for the job. I you want single target strikes you have plenty of other bows meant for it, but if you want area shots we only have 2 including this one. Its simply its design to be different.
  15. It should save progress as soon as you interact. The next phase is building the parts from bounties. Once you collect all three built parts, you can finish the mini quest.
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