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U17 Stamina Mods Compensation


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So... we'll be compensated with certain Cores for ranking up certain Stamina Mods right?


The highest rank any Stamina Mods can reach is rank 5, which the highest rank of both Uncommon Core and Rare Core can reach is rank 5 as well.


My question is, which rank 5 Core are we going to be compensated with?


Thanks in advance.

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Stamina mods are getting changed, not removed

During part of the stream they said that some of the stamina mods will be removed and compensation would be issued out


What Omega-Shadowblade said.


Also, if you don't believe me. You can review it here:

https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/495373-devstream-57-summary/ (STAMINA section)

Thanks to summary by _Rue_.

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