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Trin Lobster Tail


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No this is not a treath hypin on cloth physics.


rather its a plea to allow us tenno to keep the lobster tail as an alternative to the upcomming cloth skirt i know many of u dislike it but damn i like it it took me hours to find a look i like and i would like keeping it and being able to switch between it and the new one for different looks beside that it could be  trinity specific cosmetic





please DE if its possible 



in the Lotus we giv our trust





Praise the almighty ammo drum




 Keepo (i love it when a plan works)




ps mesa could take a minor change to its ult

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It's unlikely you will be able to choose between Physics Skirt or No Physics Skirt(if that is what you mean).


Nevertheless, Trinity will always be buttery and delicious, whether she has cloth physics or not!


Yeah, physics isn't really something you can just turn on and off in the middle of a game.

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