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Warframe P2P And Lan



Me and a couple of friends are planning a little get together with the intent of binging on video games, food & beverages. What I would like to know is: Can the P2P system in Warframe connect to the other players smartly via LAN or does it bounce off the Internet regardless? We will have a local switch (or hub) to physically connect our pc's to each other.


I have very little experience with P2P multiplayer solutions in general and none of us (me and my friends) have what you would call a very stable internet, and losing connection at 40+ min in t3 survival due to a short internet hickup would suck big time.


I do know you need an internet connection to the DE servers for inventory updates and whatnot, but the actual nature of the client to host connection is still a bit foggy.



Thanks in advance.

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in the Options menu, there is a selection for what Ports to use.

as long as every Player has this set to a different set of Ports, you should all be able to connect to each other without any issue.

your Network could get in the way of some of or all of the traffic depending on it's settings, but i cannot know this.

your Network depending on how modern it is could get bogged down by the traffic, but i cannot know this.

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I have a squad of 4 with me, including me, who play in the same house. We don't use LAN and we're all connected to our modem, but it's a million times better than playing from far away, seeing as our net doesn't have to go that far. Never lost connection and never lagged at all, this includes the other 3 players.

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Glen said a long long time ago that the game knows to route through LAN if it detects the connection so yes, it will connect you all to each other via LAN, but ofcourse you'll still need internet connection to link back to account servers etc.


I'd dig up the post but it was months ago now, no idea where to find it. It was a little while before they adjusted the port mapping logic I believe.


Edit: As has been said you should still set up the ports individually for each client, but its not going to send traffic to your modem, to your isp, back to your own modem and then to the other user, it will do it all locally.

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