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Orthos Prime (Reach) Build



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I'd drop reach and go with spoiled strike.....but may just be me

Welp, thing is this is a reach build :p


Orthos Prime is not high enough Slash Weight to utilize Physical Mods with a whole lot of effectiveness.

considerably better off adding a Status Elemental. which also would help you apply Viral for higher Level Enemies.

It doesnt have neither good status chance ... so not sure if spoiled strike wouldnt be better ...


 i prefer primed reach tipedo


Orthos P has way more reach :p

I would drop Buzz Kill for Spoiled Strike, if you don't mind the decrease in attack rate.

I wanted it to be fast, but will give it a try.

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OP, if you've been playing your build for a while, I'm guessing you won't like Spoiled Strike. I'm betting you will definitely feel the difference.

Edit: from what I've read, Spoiled Strike increases your base damage, so all your damages, elementals included, will get the bump up in damage (someone correct me if I'm wrong). You'll have to make the decision whether the drop in attack rate is worth the increased damage.

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I'd use SS if it's a stealth/invis build. Otherwise, I'd replace Buzzkill with, hell, probably Life Strike. If you don't need LS a 60/60% would work; a Smite mod would be ideal if it's not a Void build. Yeah, for Grineer, replace with Smite Grineer. For example: http://goo.gl/SqdBh0


I know you said you didn't love Zerker, but replacing  BK and an element with TS and Zerker would give you more overall DPS, if much less damage per strike, because you attack a LOT faster with Zerker: http://goo.gl/7rsJ22


I also prefer Corrosive+Cold for melee in Voids because I tend to not melee Bombards much, and C+C works better than Rad+Viral against Ancients, FMoas and Nullies.

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If a reach build is what you want, then the one you have is about as good as it'll get. You could use the Spoiled Strike people recommend, but some REALLY hate the slower attack speed so it is all preference. I'd try it out and see how you like it. Spoiled strike instead of buzz kill increase your DPS, but by a VERY small amount. I would suggest you keep it as is because a faster weapon will keep your enemies stunned. I'd keep your build as is.

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It doesnt have neither good status chance ... so not sure if spoiled strike wouldnt be better

15% is pretty reasonable. brings it to 24%.

but i'm suggesting it primarily for the Damage.

remember, Elemental Damage is most of the Damage you have. against higher Level Enemies, your Elemental Damage is pretty important to be able to Kill them.

i'd choose the Status Elemental for all of these reasons. and also because then i don't lose any Attack Speed.

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