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Archwing - What To Farm?



I have been holding off archwing for a long time and have just recently soloed limbo's quest with lvl 10-20 starting gear. With sharkwing coming along in U17 I figured that now is the time to work on my archwing equipment. Currently my starting gear is around low lvl 20s and I'm missing a lot of the "core" mods.


Which weapons should I get or avoid?


Best node to farm mods and exp?


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Can't really tell you what weapons to get, as it all depends on your playstyle. For example, a lot of people don't like the Dual Decurions, but the suit my playstyle perfectly.


As for nodes to farm, it's best just to go all over the place in Archwing when looking for mods. Obviously, higher-leveled areas have enemies low-leveled areas don't. As for affinity, I typically stay a few rounds in the Interception nodes.

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For Primaries, they're all very different, but overall the Fluctus is pretty good. I prefer the Decurion myself, but it takes time getting used to the recoil. Also, the Velocitus will be good for pure DPS spewing as it can get you up to about 50k DPS if modded right.

For melee, you definitely want to get the Centaur, as it's vastly superior to the other melees because of its crits.

And for Archwings, the Odonata isn't too bad, but you definitely want to get the Itzal. Unless you have an active clan, you'll need to farm a lot of Tellurium though.


I've played Archwing since the start and tried all the different items, so you can take my word for it c:

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Honestly the starter gun is probably the most balanced. The velocitus does the most damage, but it's basically a sniper rifle. The fluctus is a lot of fun too (don't even know how to describe what it is though lol) but has limited range, the dual decurions are fun and look amazing but have a slow rate of fire and the corvas is basically a shotgun (probably the worst out of all the primaries).


As for melee, if you managed to pick up the prisma veritux from the trader that is the top melee weapon stats-wise. The centaur isn't too far behind it. onorix and rathbone are slight upgrades to the starter melee.


As for where to play to level, stick to earth interception at first but once you're wings/weps are strong enough go to the uranus interception. It is a tough mission but you level up far quicker there than anywhere else.


I also highly recommend picking up the itzal from your dojo. Not the strongest by any means but man that thing is fun to use. Prime odonata is a huge upgrade from the vanilla one as well.

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They have combos? I thought melee was lock-on? or is the lock-on only for the 1st melee weapon?


Well, no, they all have lock on. What I meant was, the Veritux has different swinging animations when you spam E. Onorix, Rathbone and Centaur uses a different one that I feel is better.

Basically, when you use Veritux you swing back and forth across the screen in a rhythmic pattern. With the others, some swings are followed by a really fast 2nd swing, and there's a multi-hit swing at the end, where you spin around.

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