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Limbo Ult Is Bugged

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Yep this is reported & Logged for a fix!


Crossing fingers for a fix in our next cert!  


What happens is when those bubbles linger.. only the clients can see the ones that linger -- and they do not work anymore (you can pick stuff up inside of them etc...)  It's just the annoying visual that remains.  


The host will never be able to see a "lingering" bubble.


Times for Cataclysmic continuum are also mismatched for host / client depending on how many mobs are killed inside of the cataclysm.   Which is also logged for a fix I believe! :-)

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This bug is listed in the bug thread although I'm not 100% sure this got fixed in 16.11.5. So it may be u17 before this is fixed sadly =/


and this! -->  Let's wait on U17 PC patch notes and see! :-)  I am pretty certain a fix didn't make it to PC yet.. but that doesn't mean they can't put it in our next cert pre-u17!

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