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Feedback On Strun Reload Mechanics


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Okay, i'm gonna keep this simple:


I like the reload type, where it reloads one shell at a time but each one quickly. It feels more dynamic and rewards you for "topping off".


I don't like how you cannot cancel the reload by firing, please let us do this, it's the other good half of such a reload mechanic. Allowing us to stick in a shell and panicly firing it one at a time if needed.


I absolutely hate how the reload can become bugged and stuck, i believe i canceled a reload by rolling, and after that the Strun Wraith kept forcing me to reload after every single shot i fired, turning the thing into some strange single-shot shotgun... Which might be a cool weapon type to consider, but now for the Strun, please.

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Two words: it sucks.


This was unanticipated and the reload cycle is waaaaaaaaaay too long. 4.1sec? Seriously? We just got rid of crap like this on the Supra.


I spent more time reloading the damned thing in a mission than shooting--and this WAS one of the fastest reloading shotguns before this change.


Now if this...change...is going to be retained, the gun does need a reload cancel (preferably by firing) so you can just top up and keep it running without having to take an unavoidable 4.1sec break for every reload. That would be perfectly acceptable.


On the plus side, the thing hits like a truck with good range, which it didn't really have before.


Nevertheless, as it is now it's simply more trouble than it's worth. It's on the shelf until this mechanic is further tuned or reverted. Damned shame, too, since it's an outstanding weapon in every other respect.

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 Yeah, I ended up with the automatic reload issue.  If it's going to do that ever, then remove that feature immediately.  Single shell at a time is kind of interesting and looks good, but it's too long and when it can bug it is bad.  My shotgun went from great to pretty amazing if I can ever fire it.


 I don't always use my strun, but I like it when I do, except that now after a couple experiences I really really don't want to use it again suddenly.


 Tried again with my testing brain on.  So first off the overall reload time doesn't seem too bad, but it will take time to really see if it is going as well as would be liked.


 Then I killed everything and then tried to get strun to break.  It is something about interrupting the reload, which means if you get knocked down at the wrong time, you are probably going to have a broken strun.  Without enemies it too a lot of fiddling with it.  It might have been interrupting an automatic reload when I emptied the shotgun completely, or doing an jump or air flip while reloading, or doing a melee attack on ground or in air while trying to reload, it isn't going to happen everytime we use the strun, but it can happen on any mission.


 Maybe to avoid the breakage and the issue where you can't interupt your reload to shoot, perhaps actually make each shell an independant reload.  Pushing reload specifically only adds one shell, so you would have to push reload a lot more when using the strun and any gun with a similar mechanic, but it would no longer end up jammed on a reload loop and would let people shoot at any point even though they haven't fully reloaded.

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good  point  i would rather  prefer  a fixed  thing  but  what you said about tapping  reload  is  a  good  alternative  i hope  DE  will hear  all the fuss about the  strun and the  boar 


and they will fix  them asap 

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It seems like it can't reload while doing anything other than walking, which is rather odd. I like the concept but the implimentation is so horrible, it's like they just recycled the same reload code and set it on repeat. If anything they should figure out a way to code it so it's more like how TF2's single shell reloads work.

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