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Affinity Nerf In Defense Mission ?



So I did a t1 defense yesterday to level up some stuff, i got my warframe and my secondary gun level 0 on the start. This is what I noticed after the 20 waves (4 man squad). I have an affinity booster.


After 20 waves, my warframe only reached level 17, counting the bonus xp at the end of the mission (161k). 

I am not used to play with affinity booster, but when I did 20 waves t1 def to level warframe, I usually ended with my warframe being around level 22 (around 250k bonus affinity at the end). It was even more with affinity booster.


Besides, at wave 19 bombards started spawning (aren't them supposed to be t3/t4 only ? Never saw one in t1 before U17).


Am I the only one who feel that xp gain on defense mission were lowered ?


Please don't tell me that I'll have to do draco run ...

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They nerfed Sechura, then Draco (they tried to at least), and now this... yeah.

I'm not even really bothering to play void now, it's not worth it.

Yes, they said heavy units would start appearing at the end of defenses, but it's not as if there aren't other heavy units. There's still Gunners and whatnot. Kinda irritates me because veterans will have no problem handling it, it only craps on new players more.

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Well if the devs wanted us to play the game in a "normal" way (like in defense), they have a strange way of doing it.


All it's going to do is encourage people to do draco ... Shameful from their part. This makes me sad ...

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