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How Do I Forward Ports 4950 And 4955?



It's been 2 days since this showed up, and I've tried everything I know to get it working again. I reset the router like 50 times, turned it on and off again, verified and optimized Warframe, took off my firewall, everything short of reinstalling. I don't have ANY chat, everyone appears offline, and I can't manage my clan, but everything else works perfectly. I can start missions.Can someone help me out? I only have tomorrow left to play then I leave for a month.

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Open a new window in browser and in address bar type -if it doesn't open your routers admin site then click (windows logo)+r, type 'cmd'. In command line type 'ipconfig/all' find your wifi (described probably as wireless lan) and check 'default gateway'.

Now that you're in admin site time for login and password - it's usually just 'admin' 'admin' unless someone changed it.

Now that depends highly on model but the general look is somewhat like this - go to advanced, find 'NAT/PAT' and go there. Find warframe on application list and make one entry with both 'internal' and 'external' ports set to 4950 and a second entry with both set to 4955. Set 'protocol' to UDP in both.

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