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Got Kicked From Recruit Chat For Answering A Question?


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I was looking around at the Recruit chat when suddenly someone asks what the abbreviation for "want to buy" is. I politely answered "wtb = want to buy," when all of a sudden I get a message from [DE]GrapeLord saying I got kicked out and I should use the trade chat next time.


REALLY? Auto-kicked out because of a key word? 


I guess I should'a known WTB is obvious, and I should've seen it coming as a troll thing. But the kick-out thing was just off. I kinda see this GrapeLord pressing ctrl+f and kicking out those who pop up with the key word instead of actually reading. I tried talking but they never replied to the chatbox. 


I hate to come out as a whiner, but come on, I don't think it's right to punish someone for something they didn't do.If it happened to me, it might have happened to others as well. And I hope this does not go unnoticed. 

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[DE]GrapeLord aka [DE]KickBot is a bot, and kicks players based on keywords written in the chat. 

Sorry to say, but the person who wrote that message knew this and exploited your nice nature for their own amusement. 

Oh wow thanks. At least now I know they're actual bots, not people acting like one lmao. *feels like an idiot*



It kicks you to prevent others from spamming chat with things that nobody wants to buy if you have a problem with it report the player who asked in the first place trolling is against the code of conduct

Where can I do that? 

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Yup, seen this in chat before its really nothing new. I think most know that DEwhateverhisnameis its a bot that will boot you for just typing that. The cat like lightning speed reflexes that you get banned from the channel should really give that away. Good luck and sorry someone took advantage of your helping nature.

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