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Is The Status Chance Broken On The Daikyu?


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yeh like others have said it is IPS dilution


rolls a high chance to proc but then has to roll between all the various damage types


the daikyu would have been much better weapon if it was just a single element weapon, like toxin from 'poison arrows'

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Slow-firing, single-shot, physical damage-based weapons make poor proc guns for just that reason. The damage type with the highest value on the weapon typically procs more often, but it can still never be relied upon. Fast-firing things like the Grakata are a bit different, as you're spitting out so many rounds per second, you'll proc your desired element more often.


When it's not FUBAR (like it is presently) the Glaxion is a fine status primary. Can easily be modded to 100% status chance, and base damage is cold, which can be modded into useful damages against all enemy types. I run mine with maxed Seeker and Continuous Misery for maximum carnage!


Secondaries like the Nukor and especially the Tysis make excellent proc guns. Tysis is probably best in-game, in my opinion.

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