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Machete Improvement Needed


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So the Machete right now is just a skin for the skana. A cool skin, but theres no reason to use it over any other melee weapon, including the skana, aside from just looking really cool.


A damage buff or armor ignore or something of the sort would fix the problem, but lets think outside the box a little bit on this one. How about the charge attack gets replaced with the Scorpion grapple line? The scorpions are packing a Machete, and I'm sure by now we're all sick of getting pulled off our feet as soon as one of these nasty little nasties shows up, so lets get some revenge, shall we?


Charge up, throw the line, pull whoever it hits to your feet, stab them in the face while they're down. Sounds pretty cool if you ask me. Have it do the base charge attack damage when the line hits your target, and leave the numbers the same, and already you have a weapon thats at least different in some meaningful way. 


Could even take it a step further, have the grapple line hook onto terrain. Wow, now theres a cool weapon.


Right now its just a cool model and not much else, so if anyone has any other ideas, please post them. I want to like this weapon, but it just hurts to use it right now. 

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I believe longswords need to be buffed, almost all of them.

Machete is really one bad design for new weapon. Not sidegrade, not upgrade, just skin. If DE added it as skin for Skana and charge platinum for it then it'd be fine. However, DE decided to release it as a new weapon. I don't appreciate this. It's hard to overlook something like this.

I think it need special mechanic or armor piercing property in order to being something new to the table. We already have sidegrades for longsword, Skana/Pangolin/Cronus already are sidegrades. More would be redundant since melee weapon stats have less room to adjust than long gun/pistol.

- normal attack damage

- normal attack speed

- charge attack damage

- charge attack speed

- crit chance

- range for slashing/jumping AOE

That's all we have for longswords. Obviously, this sword doesn't have anything different from Skana. Jump AOE isn't enough to make it different from Skana. This sword and many other require special mechanic to make them interesting.

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I'm going to be honest, when I first saw the Machete, I thought it was a 40K chainsword. Though, my idea for something different can still work, seeing as the "blade" appears to be an overheated piece of metal. Make the charge attack continuous; you hold E and it deals repetitive damage to whoever it touches, draining stamina as you hold it. Depending on the damage output, this may end up being extremely overpowered, so the stamina drain would have to be massive, I think. It could still work, though.

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While the grapple line would be fun I'm not sure it would be practical in the hands of the player unless it grappled much faster that the Scorpions do. However, I don't know. That kind of adds a pseudo-CC ability to a weapon. I'm not sure if that's a direction they'd want to go in, as any class could have a pocket version of Mag's pull.

My idea of a machete is something a lot more simple mechanically speaking---- A blade with a crazy high crit damage multiplier on charge attacks. If you swing that thing at something and it connects, it's likely that something is losing an arm! Would feel very satisfying to build mods around a weapon like that.


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