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Content Files And Examples Incomplete?

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I downloaded the provided examples found in the guide (https://warframe.com/steamworkshop/help/index.php?page=content-files-and-examples), but none of the tint masks seem to include alpha channels for the fourth tint color. The metallic maps also seem to be excluded from the packages.


Was this intentional? If possible, could they please be added to the source packs?



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They provided the pre-PBR diffuse textures and unused AO and Curvature textures, but left out PBR albedo maps, roughness maps, metalness maps, and the alpha of the tint masks. They also left out detail norms and the ability to use them, even though they are integral to all of the recent frames and frame skins.


The metalness portion of the shader doesn't really work anyway, so those can't be previewed even if you can make them.

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As far as I know, the only one to come with PBR textures is the Default Example, which is a PBR'd Excalibur. Look at that, and follow the guide, for how to implement PBR. But it definitely does work.

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