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Antimatter Drop Damage Calculations



- Antimatter drop is supposedly a 4x damage multiplier at base with 200 contact damage at max rank.
- Radiation damage is neutral versus Ferrite Armor, Cloned Flesh, and Infested Flesh.
- A level 1 (Arid) Lancer has 100 Ferrite Armor which causes 25% damage reduction.
- Each AMD is loaded with a single projectile.

Initial Damage Confirmation

The Lex deals (7 Impact + 56 Puncture + 7 Slash)= 70 damage.

An AMD loaded with a single shot does 958 danage to a crawler.

And yes, I made sure it wasn't a direct headshot.

The same AMD deals 719 damage repeatedly on Grineer.

Doesn't seem to be a headshot issue either.

So that's about 958 incoming damage before the Grineer's armor, matching the damage done to the Crawler.  Due to this matching I'll just be testing Crawlers now.

Additional Damage Examples

The Lex Prime deals (15 Impact + 120 Puncture + 15 Slash)= 150 damage.

1597 damage is dealt.

A Lex with a rank 5 Hornet Strike deals (15.4 Impact + 123.2 Puncture + 15.4 Slash)= 154 damage.
1629 damage is dealt.

Now with negative power strength on Nova (down to 40% from Overextended), the in-game stats state that AMD's damage multiplier is down to 1.6x.

40% Power Strength Numbers

An unmodded Lex (70 damage) causes 717 damage.


An unmodded Lex Prime (150 damage) causes 1356 damage.

A Lex with a rank 5 Hornet Strike (154 damage) causes 1388 damage.

So with 100% power strength for a "4x" multiplier...
70 becomes 958
150 becomes 1597
154 becomes 1629

And with 40% power strength for a "1.6x" multiplier...
70 becomes 717
150 becomes 1356
154 becomes 1388

So AMD is affected by power strength now, but... does anybody that's good at math know what's going on with the damage formula now?

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Just now, (PS4)lhbuch said:

Even if it is affected by power strenght now, isn´t there a cap on the total damage?

Yeah but i don't think it matters in this case since he's been testing with only one bullet on AMD.

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Using a Sancti Tigris to cap the damage of an AMD (previously 50K damage cap causing 400K resulting damage at max)...

100% Power Strength: 399,716 damage.
40% Power Strength: 399,474 damage
247% Power Strength: 400,303 damage

Every time, too.

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