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Various Melee tweaks, additions, and specific weapon changes.

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I'm not going to go too into detail, because I will be making quite a few suggestions here.  
My end goal is to simply make it so as many Melee weapons as possible have some sort of use. Obviously, some weapons are meant to be outclassed by others, but there's no real reason for most unique weapons to not be viable in some way.  

Stat Changes:
● Tonbo now has a +100% Channeling Damage boost, opposed to +50%.  
● Venka now have a +100% Channeling Damage boost.  
● Magistar's damage type is now more proportionately split between Impact and Slash, and now has a +100% Channeling Damage boost.   
● Ether Weapons now have a 75% Channeling Damage boost.  
● Nami Skyla now has 10% Crit Chance and 3.0x Crit Multiplier, to make it a niche sidegrade to likes of Dex Dakra and Boltace, in terms of Berserker viability and Slide damage potential, respectively. (For use with Maiming Strike.)
● Fang's Crit Chance and Crit Multiplier are now 15% and 2.0x, respectively.  
● Fang Prime's Crit Chance and Crit Multiplier are now 20% and 2.0x, respectively.
● Fang Prime gains 3.6 Slash Damage, and 0.4 Puncture Damage, for a total of 40 Damage.
● Plasma Sword receives a Damage buff, enough to make up for the slower Speed and already relatively low Damage of 35. 15% Crit on an Electric Damage Sword would be really cool to have as a more viable weapon.    
● Prova now has 20% Status chance.  
● Prova Vandal now has 25% Status chance.
● Machete Wraith now has 20% Crit Chance, but keeps the 1.5x Multiplier (as to not undermine Nami Solo completely).

Stance Changes:  
● Gnashing Payara's Flash Flurry is now changed to be a flurry of fast swipes, rather than a weaker copy of the Stance's other combo; Pincer strike. (Combo is now something like [E][E][E][Hold E][E])

Specific Mods:
● Scythe Mod: Reap; +100% Damage to enemies below 50% HP.  
● Ether Weapon Mod: Allows them to ignore a small percentage of Armor, the amount of which increases when Channeling.  

Conditional and Passive Effects:
● Twin Basolk now has 100% Crit Chance on enemies inflicted with a Heat proc.  
● Silva & Aegis now gains 30 Heat DMG and 50% Melee Range for 10s upon inflicting a Status proc. 
● Prova and Prova Vandal now have an innate +50% Status duration boost.
● Jaw Sword now automatically Procs a Slash Status when Channeling, but has a drastically increased Channeling cost.  
● Mire's passive Toxin Damage tick is now repeated 9 more times over the course of 5 seconds, at a rate of 2 ticks per second.

Various Fixes & Changes:
● Twin Basolk's Slam damage radius now matches its visual effect, therefore increasing its range.

Thrown-Melee Changes:
● Thrown Melee no longer have to attack before charging a throw, returning their ease of use.
● Not neccessary, but; for the sake of freeing slots from mandatory Mods, thrown-melee no longer Bounce by default, barring the Cerata. Rebound Mod now grants up to 8 Bounces, instead the previous total of 4.

 Blade and Whip Changes:  
● While equipped (in-hand), they no longer have to attack before charging their whip, returning their ease of use.  

These ideas aren't my only ones, and a few of them are ones I saw elsewhere. Also, they are only suggestions, so they may need further balancing if they were to actually be implemented.

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