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Why Not Make A Fusion Core Pack?


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Because, Fusion Cores are by far the superior way to upgrade mods. I know you're not winning against other players or anything, but you are paying money to very easily get max level mods, which puts you ahead of many players.


Fusion Core packs would essentially allow players to buy their way into max level mods. That is Pay to Win.

There is no such thing as Pay To Win in PvE games, Just sayin.
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You must be joking, right  ?



I allready spent enough on this game to get me a 60 € full-priced game (weapons/characters included). If you think I'm going to spend one more red cent on this with current issues like :

* Slot machine operated by some maniac AKA RNG.(random seed is probably drunk and MIA)

* price-levels that are absurd (real money for a revive ? Are we back in the arcades ?)

* I'll be damned if a game is telling me I have to watch a timer in order to get some stuff. (yes sir, no sir, can I play now sir ?)

* "But... everything is free", yeah, if you feel like sucking dry a lake through a bended straw


Go ahead, make platinum packages for prayers to RNG. I'm not buying it.


--rant over--

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Don't wish to be negative, but this should not be in this game. Many people already stated why and I honestly agree with them. 


I don't mean to shoot the OP down to the point that they won't try to add more to the game. But this just should not come to pass.

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hey players 


i have been playing Warframe for over 150 hours, compare to many of u, that amount is ridiculously little. However, after that amount of hours played, I am able to get some new Warframes, and new weapons. currently my favorites are the hek and the botlor. 


my hek is maxed, but my boltor is not, and also my kunai is not maxed. i need fusion cores, and i needed them bad. for the past few days, i have been doing nothing but farming fusion cores in defense missions or mobile defense missions. cuz ppl told me that's the most efficient way to farm. i am certainly making progress, but i think it is not fast enough. so why not make a fusion core pack in the equipment session so when players desperately needed fusion cores, they can go to the market and buy some. 


personally, i think it would be nice if 20 platinum will give a player 200 fusion cores (this is just an example).


thanks for reading

Are you mad?! 20 Platinum for 200 fusion cores... DE won't profit from your idea e.e..

Better if they make it 225 Platinum for 500 fusion cores.

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You're right, it isn't the traditional term of 'pay-to-win' simply because you aren't winning against anyone. But that doesn't mean you can just add anything to the cash shop and use the argument "it's PvE! there's no pay to win".

Would you say the same if DE released a gun that did 10000 damage, punctured 10m, ignored armour, had infinite clip size and fired at 50000rpm, and was also platinum only?

No, you damn well wouldn't. You'd think it was bullS#&$ that paying players could pay money to make themselves better than others.

I think that's a silly scenario to bring up. Such a scenario would break the game even if players had to work 100 hours to get it. Game design is a craft about balancing to produce a fun experience. Super weapons like the one you describe would not provide a fun experience. That's why you don't see any games that consist of a single button that prints "You Win" when you press it. No challenge = no satisfaction or fun.


I think the fact that the game would be completely broken whether you could gain such a weapon through grinding or payment makes the example moot. And for the record, I wouldn't care a bit if you bought the overpowered weapon of awesomeness because I never have to play with you, and I can choose to play the game without a game breaking weapon like that. People who bought such a weapon would be ruining the game for themselves, but would not be able to ruin the game for others. Because their purchase doesn't affect me, I wouldn't care.

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