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✶ Lone Regiment ✶ [Lone Rangers & Lone Riders] -- The Soloer's Clans / Moon Tier / Completed Dojo / 100% Research -- Recruitment Thread

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Hi guys,


I ave just started the game earlier this week and its really fun. I would really like to join a non-complicated/drama-free Clan, and yours seems pretty cool.


I play on NA-E Server and my IGN is "DarkImperium".


Feel free to Whisper me in-game if you have any question.


P.S.: I am still such a N00B, my Ash Warframe will be ready Saturday o.O


Edit: Made a Typo in my IGN lmao...

Edited by DarkImperium
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@Howwow, Ryald, neoadvaita: Please check that you don't have pending invites from other clans.

@Everyone else: Invites sent.


Hey there,


Not sure how to know if I got in the Clan or not, but I got a "Clan Key" BP in the Forge I just started crafting.


I guess that should open the Clan Chat/Clan Invite for me ?


Edit: Just found my Invite after the Hotfix, thx.

Edited by DarkImperium
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Seems like you guys are a great group of people. Me and my brother would love to join you guys. I play as a Banshee and he as Ash. Both me and him are in love with the game and the lore. We're looking for a promising clan currently. Both I and him and are willing to put the time and effort in to learn even more! It would mean the world to us and make our game experience even richer if you decided to invite us!

Our In-Game names are: Borkas and Yorkas.

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