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Softlock when selecting archwing in arsenal !100% replication!

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Just triple confirmed, here's how to softlock the game, 100% reproducible (for me at least)


Go to my arsenal, select the upgrade screen. If I change my warframe's aura mod, then hit ESC and try to click select mode --> Archwing. The game will softlock every time. If I don't swap the aura mod and just go straight into Archwing, it seems fine. 


This screenshot is where it'll get stuck. No amount of keypresses or trying to click on visible/invisible HUD elements help. Toward the upper left, near the "Default Loadout" the mouse will cause the on-hover tick sound to play, but cannot be clicked an no visual indication.




Hopefully a dev can see this quickly enough to make it into the next hotfix, as something like this is... not so good. Don't know if it was added with the most recent patch, could have been some time ago.

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