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Suggestions for the new mechanics from the TWW


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I like the new "press 5". The concept is interesting and it opens up a huge potential for the gameplay evolution.


However, as it is - it still feels clunky and looks more like a gimmick than an actual mechanics. There are several suggestions right off the bat:

1) Void Blast into Void Dash combo should have an effect on everyone - not just Kuva Guardians. For example - by applying a damage multiplier to the target and turning all incoming damage into finisher. It won't be overpowered as it's impossible to make a mechanically complex single-target damage buff too strong in a game like Warframe. It could be even better, if it allowed us to pierce immunity (at least partially) of enemies like Juggernaut and Bosses. The latter is a tougher decision, as it will drastically change the Boss design in the game. However, I had never heard compliments regarding invulnerability phases of bosses. Especially Vay Hek.

2) As follows from the above - Void Blast and Void Dash shouldn't ragdoll enemies. Knock down and/or stun - sure. Ragdoll makes enemies fly all over the place, stuck in textures, fall off the map and so on. Not to mention, it normally prevents you from attacking the enemy you had just ragdolled, especially in melee.

3) Make going in/out of the frame more consistent. Usually, the frame gets teleported to the position of the Operator, but sometimes the Operator gets dragged all the way back to the frame.

4) Make the switching faster and more fluent. It's actually pretty decent at the moment, but it never hurts to be better. Read the inputs for the Operator as soon as "5" was pressed - to allow going into Void Mode after switching without any delay. If the lag of the switching, as well as the input lag, is reduced - the switch mode could be used for an input-heavy way of quick movement, thus rewarding the player for actually learning niche mechanics of the game. Transition also shouldn't toggle abilities off, as that makes doing it far less desirable.

5) Make Void Beam do something interesting, instead of only dealing plain damage. I would suggest allowing it to be used to heal/buff/energize your Warframe when used on it.

6) Add more stuff (in a long run, of course). From the regular controls, we are still missing: roll, aerial attack, slam, alternative fire. All of these can be used to make our operator do something.

Personal preference: revert the Void Dash into the short-range teleportation you get initially during the quest. It's infinitely cooler.



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