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Riven Mods As customizable mods


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Another way Riven mods could be used

Could be a further development of the weapon rather then the Rng it basically is and making it a way more controlable for both us as players and the people of [DE] by making it customizable

The Basics

When you have the mod and completed the challenge, the mod it self should start out with 2 random low stats, tough you are able to change out the stats,upgrading and purchasing another stat. Changing out the stat should be individual and the stat you change out shouldn't be thrown away but kept and unused like moding a warframe it's like modding a mod  purchase the stats for the mods individually, like you buy Damage stat for a latron riven mod does not make it possible to use the damage for a karak, you have to do it all agian the karak mod

Also the riven mod should have it's own mod slot to further develop you weapon so there is more to do other then throw for at weapons

Now upgrading the stats

We now know you can mod the mod (yo dawg!) but upgrading the mod is another deal. The mods stats should start out as at rank 0 and each stat should be individual like the mods on your weapon. When you want the damage stat to go from 15% to 100% (just to make and examble not trying to balance) you have to upgrade the stat not the entire mod an as i said earlier you still keep the upgraded stat when changed

The MR requirements

The MR should be controlled by how high and how many stats you have on your mod, (Making an example)  When the max stat rank is 9 it should go up every 3rd rank on your stats, so when the Mr requirement starts out at 8 and you upgrade a stat 3 ranks The Mr requirement should go up to 9. so when you have 3 max rank stats which is 9 the MR Requirement should go up by 9 to a total of Mr 17 and the same goes for the mod capacity drain

Now the Upsides and downsides

We all know you can get down sides by Rng. Those down sides should be customization as well when you buy a stat for your mod it also get it as a downside. The mod should have mod capacity like every other thing in warframe. So when you want Damage on your mod it should cost 45 mod capacity when your max is 100 (making an example) so  you want 2 more stats but can only afford one more then downsides come in you can take a down side to get more mod capacity for a weapon. There should not be any downsides one weapons that are not really down sides because you have to be punished for being greedy.

More customizing on weapons trough upsides and down sides

The downsides should not only be -%stats, it should also be able to mess with how the weapon works. Like now your soma have a spin up, you can now only use the secondary fire one your weapon ect. The downsides should be able to be a upside since the spin up on your some now gives a flat 10 shoots per second as a bonus to the spin up, Now semi automatic weapons are full automatic for a reduced fire rate, the stugs glue now bounce ect. The upsides could be that stuff like the ogris are now homing, spin up should be able to be removed etc.


My idea is to make the riven mods a modable mod and give it it's own mod slot to further develop you weapon


This is my idea how to make riven mods more interesting and better to control and balance since i didn't like the way it was implemented in the game with the way too heavy rng


My engris is bad i know i just wanted to give my idea to the topic

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