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Ui Changes I'd Like To See.


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First one I'm not 100% sure it's a UI thing, but i find it very frustrating that i can't invite people straight from /invite. the need to make them a contact first is so annoying, it really keeps the vocal people in the front and lets the others stay in the shadows.


Next is clan ID. I'd like to see that people are in a clan before i even bother trying to recruit them. if we can't get a clan tag, then atleast an astrix or something that notes the user is in a clan.


I've heard in a livestream that you're trying to figure out how to make the maps less linear. so that more than one way can be used to reach an objective. IF this happens, please include a key bind that allows us to fullscreen or overlay our minimaps.


Contacts window definately needs to be bigger, or allow us to stretch it to our liking. now that i have more than 20 contacts it is becoming a real pain to find people in a small window. (and i know there are people with WAY more contacts than me.)


I've cast my vote and am in a squad. why is there no way to back out? i can do it when i'm solo, but not when i'm with a friend? there needs to be a retract vote button or let me hit escape.


I'd like the mod screen to remember my last sort option. Recent doesn't interest me, and evertime i go in i have to click "name." why won't it just stay there?


i know others have asked for it, and now that i have more than 3 frames, a mod set save option would be wonderful and helpful. so i can un-equip and re-equip to a different frame quickly.


alright... there is enough, and i'm sure lots of these are already been discussed or being worked on... but it's my 2 cents, and i wanted to add them to the bucket.


thanks for reading.

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Let's see...

1) Hitting "Contacts" brings up the menu, but then you can't click "Contacts" again to quickly close it. Instead you have to move the mouse over to the new window and hit X.

2) The entire Marketplace UI is just downright terrible. 

3) Hovering over your weapon stats in the Arsenal page, will make the stats display vertically in a pop-up window. What the hell is that good for? The stats are ALREADY displayed horizontally.

4) Stats in Arsenal page do not reflect the mods you have installed.

5) Weapon/ammo indicator in-game commonly does not display your weapon rank.

6) "Open Storage Locker" instructions commonly get stuck on your screen if you're looking at the locker and someone else opens it.

7) Entire chat interface is godawful.

8) Having to put someone on a FRIENDS list in order to run a mission with them is ridiculous.

9) Clan DOJO build screen has CANCEL BUILD in a big red box where one would normally expect to simply BACK OUT of the build screen.

10) ESCAPE should back out of EVERY SINGLE MENU in the GAME. It should not back you out of SOME menus, but not others.

11) No way to see what your squad consists of before a mission? No way to get...you know, NAMES of the Warframes in your party instead of pictures we can't see and don't have memorized.

12) Honestly this game's UI is among the worst I've dealt with. You need to seriously, seriously step up your efforts in the polish department, as well as usability.

A good User Interface should be easy to navigate with minimal mouse movement, convey the information the player wants/needs with minimal fuss and distractions, and leave the user more time to PLAY the game instead of NAVIGATING the game.

Yours is lacking on nearly all accounts.

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Drag and drop inventory. Having to sit there and choose, accept, choose accept different ammo boxes or between shields and health for each individual slot is just bad.


Don't have a secondary market inside my inventory. Having a inventory inside my Market is fine. Add a button to the specific market page if you want. Just quit making it all messy.

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5) Weapon/ammo indicator in-game commonly does not display your weapon rank.


That, and it does not update when your weapon gains a level.


When you first go in, your weapon has no rank listed.


When you swap weapons, suddenly it displays the rank.


Gain a level, most of the time it doesn't update the rank until you swap weapons again.


EDIT: Also, could we AT LEAST get a "Right Click Unequips Mod"?


I know there's changes coming in the Mod UI, but how hard could it be to give us a "Right Click this to take it off" feature? I'm not exactly asking for a "Remove All" (that would be nice too), but taking a mod off should be easier than scrolling to the last page and dragging the mod off. I should just be able to right click it and boom. Mod is unequipped in the first available blank spot.


Also, I can't see what mods DO in the Mod Equip screen because the Mod Description is cut off the bottom of the screen for some odd reason (I'm running 1440x900 resolution).


But yet SOMETIMES I can see it, but usually not. And when I CAN see it, it is usually the first couple mods in the list, but the 3rd or 4th mod over gets cut off the bottom of the screen and I can't figure out why. Probably has something to do with how the mod is enlarged when you mouse over it.


This causes me to have to go into the Mod Fusion screen to find what mod I want if I can't remember which mod does what (such as Ammo Stock vs Shell Compression... I keep forgetting which is which).

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many good points here and have to say I agree with whats posted so far.


I would like to have the ability to leave players an actual message cause when you ping someone it doesn't notify them and it just scrolls along with the regular chats making for a lot of missed communication forcing players to relay on outside programs.


and I don't know why but for a short time (during closed beta i think) we had the ability to save and name different warframe loadouts but they promptly took that feature away. It would make getting ready for missions faster if all you had to do was select a loadout thats tailored for different mission types and levels


I'm hoping the update 9 has more UI fixs and changes that we've been asking the DEs for

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Some things I've noticed regarding the UI when on a mission:


1. You have to manually bring up your team-mates by pressing a key.

2. If you have the 'party frame' up, you can't bring up your Inventory items.

3. The minimap is extremely small and can't be resized/repositioned.

4. Your frame statistics (Shield/Health) is equally small and tucked in a corner that's not easy to see.

5. The chat-window is pretty horrible. At most the message lasts a few seconds and then vanishes.

6. That small font used for chat, mission names and News/Alerts is pretty bland and looks cheap. Is this a placeholder?


My suggestions:


* Allow for 'Party Frame' and 'Inventory Items' to coexist next to eachother. Imagine a Trinity that wants to keep track of their teammates; but in its present state forfeits the use of their own inventory when doing so.


* Allow for the mission UI elements (minimap/party-frame/chat/Inventory/stats+abilities/enemy-health) to be resized and repositioned (and locked in place) where the user wants them. Especially users with large screens (24" and larger) need information within their field-of-view; not tucked away in remote corners.


* If possible, allow users to bring up an 'Overhead Map' with M, that allows them to see a bigger layout of the base/ship/area and markers to the objectives. Now you're just running around blindly following the little marker.

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Not sure if the devs will be seeing any posts under this topic but I might as well throw this into the ring of UI suggestions: It would be nice if, on the main "Arsenal" screen, the boxes (the warframe and weapons boxes) were pushed out a little further to the sides so that we can see our warframes in all their glory. As it is, my weapons get covered by the boxes, especially as I rotate the model. I like to take screenshots and I think the boxes often get in the way of some nice views. It doesn't sound like a difficult thing to redesign. What do you guys think?

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