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Invert Tap/Hold Abilities bugged for the focus ability


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If you activalte the "Invert Tap/Hold Abilities" you will be unable to use your focus ability if you have completed TWW. since both holding and taping the ability will result in going into the operator state.

Speaking of the operator state: The void power mapped to left [CTRL] key does not translate to controller at all. i've bound the "Hold to crouch" ability to L2 on my controller and it will not activate the Void power while in the operator state. (fixed now)

1 bugs that needs a hotfix right now. Come on we have had these bugs since TWW update.

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I am stuck in the last part of the quest. my 5 button does nothing and once I stun the golden maw another one spawns, and then another , and another. stuck in this quest since sunday night. I am not using a controller. I am on pc keyboard. I set key bindings to default and have tried several changes to no avail


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