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  1. The current Kuva reward for not mercying a larvaling is not enough to stop players from restarting the mission. I'd rather kill 50 more enemies and get a new weapon roll than have to finish the current mission and then go halfway through another to reroll the larvling. I know it's a fine line between giving a decent reward and having this be the new kuva farm but it should be a bit more rewarding to spare them in my opinion.
  2. Primed Chamber was an event reward from an operation like 5 years ago,and only like 100 people on each platform were able to earn it. Hence, the (incredibly funny) salt about it and hence it's high price. I saw someone offering 100,000 plat for it in trade chat last week.
  3. Since? People STILL do that! And it's funny every single time, even as someone who doesn't have it.
  4. I really like you, Voltage, but seeing comments about how it's unfair that all players can earn this earning so many "ha-ha"s is really making me happy.
  5. I wish we could pin responses to the top of the entire forums, because I would pin yours. Agreed,10000000%.
  6. I didn't say that, no idea why my name is attached to that quote.
  7. As another black person, Warframe doesn't need to celebrate that.
  8. To be fair, the enemies know to stay AWAY from explosive rounds they fire most of the time.
  9. I bought the armor for the lightning effect, and I know I'm not the only one. I recommend black energy if the effect is bothering you.
  10. I'm sure you're correct, as all of the super metallic deluxe skins have the same problem, like Inaros' Ramses skin. I wish they'd stop making every channel a metallic.
  11. Maybe because you set every color to black? It'd be dark on almost every frame if you did that.
  12. Agreed. But the loud players complaining and the fact that using Melee quickly triggered a heavy attack because it read the fastclicks as a hold is the reason why.
  13. Holding Melee attack button for heavy attack was removed with the latest update, unfortunately.
  14. Can we get a fix for archwing Melee? It's still literally impossible to hit any ships or anything using one since the tracking was removed. Well, removed from everything besides swords, which makes me think it wasn't intended to be removed at all.
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