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  1. Maybe the energy strands from their helmets could connect between the clones, linking them via Wukong's "Hair"? It could fade away over a set distance but become stronger and brighter the closer they get. That could also work in the ability, having them somehow build on each other's strength? I'd suggest making them stronger closer together, but they're designed to be used in tandem from different distances.
  2. Oh, it does? I completely missed that. That's pretty sick actually
  3. Maybe the Wisp "stations" she deploys with her one could attract enemies within a small radius, like Titania's lantern. That would help draw in enemies before they detonate with her #3. I actually absolutely love her kit, and her design is my favorite of nearly any Warframe thus far. great job, DE!
  4. They can be done. You have to hold the "aim" button after the first swing, and keep pressing the melee button. It'll do the block combo and not switch to aim mode.
  5. The Staticor isn't a throwing weapon. Pretty sure it's a Beam weapon.
  6. There's an option in the setting to switch Melee attacks to the Fire button while in Melee mode.
  7. Seriously, another frame locked at Tier 5? No matter how shiny the new frame is, most players who do not enjoy the Heist content will never acquire her if she's locked at such a high level. Forcing people to play high-tier missions when the rest of the parts can be found in the Operation is not a great idea. And PLEASE don't take this comment to mean that you should put them ALL in the Tier 5 just so they're all in the same place. Just put the Frame BP's back in the market like how all the old frames were. Earning the frame parts is fine, but being forced to farm tons of items and a boss fight 98 times is not fun or "playing a game", it's just work.
  8. I love the idea of a daily/weekly system in theory, but in practice it means that we NEED to play every single day or miss out in the rewards. I think the harder challenger should be worth a lot more than currently, maybe 20k-30k standing for the extremely difficult ones, so casual players can do the earlier ones for fun, and the more extreme players can do the harder ones to reach the stretch rewards.
  9. Garuda is unable to throw her 1 by holding down the charge button when using a controller. Could we get that looked at? It would make an already great Warframe even better!
  10. So wait, can we take a screen shot in Captura and then edit it with Photoshop?
  11. Any chance we'll get all the parts from just doing the quest like the golden days of warframe? Or will we have to do something like "Hunt all 3 Eidolons for a 10% chance at each part"?
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