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  1. Count me in-I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  2. Or am I just insanely unlucky? I've done probably 2 dozen or so jackal runs since the update and haven't gotten a single BP. EDIT: Finally dropped a Stahlta BP like 4 runs later.
  3. Right? People can be super cringey about that. Female forms aren't here for the neckbeards to gloat over.
  4. Finally. Regardless of what the people who are butthurt say, in every public mission I've played someone uses the Bramma and that person ALWAYS gets the most kills unless there's a saryn in the group.
  5. Y'all need to relax. There's more important things happening in the world right now than Warframe, though I love it just as much as you. The update will come when it's ready.
  6. I'm pretty sure when they reworked Archwing for Railjack they removed Afterburner, there's just a standard slow flight and a sprint mode now.
  7. Can we at least shrink the neck a little? The rest of the skin looks nice but seriously the L4D Spitter neck is a bit much.
  8. The beer belly I can forgive as a misinterpretation of her pose in the concept art, but...seriously, her neck looks like it's nearly a foot long. It's extremely creepy and alarming, even though I like the rest of the skin. Any chance of fixing this before release?
  9. Just because it's what YOU want doesn't mean it's what EVERYONE wants.
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