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Transference ability after my Warframe death (GOD operator mode?:D)


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Hello ,

(Not sure if I am in the good section)

So..I was about to die with my Warframe,but i was fast and i have used Transference ability to try save myself..Well,it was too much slow,my Warframe died BUT,the ability was cast before my death.So here we go,my warframe was dead and i had only operator.

Like operator,i have been unkilleable (it was like Wukoong's Defy ability) and I could not get back with Transference button (5)..I am still in mission ,so I am gonna try to finish the mission only with operator - EDIT: Failed,had to abort..Looks like i had no energy for Void beam (maybe because this bug)

I have decided to create a short video so you can see it on your own eyes.







You can download the video from this file hosting : http://www.filedropper.com/bugwf





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