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The floating Rhino & Ash


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So, a random bug occurred to me as I was playing Akkad with one other player, and this occurred after two player had left, and I accidentally switched to Operator Mode while on the ledge overhanging the Cryopod.

(Note: Images contain a weapon spoiler from The War Within. Viewer discretion advised.)





If you think I was bullet jumping and I took this while I was still in the air-- you are wrong. I was using the Titania Noble animation.

It was a odd sight, I couldn't jump, ascend or descend. It was like I was stuck on one plane of movement. If I managed to get up on a ledge and walk around, I was stuck on a higher plane.

I could switch to Operator Mode, and both me and my Warframe could drop to the floor and I moved as normal. However, switching back, I got stuck on a one place movement, even though my feet were touching the ground. I tried to jump after doing that, and I didn't even ascend. The animations played for the jump-- and heck the double jump animations played, I didn't even leave the ground an inch.

I had a friend that had this occur more than once with his Ash Prime, even on solo levels with high ping. He would get stuck on a one plane floating movement glitch right after using Bladestorm.

Might the DE team have a look into what causes this glitch? I really appreciate it! God bless and take care!

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