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  1. Please, DE - take all the time you need to work out as many kinks and bugs in the next content as much as possible! We'd like for this to work smoothly with as little hitchs to fix and patch later on as possible.
  2. I hope to see the Kuva Lich system receive some serious improvements, I know I and many others want this system to be fun and not a slog - but it'd be nice to see more interactions and dynamics to your relationship with a Kuva lich. Several examples being off the top of my head is: Your Kuva Lich might actually be guarding one of the Spy missions you're infiltrating, hoping to detect you and thwart your efforts early. Your Kuva Lich ends up in a precarious situation that benefits you both - say a rare and/or powerful Orokin artifact needs to be protected (Defense) and you're both faced up against the Infested - a faction both of you would agree that the solar system can do without them, making a temporary truce; and as a consequence, the Lich that stole-- er, "Taxed" your earnings from operating in their territory, would relinquish a fraction or the entirety of the loot they stole from you. Your Lich meets with you on several different scenarios, whether you work together or pit against each other, they start to develop a distinct perspective or set of perspectives about you, themselves, the solar system they reside in and all that takes place in it. Which could result in: Your Kuva Lich, while still your enemy, may end up confiding something personal or a secret to you, whether that be of a benefit or a detriment. Your Kuva Lich makes more frequent attempts to talk with you, with unique dialogue. Your Kuva Lich might come by to help you if your health reaches a certain threshold and attempt to assist/deliver the final blow to whomever weakened you, but will likely turn on you once the threat has been abated. Exceptionally rare chance the Kuva Lich might concede and ask if they can join you in your adventure. There being more examples people could throw in, but it be nice to see these or something like these, and more. Rather than... an obstacle.
  3. So - I was doing Plague Star today, and I was doing my usual routine - but something got my mind jogging while I was taking down Thunder Tumor for the.... 50th time? More? Is that you can only have 10 Phylaxis and Catalyst at any give time. Not sure why make it twelve or more. And it got me thinking even further regarding the gear wheel. Then I got this idea while shooting it back and forth with some rando's who want to do rather long-winded sessions of either-- What if there was a special resupply locker/container in Konzu camps, where folks can replenish their Gear wheel items without having to return to Cetus? Given that progress in Plains of Eidolon is saved at mission completion and at periodic times when faffing around (and I assume Orb Vallis has these features as well), I imagine that people can do a restock and not worry about having to go back to town to restock, thus however much they used up during their venture in Open Space missions is saved. (If it has any relevance, probably not). Thoughts?
  4. Xemgoa

    Plague Star - Bug

    So, a peculiar bug happened to me when I had gone for a second run of Plague Star - While out on the plains, using a Konzu Camp. After several ""Network Not Responding" messages, slight delays in AI action, and faint drops in FPS once in a while (the latter might be that I refuse to turn my settings down): I think the maximum level of the Hemocyst, by the 4th spawn, is lv. 45. This was the second spawn. It took me a bit to notice that something was off, when the Hemocyst spawned JUST as the first one died. The fourth cycle was capped out at lv. 75, but still took damage, and doled out damage, like it's lv.45 variant. The 99% stuck that way throughout the final phase - save for when the fourth Hemocyst was slain, having changed to 100%. Also -- wasn't sure if this was normal. But there were no other enemies near me, but long after the Grineer Head of the Hemocyst has brought it's scythe down and stuck it in the ground, if you stand close to it's mouth as it's struggling to yank it's blade out of the ground - you take fatal damage from out of no where. Didn't get a recording or snappie of that. But threw that out there.
  5. It would be nice if DE could explain their thought process in great detail as to why they decide these changes ought to be the way they are... From what I get from all of the posts thus far, are the following (Note: this is my take on it, from my perspective, some of it might not resonate with others opinions on the matter): DE is stretching out this small sample of Railjack content too much, through needless grinding and time sinks. The rewards for doing the mission aren't really as... well, rewarding as they should be for the work the players put in. Some would rather have well enough to move on, even if it's at least the second or third revisit. The crafting/wreckage repair recipes require too much titanium, and the sources that dole out titanium provide too little. The amount of Wreckage a player can have at a time is small. This update is nice that it increases the drop rate of salvageable wreckage, but players likely will might be filling up their Wreckage capacity quickly if they don't take an intermittent Drydock Visit between runs. The nerf to weaponry, from what I gather, wasn't exactly the smartest choice. While the armor values were dropped but the health values increased (slightly, respectively), I suspect that enemies aren't that all effected. There might be more later if I feel like taking a revisit this thread, and while I do hope people understand that - while the complaints are justifiable and I agree with a handful of whats been shared with people, I hope people can propose changes, fixes and/or additives that would give DE an idea how to rectify any problems regarding the sample Railjack we have right now. Again, I appreciate the work you do DE, and thanks for taking the time to do some fixing and tuning for the game. But people are getting upset and uneasy regarding these changes. It'd be nice to listen to the criticism given and understand that the recent changes and/or fixes were probably not a smart decision long term (what do I know though, since I haven't run a business), I'd like to know what your insights are as to why these changes are the way they are.
  6. @[DE]Megan Just to make sure it gets attention-- There is an issue regarding the right Vetala Shoulder Plate and Trinity Prime with the her deluxe skin. Also, good to see you all back. Hope your vacation was nice. And good to see more fixes and patches!
  7. This was an idea that derived from an idea I provided to a friend. They suggested that there would be Proxy pets. Miniature variants of the bosses Jackal, Lynx, and the Hyena's. (Maybe Razorback, but don't expect them to be relatively bigger than a miniature Jackel. Narrow spaces and what not). Basically, as experienced players can tell - Miniature Jackal companions, Miniature Lynx's, and Miniature (or normally sized) Hyena's companions. Basically (again), the players seize the means for which the Corpus build their more robotic Proxy modeled infantry, and the Tenno utilize them to create companions of their own - albeit, at a size that can follow them into combat. Mini-Jackal - Not as resilient and large as the original model, but you know this Proxy was built to hold a position and jostle enemies around with it's stomping attacks. Carries with it the same strength and weakness of damaging the legs before the torso and head are vulnerable. Relatively high health and armor, not as nimble or quick as the Tenno and lighter models, so it will aggressively teleport around to keep up with the Tenno, if the owner is sufficiently far enough away to warrant teleportation that is. It can unleash a salvo of Plasma Grenade clusters to carpet bomb a space in front of it. Blueprint for Mini-Jackal drops at an uncommon rate. Mini-Lynx - Just like it's counter part, somewhat resilient but smaller. Doesn't share the Jackal/Mini-Jackal's weakness (IIRC), but instead deploys Mini-Osprey drones that will beef up it's shield and shield regen rate to ridiculous levels. However, Mini-Lynx is not invulnerable while Mini-Ospreys are alive, instead the Mini-Lynx's mini-Osprey's provide damage reduction so long as the Mini-Lynx has shields and at least one drone is alive beefing it. In addition, while Mini-lynx will spawn drones - it'll summon one every ten seconds (WIP), until a maximum of three drones are spawned. No modifications will increase this spawn limit. Blueprint for the Mini-Lynx drops at an uncommon rate. The Mini-Osprey's produced by Mini-Lynx also benefit from Mini-Lynx's mods, but don't expect the Mini-Osprey's to be resilient little things either. Enemies are likely to prioritize the Mini-Osprey's over Mini-Lynx until the M-L is vulnerable again. Just like the Mini-Jackal/Jackal, it's not quick nor agile, so it'll teleport to it's owner if it's owner is far enough away. Can deploy also one turret at a time onto the field, providing additional fire. Min-Hyena - Just like it's original models, they come in four flavors: Heat, Cold, Electric, and Lead (Normal). Each "flavor" comes with it's own benefits and detriments, but they carry with them the generally increased agility and dexterity - able to leap, buck, and weave to skew with enemy aim, and able to punish some of the slower wit opponents that cross it. They can even leap up and adhere to surfaces to attack from angles that other models of Proxy that cannot. "Heat" Mini-Hyena - Just like it's "Hyena NG (Nitroglycerine)" model variant, it'll unleash a wave of fire in front of it to sear enemies that are caught in it, and will lob a "blast grenade" forward at single enemies or groups of enemies, doing blast damage. Note: Each of the models also have a "repeater" function that works like a built-in fire arm. "Heat" Mini-Hyena's Repeater does heat damage. "Cold" Mini-Hyena - Just like it's "Hyena LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen)" model variant, it'll unleash a wave of cold in front of it, freezing enemies caught in it's path and doing significant damage. This model also has a constant "Cold" aura emanating from it, slowing down enemies that are in close proximity to it. It's Repeat function does cold damage. "Electric" Mini-Hyena - Just like it's "Hyena TH (Thorium)" model variant, it'll unleash a stream of electricity along the ground in front of it, jolting enemies with guaranted shock proc. In addition, it has the ability to charge at enemies in front of it. "Lead" Mini-Hyena - Just like it's "Hyena PB (Lead)" model variant, it has no specific element effects of abilities, instead it possesses heavy firepower. It has the ability to perform "Lead Storm", where it'll leap in to the air and twirl around - unleashing gunfire in every direction around it, as an anti close-combat measure. In addition, "Lead"'s repeater does Slash and Puncture damage, and will generate an aura that replenishes small amounts of shield to itself and allies nearby. "Lead Storm" does blast damage. The Mini-Hyena's have above average health, shield, and armor values. Blueprints for the Mini-Hyena's drops at a common rate. While Proxy's do not degenerate over time like the more fleshy companions Tenno's have - instead their "Structural Integrity" de-gradates over time, instead, requiring "Repair Kits" to tune them up and repair them to pristine condition, instead of using a DNA Stabilization kit. Repair Kit's also can be crafted from salvage, alloy plates, and/or polymer bundles, with the provided blueprint. Drop rates are subject to change.
  8. So, I think people are probably very well aware of this bug. But if it helps catalogue that it's still a problem-- Seems like the Right shoulder plate looks up further than it's Left brother. Think that can get fixed, DE? Thank you!
  9. It seems the bug where peoples weapons and archwing sometimes are unmodded when loading into aCrewship, enemy structure, or when loading back into the Railjack. Or going into space. Not sure whats causing it.
  10. The Healing fields in Veil Proxima seem to be visible only to host. Enemies heal WAY too fast when they touch the field or sit in it. Sometimes, enemies gain permanent healing from the healing fields, even after the field is destroyed.
  11. Do you think it's possible we can scrap wreckage while it's in mid-investment? By the time I find a better piece I'd like to use, I can't clear up space by trashing old ones.
  12. Funny. Anytime anyone has tried to use Navigation, other than host, it doesn't work. Well, the above reason - if people did say they wanted to do something but someone keeps pushing to get the mission over with, it keeps them from doing so. In the event someone could easily abuse this just to rush things along, rather than let people do their thing.
  13. I see... My emotions might be getting the better of me ATM, but... I hope it's host only once DE works out all the kinks. Glad it saved you the hassle!
  14. I think that letting only the Host use Navigation is a better system. This morning, after doing a Veil Proxima mission, someone else was able to use the Navigation system while people clearly stated in Group Text Chat that they wanted to hop off the Railjack and gather resources. I made a post to this several seconds/a minute ago. Please, DE. Keep the Navigation to Host only.
  15. I'm probably making too big deal of this, and for preface - I am not sure if this was recent, but for as long as the update has been out-- only the Host could use navigation... But, PLEASE-- when people are doing Railjack missions, and decide they are going to do some resource gathering after the mission is done, do NOT navigate people onto the next mission or back to the Drydock while people are in the middle of something. DE, it seems other people can use the Navigation on the Railjack while in the Veil Proxima. Please make it so only Host could use it -- I was host and somehow someone else was able to use it and moved us out without checking text chat! Granted, they were away and did not check Text chat - but please, before hitting Nav -- PLEASE check text chat!! I'm gonna go splash cold water on my face, and go apologize to the guy for getting a bit angry. @_@;
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