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  1. Hm, I buy it for now - albeit I still would like something official from DE. Cause it's... kinda a weird way to just give a prompt with it being "Profanity", if the case is more so "We don't want players confused". I could work around this for now by using "Full Moderator" instead.
  2. The title should say everything. Right now I'm cleaning up my clan and doing some restructuring - as of right now I came across what can be a bug or just the game prohibiting me from using the word "Admin" for one of my hierarchy's. I wanted to know if this was a bug or some kind of prevention? I would get a prompt telling me that it was profanity and that I could not use it. I wanted some clarification on that.
  3. I appreciate the work you do for the game and for us! Hopefully things will now look more pristine and run better. Oh, and in the event it was missed, this ought to get looked at:
  4. The long and short of it is - I bought the Umbral Forma blueprint last year, much longer than the 8 week refresh period... I noticed I had some Steel Essence leftover from doing the Steel path, so I went back over to Tenshin to see if that refreshed - and somehow it hasn't. I don't know if I have to have a total game time of 8 weeks for it to refresh - as in, be online long enough, equivalently to 8 weeks. Or I could only get once in my life time, and something changed to reflect that. I think DE had mentioned this being an issue, and both fixed it - but also asked people to sub
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