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  1. I love the Shawzin so far, and I am practicing the songs that had come with it. I do wish I could rebind the Middle Mouse button "Earth" to MOUSE 4 instead. Makes it easier to handle.
  2. Thank you for the update. I guess I'll have to give them a try, although I really feel there ought to be a Augmod slot for these things and I would give all of them a try in a heart being. Though the point you're making is a sacrifice has to be made. Making them all Exilus compatible is an awesome work around. BUT-- I do appreciate the slight Ability stat boosts added to some of these abilities to make them worthwhile, so I'll take a look and see what does 'what', 'how', and 'why'. Let's see how things hold up and see what new drawbacks are there.
  3. No no, he does have a point. This is already to Ash's Blade storm kit. If DE plans to pop off those traits to his vanilla ability and put it onto an augment, this is a genuine nerf. As far as I have used Blade Storm without an augment. While he is being eccentric, he still raises a point - projection doesn't really make anything else he says moot. So let's give other people a fair chance to voice their concerns, instead of putting it down cause of a slight, or a perceived slight.
  4. Hm... Perhaps unlocking the Augmentation slot boost modding capacity by 9 points? That'd remedy things, I believe.
  5. Hm... actually. Another idea - why not take Augmentation Modifications, and allow them to be Modular Modifications? They come with the augmentation as advertised, but they have room for one additional beneficial trait. Like Warframe or Warframe ability increasing stats? (Ability STR, RNG, DUR, EFF, increase to armor, health, shields, maximum energy capacity, etc). And this benefit scales with the original mods effects by mod rank through upgrading it?
  6. I'm going to be honest - I would love to see the older, unused mods get some use. So some reworks and tuning would help get them up to snuff and see some use. That being said, I gotta be front - I think I have a problem with the augments being just "modifications". Why not axe them being modifications, and instead-- Make them accessible "alterations" for a given Warframe? Players can only chose ONE at a time, and only one. Or they go with "None". And the "augments" you have to choose from unlock as you purchase them from whatever vendor has them available. Players then can have room for modifications that help better with survivability? Just create a nifty "drop-down" in the upgrades UI when modifying a Warframe, displaying the available augments players have. Make it an "alteration" feature. ...That, or make all Augment mods be Exilus slot compatible.
  7. I'm going to be frank - I can already tell by these changes that it's going to be tedious, and it's getting me to grind for sake of a unique forma, more Vitus Essense and perhaps other new goods. I'm not going to enjoy doing Arbitrations solely on the fact that there are unique goods that I want in that gamemode when the slog towards them is uninteresting, boring most likely. Plus the absurdly low rate for that Aura Forma that'll be worthless once everyone has it, assuming in an ideal situation that people will have it all and then look back and realize that was too tedious for something that was asked for long ago. I'm going to be frank again - make the aura forma MUCH more common, uncommon at least. Make the gameplay of Arbitrations fun to play, and you will have made some improvements with the game mode-- in my opinion. Remove the Invulnerability that Arbitration Drones give to their allies and just add huge damage resistance should the drone and any of its allies link up. Keep the mechanic where Arbiter Drones blow up and do huge damage in a wide radius when destroyed. Make the aforementioned new Aura forma more common, but don't let that be the sole incentive. bump that 2% up for 10% or 12%. Speaking of Forma and other goodies that might be present in the game: don't make changes/additions to the game where the fact there is something the community wants the sole reason to play something that needs improvement. Make the progression towards those rewards fun! Have a boss invade the current Arbitration run at certain intervals, allow for Warframes to receive progressive buffs to them depending on their actions in the current session (increases maximum health/shields/energy pool, increase Ability Strength/Range/Efficiency/Duration) that last for the entire arbitration or for a period of time. Temporary Affinity/Credit/Resource boosts, etc! Generally, make us want to play not solely because there is something we want in there, but because the game is fun AND the rewards are great too.
  8. Wait, pets no longer die? Improving their Loyalty and Health just provides solely benefits? That needs clarity.
  9. Nidus, 373 "People say I infect them and turn them into monsters... But that is only cause they rejected my love, and forever I wander. I extend my hand to you to come see a world, of beauty, majesty-- and loads of infestation! My hobbies include wandering the solar system, playing video games, devouring the flesh of my enemies. I know a good joint where they serve rotisserie over a burning fire - Grineer Style! And my kin would love to see new faces, and we would a beautiful nest together! I have plenty of love to offer- and flesh!"
  10. Thanks for the improvements and fixes, DE! Also, another bug I noticed is that ALT+Tabbing in and out tends to lead to the game Perma-freezing. ALT+TAB'ing once and after a while, the game eventually locks up.
  11. Welcome back, DE! I hope ya had a good vacation!
  12. @[DE]Rebecca There seems to be a bug for Warframe that appeared 2-3 updates go, that every now and then when ALT+TAB'ing in after ALT+TAB'ing out, the game will either remain in windowed mode and the screen is black, or will go into Fullscreen mode as intended, but the screen remains black. The game seems to lock up and I am not sure I am moving at all - or if so, my vision is obstructed. Could that get looked into? Thanks for these updates, bless you and take care!
  13. Well. I've done it for a time and I still got Standing in Cetus bounties, even Standing was run dry. Though, I guess I shoulda went and tested that before posting this, incase there was a change.
  14. I am not sure if you have done it yet, but I do recall that Plains of Eidolon standing can still be earned in bounties, even when daily standing runs out. Will Fortuna get the same treatment after people have had their fill for the new content?
  15. . . . -sighs- This Daily Standing things really needs to stop, or be significantly more generous @_@; especially for those with plenty of free time to dedicate more time to Warframe. In my opinion. Anyway, I hope Vent Kid standing isn't limited by Daily standing, I would have invested a lot of time if it was unlimited but I had to get REALLY familiar with the vehicle in order to earn my standing.
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