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  1. Wait, pets no longer die? Improving their Loyalty and Health just provides solely benefits? That needs clarity.
  2. Hm... I'm liking this as it develops. Imagine if swimming mechanics were involved - you can opt. out of using an Archwing and use Warframe attachments to maneuver in the water, and using the traditional fishing spear to catch fish manually -- albeit it'll be augmented with a propulsion mechanism that'll only work when under water, players above water gotta throw it normally. Using spears underwater, you can thrust them at fish to catch them up close with the spear in hand, or toss them to try and snag one from afar. Imagine exploring coral reefs, sea beds, and other geography while taking in the local sea life? Fishing can expand in more ways than one. But I like that idea. Barge settlements and minute patches of land to explore.
  3. Hm.. Grineer attempting to clone Orokin creations... That sounds... unpredictable. But I really do like it. I say unpredictable is cause sometimes a cloned organism has a chance to go insane, so it'd be interesting to see an ugly, incomplete, frightening looking monstrosity rampaging about the seas, giving the grineer literal hell as a consequence of their actions. That could make for a legitimately interesting fight, a poorly cloned sea-monster with some areas unaugmented and some with the usual Grineer augmentations and other stylizations running rampant about, in such a way that even the Grineer can't control it. Hard to say... perhaps any sign of land is purely mechanical and concrete in nature? Perhaps landmasses are near-impossible to form on a planet such as Uranus, that either establishments either will have to float on the waters surface, or have had been built via air and water ships to create an elaborate, sturdy construct of metals and concrete to have more complex buildings and the like? Hm... not knocking that, but I imagine that-- wait. Hydroid/Prime can conjure up a multiple-appendaged sea creature when he fully changes his 4th ability-- perhaps you get to fight the same species, with some lore behind it that such an octopallian creature (yes, gonna make that word up) is bonded to a Warframe in some way as to the Warframe inheriting Water based abilities? And you fight a feral, wild variant?
  4. That could work. Perhaps Grineer and Ancient Orokin genetical creations that wander the ocean as the top-predators or top life to thrive? One gone wrong, and another does exactly as... whatever it was made to do? I'm down for that, players have to fend off the waves of hostile sea life looking to eat them and they have to get back onboard the ship to resume tackling the creature?
  5. Hm... good points. Perhaps just oversized wildlife that just happen to get to the top of the foodchain and become massive from successful feeding? And about the toppling part, perhaps some can chuck ocean/ship debris at the fishing boat, some will get under it and trying to launch it into the air to disorient the passengers, some will just ram the ship to jostle the players, and some will leap onto the deck and slide across - hoping to take a player with it? Perhaps they'll bound high over the ship and drop large droplets of water/sea life onto the deck to distract the player? Etc?
  6. So, while I was doing an ESO, I noticed containers showed up on my mini-map. No containers, lockers, and the like should be present in an ESO run. But I happen to stumble across several and even get a Cyan Ayatan Star out of it. Unfortunately, a bug occured where the screen keeps turning black and I keep falling onto the catwalk for one particular tileset, so I couldn't get a proper screenshot: I'd get a better shot, as said, but the bug won't let me jump up there since it kept repeating itself until the Conduit closed off, ending the mission. Up where that player USSR was trying to get up to is where the containers are located. Could the containers be removed? 🙂 Thanks, DE! Edit: Better snappies of them.
  7. There is just one problem... isn't the seas of Uranus-- hell, the entire planet surface uninhabitable? I thought it'd be an extremely violent storm 24/7 -- assuming the inhabitants using some kind of deterrent for their homes and vessels in order to inhabit the waters?
  8. Sorry about that, I meant sells aquatic life to decorate your tank ^^; You're right.
  9. Maybe an Eidolon takes the shape of a massive shark, and then another takes that of a massive whale? I don't doubt it -- although, I would think they been dead before distribution-- Unless DE reads this and adds a Cetan that sells aqua life for display in your orbiter.
  10. ... Wait. Does this mean the shark is of the same species in Earth's waters as is on Uranus? Boy, those Orokin sure like to div-vie up the species across the solar system.
  11. I like that premise. Thanks for the answers mate!
  12. Alright, that does answer my question. Since this idea is proposed for use in POE initially, do you think player should come across eidolons and the Major Factions occupying the waters? Suppose what can players do should they encroach or be approached by an enemy vessel? What scenarios would you think the player can do from their ship? Seeing as Warframes can't swim if they just bullet jump off any part of the deck, without the need of an Archwing?
  13. I do have a question: If players are going to use Harpoons, will they be using solely one type of harpoon head? Or do they have to change up the head type before launching them, different heads are effective against different fish?
  14. I'm sorry kinsmen. But magic is not allowed in Nordic providences. I'm going to have to ask you to stop what you're doing.
  15. Hah. xD Glad someone knows that reference -- also, the censorship can be dumb sometimes. I really hope the new moderators can nip that at some point. Back on topic-- this kinda reminds me of the Monster Hunter series when tackling extremely powerful or massive monsters where you fight the things in areas where there is defensible constructs your team can use to help take down the game. Cannons, traps along the path and at the end-area, etc. Team coordinate with each other, taking on the beast(s) with your own gear or utilizing the environment around them to bring down their quarry. Albeit this is out on the open waters with several kinds of fish vessels to get the job done, using spacey-wacey high techy equipment.
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