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Now Nezha Has three ways I have learned to play him

1 The Hit and Run

You basically build around Nezha Mobility using weapons with long range and with warding halo giving you CC immunity u can move through tear ur enemies as you pass by

Mainly Power strength and Efficiency Focus

2.The Trickster

Your purpose here is to use Nezha CC power like 1 and 4 to maintain control of the enemies on the field keeping them distracted and in constant damage here I use weapons with high status chance and AoE

Mainly Range Max and High efficiency and Neutral duration

3 My way---when I play for fun

Max Duration Max Efficiency

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I weave in and out of enemy group because the key to survival is mobility (not to mention it's fun).  I use Firewalker and Divine Spear (and sometimes Blazing Chakram for knock down) for crowd control.  I also play support using Firewalker to cleanse teammates of status effects and I use Safeguard the Warding Halo augment to protect my teammates.  If they're running low on health, I use Blazing Chakram.  You can use Blazing Chakram to teleport, but I find it too unreliable to use it often.  If I do all of these things in a mission, I go with a general build with emphasis on duration.  I find AoE weapons work great with him, but I just use whatever weapon I feel like that day.

People also build him for damage using Divine Spear, but I don't bother with that because I don't farm and I like to use all of his abilities.  I have a Divine Spear crowd control build that emphasis on range.  I also have a speed build for LOLs.  Most of the time I use a general build so I keep all my stats positive.  There's no real dump stat if you want to use him to his full potential.

This is my general build (with 3 formas):
Aura - whatever dash mod I need for whatever the mission
Exilus Slot - Usually drift mods
Vitality - he's super squishy, and if his Warding Halo goes away while you're in the middle of a mob, you need a bit of time to get out and recast it.
Steel Fiber - Warding Halo depends on armor and power strength
(Primed) Flow - huge pool of energy if I want to spam powers or keep Firewalker on 
(Primed) Continuity - Mostly for Firewalker and Divine Spear
Intensity - useful for all of his powers
Stretch - useful for all of his powers
Streamline -  power efficiency is always welcome
Safeguard or Armored Agility - Safeguard for sorties and nightmare, Armored Agility for most other mission types where I don't need to protect teammates or allies

I would switch out normal mods for corrupted mods depending on what I need, but this is pretty much what I use regularly.  Some people like Natural Talent because his casting animation is slow, but I do ok without that particular mod.



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