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SuggestionSlight rework idea for Riven mods to help them achieve their stated goal better, and to increase player interaction and choice


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The stated goal of Riven mods is to foster greater weapon and build diversity by bringing unique benefits to otherwise unused weapons.  

As it stands, I think Riven mods fall substantially short of this goal.  Riven disposition is a good and necessary step, but it still falls short for the simple reason that people have no way to CHOOSE which weapon a Riven mod will be for, and meta weapons are just as likely to get rolled as nonmeta weapons.  

Is there some non-endgame weapon you'd really love to use?  Are you a Tiberon fanatic?  Well, unfortunately, there's very little chance of you ever acquiring a Tiberon Riven mod randomly - your only real chance is trading for it.  I think this is rather less fun than acquiring it for oneself.  

The other problem is that Riven mods are just too scarce and too RNG dependent on acquiring.  There needs to be a source outside of sorties, a consistent source.  Some people have found 3 or 4 Riven mods since TWW.  Many more have found nothing but endo and lenses doing sorties every day.  This is extremely unfun and makes progression not even a grind, but a lottery.    

Here is my proposal: Instead of having veiled Riven mods be just for one random weapon, instead have them be usable on a range of weapons.  Then, the final weapon the Riven mod is for is determined by WHICH weapon you equip it on when you do the unveiling challenge.  

For instance, you might get a veiled Riven mod that is equippable on Braton, Ignis, Paris, and Buzlok.  You get to choose which of these weapons you will get a Riven mod for.  In such a way, players will have much more control over what weapon they want to get a Riven mod for.  However, they will not have complete control, so you won't have everyone rolling mods for the exact same weapons.  Moreover, you'll have less of people rolling mods for weapons they don't own (I read a forum post of a new player who got their TWW Riven mod for the Snipetron, which they were very disappointed to learn they had no way to acquire), aren't interested in, or just are friggen sentinel weapon mods (WHY ARE SENTINEL WEAPONS ABLE TO GET RIVEN MODS?!), which is quite disappointing.  

But I also think you should go a little further and provide a consistent source of Riven mods.  I think this should be the syndicates.  Furthermore, with my proposed system where Riven mods roll for a variety of weapons, you have a great opportunity for further differentiating syndicates and providing an incentive to get Riven mods for off-meta weapons.  How?  Just have each syndicate sell veiled Riven mods for a range of flavor appropriate weapons at Tier 5.  For instance, Steel Meridian could sell, at the Tier 5 level for 100,000 standing, a Riven mod that is for something like: Grinlok, Karak, Gorgon, Hind. The other syndicates would sell similar mods for appropriate weapons.  DE can pick which weapons are available such that they incentivize players to try for interesting non-meta weapons because of relatively easy to acquire Riven mods for those weapons from syndicates.  This way, Riven mods for the really meta weapons will remain scarce rewards that you have to get pretty lucky to acquire, but Riven mods for non-meta weapons will be consistently accessible.  

The primary goal of this rework is to provide players with greater opportunities to enter into the Riven mod system without investing large amounts of platinum or getting very lucky, and to provide players with the ability to somewhat control the Riven system so that they can steer it towards specific weapons they actually enjoy using, as opposed to sentinel weapons (seriously wtf?!).  


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21 minutes ago, Drinniol said:

The other problem is that Riven mods are just too scarce and too RNG dependent on acquiring. 

I kinda think this was on purpose, so we aren't flooded with an obscene number of riven mods in a small timeframe.  They want us to not only use the less desirable weapons but keep with the riven mods we get when we get them.  Instead of farming dozens a day and ultimately tossing most of them in the trash (15 max limit) until we get want we want.  Instead we have to stick with what limited options have appeared via quest reward and sorties.  

Due to the rng there are still a rather fair amount of mods being traded about but individually we are limited to what we can buy or trade.  The system is still in the first stages of progression.  Once it gets a few more hotfixes and its much smoother they will likely expand its droprate elsewhere.

They also don't want there to be much freedom of choice when it comes to which weapon a mod is targeting.  Mostly this just floods the trade chat with desperate requests for weapons we prefer but some players are probably sticking with the rivens they have found on their own and choosing to go with that instead of waiting around.

Will I rush to make a burston (prime) just because I got a burston riven today?  Unlikely but I'll halfheartedly try and sell it and wait to see what I get next time.

As with the kuva reroll costs, things can change at any time so its best to be patient I think.

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