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  1. This post reminds me strongly of the Y2K frenzy in the year 1999, people were aghast at the idea that computers could change the date to January 1, 2000. Instead many believed all computers would simply roll back to 0/0/0000 or whatever and the world would burn. They feared planes falling from the sky, banks erasing everyone's finances and other moronic crap that made no sense. Yeah this is that for sure. MR 30 won't be the end my friend, unless they plan on never ever making a single new weapon or frame after MR 30 is possible because eventually even the whiny casual players who fea
  2. It may, but as the original aoe impact radius is barely 2meters, 24% of that isn't going to make it all that much bigger. It is essentially a waste of a mod slot, just as Fulmination is for most of the weapons it can be used on.
  3. You do realize that Cernos includes Rakta Cerno, one of the most powerful bows in the game and could easily be sold for several hundred plat. So yeah, don't complain until you get lato, kunai and akfuris and such.
  4. I guess they sort of look like pineapples and the names are very close. I don't get the joke though, what am I missing.
  5. While everyone above me is basically telling you to spend a few hundred bucks as the best solution, you may wish to try creating a thread here https://forums.warframe.com/forum/200-performance/ first. I was playing on windows vista 32bit when harrow update was released and it was absolutely unplayable for me as well. A few hotfixes and limiting my frame rate to 30 and turning off vertical sync made it playable. As I am unaware of what graphic options a console has, I'd advise providing technical data on your console in the link I provided and see if DE can drop a few hotfixes on you
  6. The biggest thing I noticed IMO is that this particular mod is a 'common' mod. Which means there will potentially be uncommon and rare mods with much greater Set Bonuses.
  7. You are a better man than I, I usually snap just seeing it is Uranus Spy and doing it once, much less 4 times. This happened a couple days ago and afterward I discovered I had a godawful drain on my network that was slowing me to crawl and figured it was just that. Guess it was a combination of the two.
  8. ^ This. I would love to play raids, but my current clan doesn't raid and I've yet to find a clan that advertises as raid-noob friendly. I also see raids in recruiting all the live long day but all require "exp players ONLY!". I've done JV a total of once I think and it moved so fast I had no freaking clue what was going on. I've also watched the youtube tutorials and still have no idea what's going on. I've also tried the raid school bus but couldn't get into a rhythm of how it worked and didn't want to sit in discord all day asking "can I raid?".
  9. Very likely yes but I would hope not for quite some time as we just got the normal versions added to the game and it would be nonsensical to introduce the Primed version thereby rendering its normal variant useless so quickly. Of course, its just one version out of three four that would get Primed so maybe they won't bother waiting and it'll be here next Baro visit. They do seem to be running out of ideas for what Baro should bring each time.
  10. RNG may govern how the login rewards are obtained but there is literally like 1 useful login reward that people actually smile for when they get. 75% off coupons. Everything is is a single rare resource, a booster of some sort, maybe and a few credits. Especially at 20+ MR when you've gotten every weapon in the game, there is no great surprise or enjoyment when logging in daily and seeing what reward you'll obtain that day. Yay, 1 neurode. Here's four more letters that dictate login rewards N E W B That is the true beneficiary of login rewards, fo
  11. Can you provide a valid and useful reason to keep base frames? There is none that I'm aware of. The Prime version is flat out better in every way and there is absolutely nothing you can do with the old frame. You cannot extract the potato, you cannot get the forma you invested into it and it will likely never be used again. Unless you are a content creator for youtube or twitch and want to make comparison videos, old versus new, this isn't much reason to keep it and its a waste of a slot to hold onto it. You still can even after the old frame has been sold for credits (deleted,
  12. Respectfully disagree, he has mostly kept with the spirit of Chroma for one thing, in fact ice armor (the most used and most common element for chroma) is left untouched. The rest adds a bit more use out of the rest of his abilities rather than 'hit 3 hit 2 get hurt deal amazing damage while ignore 1 and using 4 rarely or just for credits'. I know having one ability require the use of another is frowned upon by a lot of people (Saryn, Nidus) but I actually like knowing I have to consciously decide when and how to use my entire kit rather than barely using half of it. But its fine, a
  13. These could fit in well with the rank bonuses (such as what Nidus has but no other frame gets), if other frames were to ever get them.
  14. Doubt its a known bug as this is definitely not a common problem. You should probably go ahead and report it as a bug, as for selling them, you'll just have to use trade post to display them to potential buyers.
  15. And/or a decent sized aoe that triggers when you hit the target.
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