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  1. Xekrin

    Roadmap: 2017 & early 2018!

    I did not see a single mention of how horrid IPS Mods are compared to elemental counterparts, including the bulletjump mods. Not to mention the pure status mods and the fact that enemies are more vulnerable to elemental. Its pretty pointless updating IPS if we cannot mod our weapons with physical only without losing massive damage potential.
  2. Xekrin

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.7

    Easy fixes get done faster, just because your enormous list wasn't completed instantly to your specifications doesn't mean they aren't fixing more elaborate bugs as they go.
  3. Xekrin

    Missing Glyphs on the Forums Megathread

    This happens with a number of glyphs, although not as bad as making them completely invisible, many glyphs simply looks terrible on a white background of the forums opposed to the dark/black background in the game. It is actually a bit misleading that way, as the game always has a dark or black background when choosing a glyph and once chosen and used on forums it completely loses its appeal.
  4. Xekrin

    Missing Glyphs on the Forums Megathread

    Nah, I've changed my glyph in game about a dozen times and have relogged forums at least twice that, hasn't changed once. Why they can't put a button in control panel like most forums that updates avatar for you is beyond me.
  5. When will we get that delete all button? In the works?
  6. Make a 'Delete ALL' button and I'll happily make room in your database for you. Perhaps a delete all 'except selected' for those sentimental bunch that want to keep a few. What I won't do? Manually delete 2 years of messages one by one. So yeah this is a great idea and a good start.
  7. Nyx Nemesis is one of the few skins I bought outright without a bundle (because I didn't pointlessly need another vanilla Nyx), and it has always been my favorite. I cannot wait to see how it looks in game with PBR.
  8. Xekrin

    Coming Soon: Devstream #97!

    Unfortunately there is no 'known issues' or 'currently aware of' list in Warframe development that is shared with the community. We typically are unaware of the state of persistently reported issues for weeks or even months until they finally hit patch notes. Despite issues feeling or appearing super important and devastating to the reporting player, it is really about priorities or difficulty in finding a resolution. Luckily Rebecca (finally?) responded to you, so you at least know your issue is on the list. Few players get such acknowledgement and have to keep on beating that horse past its expiration to ensure the problem is known.
  9. Xekrin

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.1.1

    Which is why I wish something like this could happen in the future.
  10. Xekrin

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.1.1

    Then I have to ask, why is the link provided posted in general feedback? We have a whole sub-forum dedicated to bugs. Also, granted I only read the OP of the post, it sounds like its technically working as intended, though I haven't used it in ages so that's just a guess. If the way the mod works has changed, yes that's a bug if it wasn't intentionally in the patch notes. So it should be reported as one, maybe it was already though, I didn't look. Anway, there are 5+ pages worth of responses, of which I read none, so I don't know the tone of the overall thread, but I really feel like DE is likely aware of the issue by now. No where did I say such a thing and I find it disconcerting that you'd misinterpret my words so severely. Let me attempt to clarify. I see a lot of threads about a particular topic (let's go with JV bugs), and NOTHING is given as an official response, for weeks (as is the case now with JV I believe, and also quickthinking). Then I read patch notes some random wednesday and see "FIXED - so and so JV something or other" in the patch notes. We had no idea, due to total lack of response from DE for weeks prior that they were even looking into the problem, so people will continue to post about it in desperation in every single thread that a DE staff member replies to or makes a thread on, even if the topic of the DE response has nothing to do with the problem being paraded around. >DE response to random thread - Wow, great artwork! >RandomPlayer (seeing a notify DE replied somewhere) - Hey DE person, since you said great artwork, can you please FIX so-and-so bug?! After which, seeing there is no response from DE, they repeat the process any time they see a reply or post from someone in DE. But yeah, changes that were intentional, whether nerf or buff or otherwise, should always be in patch notes. I did not mean to indicate otherwise. I only mentioned it possibly being a balancing issue as a cause or reason of it not yet being fixed. DE is likely still in the process of determining the best course of action for an alternate solution. Not that changes made for balancing reasons shouldn't be in patch notes.
  11. Xekrin

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.1.1

    I wholly and truly wish DE would just inform us of the bugs that they are currently looking into. So many times I see posts like yours everywhere week after week and it suddenly pops up into some patch notes that it was fixed. While this technically doesn't sound like a bug and more of a balancing issue I'm am certain DE is at the very least aware of it and will likely be addressing it soon, the problem is they never tell us what is on the semi-urgent-because-players-bug-us-constantly-about-it todo list so we just keep going on and on about it out of sheer frustration. To reduce that to a simple response - SoonTM!
  12. Xekrin

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.9

    You will need to supply just a little more information than this if you want any progress to be made on this. Unplayable could mean a variety of things and have multiple solutions or none at all. Try making a thread here https://forums.warframe.com/forum/72-performance/ with what OS you use, 32bit or 64bit, your graphics card and so on. If you've done that already then reference a link to it whenever you are trying to bring attention to it from the devs, otherwise there is literally nothing anyone can do for you.
  13. What was the point behind quoting without saying anything?