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Why is Moon "Hijack" not a thing?


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Anyone that's seen last devstream must remember about a question from fellow member MDRLoz where he asked, basically, what happens to the rest of the Tenno when the quests happen. Oh yes, we awake in The Second Dream, but... there's millions of Tenno, where are they?

I personally have been thinking for days that a Defense mission based on the Reservoir would have been the best idea, but that would be a disservice to the awesome job on Stöfler. Then it dawned on me: Why not have the "Orokin" version of Hijack where we save our fellow Tenno? I mean, the Lotus is probably very upset that the Moon's in the sky and everyone is able to set its foot there.

So we get to the reservoir, rescue either the capsule to transport it or the Operator somehow (maybe one member of the team has to carry him Second Dream style?) and then we get him to his/her ship (Lotus could order that ship's Cephalon to move there).

Any thoughts?

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