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  1. Ash's totally not renamed Rework

    I don't call into question that arcanes and focus help. I'm calling out that they are required for BS to not be useless, by comparison to the rest of Ash's kit. Actually, this rework would allow a lot of build diversity, since it's designed around A) working at default values and B) working in some way with all stats. Compare that to failstorm which requires Rivens, Arcanes, Efficiency stacking and a soon-to-be-removed focus passive to be useful in any meaningful way. It's less "banning stuff" and more "giving choice of what to mod for". "default stats" is a template from which you can build. I in fact have at least 5 different builds that I use on a whim or when the mission in question demands it (I even built a second Ash Prime just so I can assign each build it's own cosmetic setup!). YOU are the one who claims something is "good" because with an overspecific build it works (while not working at all outside of it). This rework offers much more freedom than what we currently have, while making Ash stand out more on his own (by upgrading the frankly outdated abilities) and keeping his theme. So let's see, I say that current Ash has minor issues that weren't fixed with the revisit, some other minor issues added with the revisit, a generic invisibility ability that doesn't have any special to it AND a pointless "ultimate" that demands overspecific build just to make it barely useful (if still outperformed by the frame's other abilities at all levels). This rework fixes the minor issues across the board, gives him a proper ultimate ability, makes it work as a whole with varied builds and offers lots of tactical options, makes Augments not only viable but special, makes Ash actually good at Conclave without being overpowered and I did so in a way that is actually player AND Dev friendly (abilities are easy to use but leave room for skill development, and I merely rearranged assets devs already have in a more creative way so it would be easier for them to apply). It will be spammy and op? probably, depends, if Efficiency is involved, most likely, though I made it very clear that I intend with this rework to kick Fleeting Expertise in the D to discourage the "one stat to rule them all" situation Effi is right now. Your build will probably be spammy and op as hell, but other builds will become very viable alternatives too. In the end you wouldn't be affected much, other than having to learn to play again (which probably will take you less than an hour), so I more and more believe you either have a personal grudge with me or you just want to see Ash continue in the dirt, or you are just completely lost in your metabubble to understand.
  2. Ash's totally not renamed Rework

    Yeah, with all your varied builds right? not like, a super specific arcane/focus/statstack reliant and Riven powered one, right? There's so much bullsh*t in your comments that you could make a whole new bull out of the sh*t. They pretty much made BS unusable outside of specific infinite energy builds (that include freaking rivens!), and made another stat (range) pointless. "kind concerning mods" ? yea right. Which they didn't with Ash, FT and BS overlap with the former being far superior, they added a cost reduction for invisibility (not just Smoke Screen) but that 30% cost reduction doesn't make up for a 200-800% increase in default cost. And SS isn't even paused during BS. And also makes the whole "keeping the clipshow because it's cool" pointless because you don't get to see cool executions, just a blob of smoke humping enemies. Which, as this rework that reuses existing assets proves, could be done without butchering a frame and making it redundant to have in your team. Yeah sure, because being goodish at levels the game isn't balanced around makes up for being redundant to have around on the content most players play on a regular bases. And it's not really an AoE, that implies it attacks multiple enemies at a time, it's just a clipshow version of Fatal Teleport, except Fatal Teleport is superior. It's just an energy sink for most stuff. You are complacent:
  3. Ash's totally not renamed Rework

    Thank you. I originally intended that, but then I realised it wouldn't quite fit. Why? simple, look at Ivara and Vauban, they aren't warrior frames, they are more like casters and offer a more relaxed playstyle. This rework is pointed towards fast pace action and stealth. I also draw inspiration from one of the best ninja games ever made: Mark of the Ninja, in which you have a varied array of tools, but you can't carry them all to missions so you need to choose the right equipment for the right job beforehand. This is also why every ability has 2 mutually exclusive augments, to give players choice.... If the ability can do everything, why use augments at all? unless the ability itself is so useless the aug is mandatory, or you run into the problem of one or two of the variants being good and the others never used unles they can cheese certain mechanics. Sounds like an interesting idea, but I can't figure out a way to make it work within the context of this rework. Maybe you should make your own rework with it, with abilities tailored more towards elaborate planning. The point of the clones is to assist in multi killing, as the wristblades by themselves would already have tremendous damage (kinda like every melee finisher honestly). These are no different. Also, some people like clones helping (for me they are more of a mechanical convenience, as they could be replaced by a new animation that damages nearby enemies like a shadow nova or something)
  4. Ash's totally not renamed Rework

    Sure. It's rather easy even: +Change Marking to a small cone (like Mesa's Peacemaker) rather than pin-point. +Change it to 100 energy, 10s Duration Marking mode with no cost per mark. Allow it to be activated again to start it before the timer runs out. +Marks applied depending on ability's level, so at max rank it would apply all 3 marks. Or remove the multimarking entirely. +Add 2 clones that attack targets alongside Ash, meaning you only watch 1/3rd of the cutscenes. Presto. Blade Storm fixed. On the other hand the smaller issues with the other abilities go unfixed, so why not go all the way and get a full rework (an actual one, not a very-lacking revisit) ? Why not make the frame interesting and more unique with fun yet simple mechanics and engaging gameplay, build choices, etc?
  5. Ash's totally not renamed Rework

    Actually my previous threads only goth bashed by, like, two people who didn't give any reason. Just like you. Otherwise they received positive reaction and some ideas to make it better. Just like this one. I don't know what you guys are talking about. I haven't renamed this thread at all. They pretty much use a standard game camera version of Blade Storm's animations, they are just as fast as regular finishers. Imagine something like WoW Legion's Subtlety Rogue's Shadowstrike Pretty much this. He claims that Blade Storm is fine because with max efficiency (which is a broken stat by comparison to the other 3, as it has exponential gains while the other 3 have linear gains), Arcane energize/strike (which not everyone has) and freakin Rivens (he specified having a +90% one in another thread, no need to explain why this is absurd from a balance point of view) make it bearable, not good mind you, just usable.
  6. Ash's totally not renamed Rework

    -Reduced Seeking Shuriken's additional shurikens armor/shield stripping from 70% to 35% -Reduced Shuriken's armor/shield stripping from 70% to 50% -Conclave: Teleport now has Overdrive function!
  7. Ash's totally not renamed Rework

    The way you explain it, yeah, 50% armor strip would be good for the main Shuriken and additional ones from Seeking Shurikens could be on the 35%. You would need massive power Str to completely make them 100% Armor stripping. Passive default Hemorrhage actually adds a total of 80% total damage to Bleeds (50% Duration = 50% damage of the Bleed already increased by 20%) Well, this only applies to certain frames and guns, as not every frame deals Finisher or Bleed damage and not every weapon has Slash as primary stat. Sure you could assemble a team of Maim Equinox and everyone armed with Tigris Prime but your average pug won't benefit that much. This is a thread for Ash, but I would really like if all frames had 2 passives, a self-buff passive (the ones we currently have) and a gameplay-altering passive (like the one proposed here or Nidus charges) and kickarse augments for said passives. Correct. Example: You have a Bleed that deals 100 damage per second over 6s. Total damage 600 Hemorrhage (+50% Duration, +20% damage) deals 120 damage per sec over 9s. Total damage 1080 Blood Splatter (-50% Duration, +260% damage) deals 360 damage per sec over 3s. Total damage 1080. Blood Splatter also takes a mod slot, and many builds don't really have that much space for augments anyway, and shares slot with Relentless Assassin which gives energy back whenever Ash kills with one of his abilities or a Finisher. Well, he still has Fatal Teleport Overdrive and maybe add some darts/kunai to LMB. And you could actually build this in several ways. Say I want a full armor strip build, I need lots of Str and this will resent my Duration. Oh wait, I can still use BS if I pick the Perfect Storm augment, my BS will last a few secs so canceling it prematurely for that nuke is not a bad deal, I could also go with Deadly Blur to make Fatal Teleport Overdrive work better with a shorter BS. Maybe I want a Duration build. Well, Rising Storm is really good and I could use Smoke Screen on choke points. Hmm Relentless Assassin and Blood Splatter are really good, I'm playing solo and stealthy, maybe Relentless Assassin is better as I could sneak on enemies to replenish my energy. Gonna pug? I won't get that many finishers with allies killing enemies left and right, maybe I will go with Blood Splatter or no Augment at all for passive. My allies would really benefit from Smoke Shadow, maybe I can also add some range to it to make it more accessible to them and better to engulf enemy platoons with it. I could also strip some armor with Seeking Shurikens, or CC with Razorwind Shuriken, I could also CC a lot with Gruesome Executions or do quick wipes with Deadly Blur. So many options! Yeah I understand, but a bit of spec isn't bad either, look at Mesa, she's all gun and little blade, yet she still kicks arse.
  8. Ash's totally not renamed Rework

    If used correctly, yes. Easy to learn, difficult to master. Look at the list of stuff you need to do well with this: -Proper combo use on BS -Good aim both for Teleport and Shuriken -Know when to Mark enemies so you don't overdo if you plan on using Fatal Teleport Overdrive -Proper Smoke Screen placement for maximum effect -Proper Augment selection before the mission (or no Augment at all) as they affect your tactical options due to mutual exclusivity (that is intentional)
  9. Ash's totally not renamed Rework

    The point of Armor/Shield stripping is to make it no longer require the Augment to be worthwhile beyond the damage threshold. Also initially the Augment 'Seeking Shurikens' replaced the single powerful Shuriken for 5 weaker shurikens (dealing only 25% of the damage and only stripping 35% armor instead of 70%) but as pointed out by Azamagon it was a bit too weak. Well, this rework is focused around 'Ash as an Assassin that fits with Warframe's playstyle' theme, which makes Finishers a central part of it. Also, Blade Storm is totally cancelable if you wish, or you can use the RMB combo, or if you want to not be locked into Finishers just use the basic combo or slide attack (they would be worthless by comparison to the other 2 combos, but not entirely useless on their own). Well the idea is Ash using his wristblades in Blade Storm mode, but maybe instead of having Channeling using LMB on Blade Storm mode would make Ash throw a dart, kunai or something, not super awesome like a Shuriken (we don't want to make the 1st useless in BS mode) but not completely useless either. Well, that's the point. Tigris already blast anything to pieces at levels the game isn't actually balanced for and the bleed procs either kill the target in the first 2 ticks or do their whole duration. You have to account that this also takes a Mod slot, even if Exilus, and also has an equally good alternative: Relentless Assassin which grants energy for sustained power usage. And it is actually the same total damage as the unaugmented passive, I only reduced the duration and buffed the damage to match the unaugmented version. Well, that's where he also helps allies, enemies are highlighted on the map for everyone and also notice the wording: "Marked enemies take 20% extra Finisher and Bleed damage". That means it's a buff to your whole group too. It would have the same enemy cap as current Blade Storm marking mode has. Well, consider that this Smoke Screen provides LoS block (which means enemies will either enter the cloud or go around it to shoot) which is a HUGE defensive boon if placed correctly, specially for Allies if you aren't running Smoke Shadow. Also it has an Accuracy debuff which means enemies who walk trough it also get their threat diminished because they suddently graduated from Stormtrooper's Marksmanship Academy (and is affected by Power Strength!). Then the Augment choking gas makes it an Offensive ability as well. And the radius is affected by range so you could (if modded for max range) go from a 3m radius to 6m radius (that's a 12m diameter bubble of enemy scr*wing!). Don't let the '3m radius' number fool you, it's a very powerful ability (again, if used correctly)
  10. Ash's totally not renamed Rework

    Well, that's pretty much what I did. SS gives you your 8s invis as it does now, I just added a functional cloud to it. 4 is Duration based but you can cancel it earlier (making it duration rather than toggle is more of a kick in the D to Fleeting Expertise). The 3rd is just current Conclave Teleport merged with current Blade Storm, since TP and BS right now kind of do the same thing merging them was an easy choice: you keep both abiltiies that do the same thing, but add an actual 4th and the Overdrive function uses the clipshow we all know and love (sort of). Everyone wins!
  11. Ash's totally not renamed Rework

    Thanks. Picture a sphere roughly the size of a Blunt, that's the actual area and LoS blocker. Hmm.. maybe the cloud Duration could be the same as the buff (8s). On the other hand you would need to stand in the cloud to get the full invis, which unless you are camping doesn't really fit with a high mobility frame. Scaling with Str in both the Accuracy debuff and the Augment Gas damage just makes Str a somewhat valuable stat for an ability that currently doesn't benefit from it at all. The idea is to make all power stats good for all the abilities. Oops. Thanks for pointing out. I was thiking 35m rather than the 60m we have now, considering this won't require a target. It would be like 3m radius, so you would really need to stack range to make it go past 5m. I want to point out that Novas with Wormhole, Lokis with Decoy/SwapTp and Ash himself can already do so to an extent. This just removes the RNG part of long distance teleport (and for smaller gaps like vents I already bypass them by throwing a Pherilac Pod to the other side and TPing to it) Because in Blade Storm mode your Finishers, including the ones from the Overdrive Fatal Teleport, cause 3 clones to do a finisher on nearby enemies. So it costs more, but you finish up to 4 enemies PER attack. Provided they are close enough of course. Well, they way I mechanically described it would make enemies lose aim on you, as it essentially gives you a 0.5-0.9s of invisibility. It's not just for fluff. The smoky FX could also create a "dummy unit" like current Smoke Screen that causes enemies to fire to it. I got total of 3 different rework ideas (for Ash, I also dabbled with Oberon, Zephyr and Trinity). This particular one has gone trough many revisions and tweaks while keeping the same core, but since I never "bump" a thread unless I'm answering a comment or posting "patchnotes" detailing changes I made, the previous threads of this rework concept got Archived (yeah, I let my own threads get archived because I have nothing to add to it, bumping them for nothing is not my style) ikr? So far the most common argument against stance ultimate is that "it's just another exalted blade" despite the fact that this is as far from EB as Soul Punch is from Decoy. EB encourages slide spam or Espam, as the combos are worthless and using other abilities is generally a flavor waste of energy, and EB combos are worthless too because they are ridiculously long and don't add anytihng to make the worth using. So I decided to do the opposite: Sh*t basic combo and slide attack, short streamlined combos tailored for fast pace combat and each combo having a function, and working in tandem with the other abilities to make ability combos stronger. I also tried to make something easy to balance for Conclave, because it's not fun when you jump from PvE to PvP and your frame flat out doesn't work the way you're used to. It also saves time by making something that doesn't really need changes, just stat tweaks, for PvP. Including Conclave balancing into the design doesn't take away resources from PvE to PvP, it does the opposite, as the PvP team doesn't need to do anything really. And at the same time I tried to avoid adding new complex mechanics, merely working with what we currently have so nothing goes to waste or at most add a simple mechanic here and there.
  12. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    DMC is a hack&slash arcade game focused on fast paced very stylish combat that merges melee combat, guns, acrobatics and demonic powers into very fluid art. Sounds familiar? xD Yes I understand and it's a valid and reasonable point. But honestly I don't like to be stuck on a single mission using only a single melee weapon, if more melee weapons on a loadout aren't an option, a Stance Ultimate will do to add variety to melee combat. Then again, I like DMC, where you can use 1-3 melee weapons (depending on character you're playing as) and you can switch them instantly. Not precisely the best. There are other equally good ideas. A stance is just the easiest to implement, both ability mechanics and the combos (which could be cobbled together from Sparring, Claw and Dual Dagger stance combos). My personal nitpick on it is that the basic E spam combo and the slide attack must be utter sh*t and the combos be the selling point, or using other abilities in tandem with the stance. The point is to avoid Excalibur's situation where activating EB and mashing E is the most effective use of it.
  13. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    I could not agree more. In fact my current rework thread is 90% salvage, reorganizing already existing stuff into a more creative and effective way. Somehow it's still "wrong" to some because it features a Stance Ultimate (What about the animations and marking mode? merged with teleport and turned into Ash's second passive respectively. Nothing goes to waste!) Or Rogue's Killing Spree, or Fiora's can't-remember-the-name, or Cloud's Omnislash, etc etc. Another alternative could be Vergil's Judgment Cut End: That is also an already made suggestion. 100 energy to start marking mode for about 10s. During this timeframe you can mark as much as you please. Press 4 again or let the timer run out to initiate the storm. If kept almost the same mechanically as is now, clones would need to be added to speed things up. You are right doing so. The problems of the ability are mostly cost and slowness. Speeding it up (by adding clones, wide area marking) and reducing the cost to that of every other ultimate (100, making it short Duration-based also kicks Fleeting Expertise in the D so the mod goes from mandatory straight upgrade to an optional mod with a drawback) Also overlap with Teleport, but to fix that it would require massive mechanical changes to the point it may as ell replace the ability entirely.
  14. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    It's not a terrible strategy. But it has a two fatal flaws: A) You rely on a broken Focus passive, which is due to be removed soon. BS doesn't work on it's own, a lot of broken stuff is required for it to work and be decent, not good, just decent. B) Shadow Step grants a huge damage multiplier that affects melee weapons but not BS, which makes using your melee weapon a much better tool than blade storm, even for clean up. Time will tell. Time will tell. Truth cannot be denied forever. And by the way nobody asks you to pledge allegiance to any rework, all we ask is for you to see and accept the truth that BS is pointless and needs to be changed drastically into something worth using outside of very specific setups.
  15. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    That could have actually worked if well implemented. Like, every X number of kills with either Shuriken or Finisher attacks (Teleport or not) he gets a Blade Storm charge (no energy cost, same mechanics as old bs). * The Ult was actually fast so long as you didn't get stuck on resistant enemies, which as I already mentioned could be bypassed by scouting the area first and dispatching these elite troops and then Bladestorming to clean up. Ancients in all fairness have too high spawnrate, but that's mostly because other infested units are hilariously weak. *This may or may not be a terrible idea too, I'm just making stuff up on the fly.