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  1. Some points to add: In low levels, spamming Shuriken is actually better. You use 1 extra point of energy and need to cast it constantly, but by avoiding the hassle of targeting and Shuriken ignoring LoS it comes out as a better alternative. Both are onehanded actions anyway. Yeah, design is so bad BS overlaps with TWO abilities. Not only that, it's also pointless for stealth because the clones are fully visible to enemies and will alert them even if you are invisible. Also, if you mark many enemies (which would only happen in solo) you have no idea if BS is active or not when you look the other side because there's no visual indicator of that close to the center of the screen. You have to move your eyes to the minimap or the BS icon to know if you can use it or not, or if it's active or not if the screen flashes due to explosions and stuff. Would be nice if Marking Mode was Smoke+Sepia while Execution Phase dropped the Sepia but kept the Smoke to serve as a visual indicator. And the cost of BS is very high by default, so you are forced to be invis if you want to use it consisntently. Moreover, SScreen doesn't make clones invisible and if you want to join to watch the cool animations for whatever reason you will only see a blob of ash-shaped smoke humping enemies. Imagine if SScreen halved the cost of Shuriken and Teleport too. Exactly. It's also a waste to join in, because when you do the clones stop attacking independently and merely follow Ash, reverting back to Revisit days, which makes BS even slower. And you can't use Teleport during it to dispatch some critical enemy while the clones deal with the grunts. Which makes his profile video a flat lie with Lotus claiming that "Ash can remain unseen, but his effects on the battlefield can be felt by all." . Well that's horsesh*t he contributes nothing to the battle other than some AoE invis with the very very very recently buffed SShadow, which still can't cloak friendly NPCs for no good reason. (Un)Fun Math Fact: Pre-nerf BS: 100 energy for 18 attacks. Roughly 5.5 energy per attack. Revisit BS: 15 energy (10 if invis) per attack. At 18 attacks that would have been 270 (180) energy. Current BS: 12 energy (6 if invis) per attack. At 18 attacks that is 216 (108) energy. So right NOW you need to be invis for BS to match the original's cost. And not quite if you factor in the 35 cost of SScreen. BS pre-revisit would hit for 1800, affected by both combo counter and steel charge. Post-revisit it deals 2000 damage. So that's a 11% buff to damage countered by costing almost 3 times as much. Not really. See, the Augment only gave 3s by default previously (3s base combo counter +100% = 3 x2 =6s). But when Body Count (+12) and later Drifting Contact (+10s) were added they were also affected by Rising Storm, so Ash with default Duration with Rising Storm and both combo counter mods would have (3+12+10) x2 =50s of combo counter, which at the time was ludicrous as Ash could keep the counter between Defense waves. Then came the revisit which for no reason removed this interaction, so Rising Storm was back to giving only 3s. Current version gives a flat number and amplifies the combo scaling of BS. The Augment IS good, it's downside is being bound to a badly designed ability. Yeah, the ability tries to be both a single target dispatch and a mass slaughter tool, and that doesn't work. Previously BS was useless against Eximus, and the result was usually the player getting stuck. So the best way to handle the situation was to dispatch the Eximus first with Teleport or a weapon then BS to clean up the grunts. That worked well for anyone who wasn't a mindless bladespammer. And we can all agree on the same thing: Big damage numbers are pointless if the mechanics, speed and cost are up a rat's arse. I would rather have this: With a constant cost (100 energy per cast), ignoring LoS, targeting a Cone in front of you (with Power Range increasing both distance and cone width) and with faster casting and recovery speed. Perhaps it could be balanced out like pre-nerf BS was: lower damage vs Heavy Enemies.
  2. That is: never, because it's gross overkill at low levels, and too slow to make any difference at all levels. You are better off not using it at all beyond building up combo counter (if Rising Storm is active).
  3. Pre-nerf BS had a very different design in mind: it was about wiping the grunts, while Teleport handled the top targets. So the intended way to use it was to execute trough any means the top targets (if your ranged weapons couldn't, a Teleport assassination could) then "clean up" the grunts with a simple BS. It made sense then that BS was literally useless and even counterproductive against Eximus, so it would passively point the player away from the spam. That didn't work. Current design is a mess. It's supposed to still be a clean up tool, but it's too slow and too clunky to be used on mass, so it's a target killer... except Ash ALREADY HAD a top target killer in Teleport. Moreover, using BS disables Teleport because it gets replaced by a weaker BS attack. And since you send the clones and joining is pointless it also overlaps with Shuriken as a one-handed ranged attack. And the visuals and audio cues of BS points the player towards an on-the-spot "turn on, wiggle, release" (because Sepia isn't your normal state in game), but in practice the best way to use it is to have it on all the time (if you have a max effi or infinite energy build) or never use it at all and just shoot and melee. The fake synergy with invisibility makes even less sense. So you can join to watch the animation (not to speed up animation as joining in slows it down) except you need to be invisible to reduce the excessive cost to sane values (unless max effi build, which were actually the real problem Ash had, along with many other frames at the time, so it would have been better to nerf the bloody stat), so now instead of watching cool animations you see a blob of ash-shaped smoke humping enemies. Brilliant. And it's stealth element is garbage too. Destroy Corpses to prevent enemies from seeing them and getting alerted... yeah after they watched a f*cking specter stab their friends right in front of them! And if you are invisibile the clones aren't so it's pointless too anyway! And it scr*ws Nekros players who have a shorter window to desecrate the corpses, it's the cherry on top of the pile of donkey dung.
  4. Or we could get a queue system for Consumables. Say you click on the 10x HP Pad and then the game would ask you how many you want to build. Once you set how many and hit ok the foundry starts crafting and automatically handles the claim&re-craft until the work order is complete.
  5. Nazrethim

    Ash Rework

    Yeah, it took them only 3 voiddamn years since the idea of "make Rising Storm give a flat number combo counter instead of a %" came up. And yes it has a use now with the augment. That still doesn't mean it isn't a redundant piece of gerbil guano. With the augment it's a less redundant piece of gerbil guano with some perfume sprayed on it.
  6. Yuri Bezmenov warned the world back in the 80s.!
  7. Nazrethim

    Ash Rework

    Before U19 Blade Storm worked in the following way (all default power values) -It marked an enemy you were aiming at up to a maximum of 25m and marked up to other 17 enemies within a 25m radius of that one, ignoring Line of Sight. -It had a maximum of 18 attacks and Blade Storm would not stop until all 18 attacks were done, regardless of how many enemies were marked. -3 clones joined in and each did 1 attack out of the 18. Ash had no opt-out option, once you pushed 4 you were in. -BladeStorm did 1800 Finisher damage with 100% Bleed chance, it dealt about 100 damage to Eximus -It scaled with Combo Counter and would feed it. It was also affected by Steel Charge aura (originally a bug that got the thumbs up from DE) -Both casting radius and marking radius were affected by Power Range, number of Targets and number of attacks weren't affected by anything. -It costed 100 energy (roughly 5.5 energy per attack) -If it was down to the last enemy the clones would dissapear and Ash would personally execute all remaining attacks on the target (which was why tagging an Eximus could be bad for the team, as Ash would keep a potentially dangerous Eximus alive in Finisher dimension for as many attacks happened). -Allies could kill BS marked enemies so long as they weren't in the process of being attacked (due to finishers making both executioner and victim inmune to third party effects or damage) Then came the revisit which made it completely worthless for about a full year. (so much that it was mathematically proven to be counterproductive to actually use it, so you were better off mapping out the 4th in case you accidentally pressed that ability) Then it was made into the redundant piece of gerbil guano we're now stuck with.
  8. I'm pretty sure the swedes have bigger problems than that. *snicker*
  9. So Inaros would be an example of a skinny one. I think heavy guys should get respect if they do something worthy of it. Respect shouldn't be given for what you are, but earned for what you do. But yes, promoting a healthy body is a good thing (so long as it's done by encouraging someone to get fit rather than shaming them for not being so, but that's my personal view on the matter)
  10. Barely related, but is there a chance of you releasing another PA without the constraints of the Vault? There are some Prime items that are unbound from the vault and therefore always obtainable. Would be nice to see another release of such items.
  11. Standard Devstream since the dawn of time 😄 Kinky.
  12. Well, I've stated what my theory about what happened regarding Ash Rework is, but to boil it down: 1- DE didn't want to rework him (nor had any idea what to do) but were also tired of complaints about the fking bladespammers. 2-They asked for feedback and went with the first idea that came out. 3-Good, well-thought ideas didn't really come up on the forum after 2-3 months, by then the marking mode was in progress. 4-DE sort of forgot completely about the whole issue because they were overworked with TWW and Nidus 5-At some point the Art Team in charge of Deluxe skins showed up and something along the lines of this happened: AT: "Hey, we got the Ash Deluxe ready, how's that rework going?" Dev Team: "Oh sh*t! we forgot about that! what do we have?" DT: "So we have a marking system, good enough, ship it and hope the shiny skin distracts the players from the untested rework" 6-They took the initial positive views of the rework as a success (mostly because players at the time, me included, were in fact distracted by the skin and the smoke screen improvement) 7- the hype for the skin settles and players realise it was a titanic nerf that solved nothing at all and made Blade Storm flat out counterproductive to even attempt to use (And it was mathematically proven!). The only ones not really affected by the nerf were the idiotic bladespammers with their max efficiency build, and over half of them jumped boat as soon as BS was no longer a press4towin. The ones mostly negatively affected were the ones who actually used Ash's full kit (because it included other nerfs, like SShadow not working on defense npcs, Rising Storm no longer affecting Body Count and Drifting Contact, etc) 8- A still ongoing debate starts because there are idiots who still don't realise what a colossal piece of guano BS still IS despite the buffs (due to it's very flawed core design) that barely made it go from "so useless it's counteproductive" to "you can use it, it's not good, but you can use it and not shoot yourself in the foot by doing so" It seems DE paid some attention to feedback, as the recent Rising Storm change made the mod actually worth using. Doesn't make up for the general unpurpose of bladestorm's existence, but at least it adds a gimmick to make pressing 4 at all not a complete waste of time and/or energy. It still lingers in the air if the RS melee hit bug will be fixed or they will allow it.
  13. I hope DE adds an acid spitting function to the 3 then, kind of like the Space Marines.
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