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  1. Stalker (Blind Justice), Grineer Arid or Earth Butchers (Tranquil Cleave) or Decisive Judgment (Grineer Heavy Gunners and Wardens).
  2. That picture is just a sample. I really like how it looks. Yeah, Path of Exile tree is awesome. Has the little downside that you pretty much have to plan what the hell you wanna do before you even start leveling the character, but it's not that hard anyway because you only have to look at the Big bonuses and the Medium ones to figure out which path to take. I would also like if they make it like the Artifact Power in WoW: Legion. All nodes being dirtcheap initially but as you unlock more nodes they grow in cost too.
  3. Well, the main point of the revisit was adress BS, which it didn't because we're stuck with a sh*tty version of what we had before. Indeed. He is still good. His Ultimate is the one oddball that is entirely redundant and it's only point nowadays is "cool factor" and nothing else as it's far outclassed by his other abilities. May the Void listens and provides! Actually, not very much changed, which is another weak point of the revisit. The only meaningful change is that now you have two paths: you either build for max efficiency so BS is usalbe, not good, just usable. Or
  4. I don't see any other frame ultimate enforcing max efficiency to wipe 6 to 10 dudes and still keep some energy for other, more useful, powers. They butchered BS out of pure lazyness. I didn't say Ash is useless. I still kick arse with him. I said his abilities are useless. Or a minor inconvenience to the opponent in the case of Smoke Screen. Shuriken's damage is so low as to be a waste of energy, specially since it doesn't track sh*t and the flight arc is so borked you would be lucky to hit anything beyond 5m. SS is goodish for disorienting or catching a breath, but it's otherwise just
  5. Sorry to burst your pink bubble pal. Also, I never said "Ash sucks". He's still the only frame I use. The only reason I ever equip another is to level for mastery and then back to Ash, for any mission. Pointing out that DE ruined Ash's ultimate instead of reworking it while giving zero sh*ts about fixing all the other problems (which weren't that hard to solve in the first place) instead of denying them, presumably while covering your ears and screaming "lalalala..." doesn't help.
  6. Knockdown and Impair have: -Wind up time (therefore entirely avoidable) -Cooldown -Require you to actually hit the target, not an easy task in high levels of play due to constant bulletjump spam. Guns have range and the fact they are not affected by terrain (sans grenade launchers) while melee is crippled in certain maps. Guns also make use of the mobility system while melee is locked to ground combat. Again, different sets of skills.
  7. Oh really? Great! Now tell me at which point during a fight you are NOT under heavy fire. The only way to do that is to use it to initiate a fight. You may say "oh it's a finisher move". Yeah, about that, the other frames are mentioned deal cr*ptons of damage in a non-aimed AoE sphere around them. And I just told you it cannot actually break shields, while other ultimates can leave you with a sliver of health and no shields with the press of a button in the same range and without actually aiming. The point is very clear: Either it's damage is boosted to that of other ultimates or other ul
  8. Which is what I proposed: Nerf everyone to Ash levels. Radial AoE Nukes damage going down from 300-330 to 100-120s (they are not aimed, have no target cap and are guaranteed to hit), Exalted weapons going from insta-frag levels of damage per swing to 100s per swing and so on. Mag, Frost, Banshee and Rhino are very capable of doing so with their ultimates which instantly kill anything that isn't a tank. Valkyr and Excalibur can, respectively, kill and nearly kill anyone per swing. There are some other cases, but these are the most egregious examples of "I WIN BUTTON" frames. On
  9. Well, that depends on your definition of balanced. If Ash abilities are balanced, then nearly all other frames are overpowered and due for a nerf. If the other frames are balanced then Ash is due for a buff. If energy gains are too high and people are winning by cheap abilities rather than skill then the options are nerfing energy gains (which would s*ck for melee players due to their actual damage comes from channeling, unless channeling is moved to a recharging stamina bar) or nerfing abilities to be more of situational tools rather than main battle weapons (as Ash's abilities
  10. Sure, because "point&click" or to spice things up hold click requires a lot of effort. Now, generalization apart. Melee does need a stamina resource... for Channeling, to separate it from energy once and for all (also a request for PvE). On the topic. A possible solution would be to nerf every Warframe's abilities to... say.. Ash's ability levels. Shuriken hits for jacksquat and requires sheer aim and luck to hit, SS is nearly worthless apart for a little mobility bump and mild annoyance to opponents, Teleport is useless 99% of the time and BS is detrimental to Ash mechanically,
  11. *A grineer ship, a platoon of grineer* Ballas: War, is like a wildfire, it starts with a spark. *a Shuriken out of nowhere kills two lancers* Ballas:it consumes the trees one by one. *Ash teleports to 3 consecutive enemies killing them* *A grineer activates the alarm* Ballas: Until the smoke darkens the sky *Ash casts a Smoke Screen on an aproaching platoon and pulls out his wristblades* Ballas: And the flames consume the forest *Ash teleports inside the cloud* *Shrouded inside the cloud, multiple instances of Ash
  12. This Could be the already requested Conclave Syndicate Weapon, just like Simaris has Simulor/Heliocolor. Not necesarily, it could be just as good, albeit with it's own Stance rather than using Dual Sword stances.
  13. When I play PvE I usually have an audiobook on the background. My personal favorite is "Let's Read: Headshoots" And when I play PvP I set battle music from other games or anime. Example: Gigapede
  14. Melee playstyle makes easier to build for EHP, as Sword Alone grants mobility and sprint speed, which is generally suficient to live a bit longer. Emphasis on "a bit". Your survivability and killing potential will depend on the tileset, the CTC Orokin Tower/Derelict and Cephalon Spire maps will be your Tomb, while Lua Ruins, Desert Settlement and Grineer and Corpus ships/reactors will give you plenty of places to fight.
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