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  1. ash is still on a wheelchair

    Sometimes it starts even though you teleport to a non-marked enemy, sometimes teleport works normally. It's really wierd. I also support that position. Ash is good now. Still has some glaring design flaws (mainly Shuriken being 100% pointless without the augment and slightly less pointless with it and teleport being required to join in instead of holding 4 while it's going, so you can still teleport to enemies during BS instead of the ability being made nigh useless during it) but overall he is in a good spot now.
  2. Sick of overly nerfing good weapons.

    Perhaps. But you can clearly see a pattern with Conclave stances. Except for a few cases, most Conclave stances feature a RMB gap closer combo with impair and a pause combo meant for damage. I was never in favor of those unintended melee momentum mechanics to begin with, and the ping issue affects all weapons and powers, not just nikanas. And comparing them to the ignis is just plain ridiculous. While this is true, it's also true that some other melee weapons outperform nikana and aren't exactly the usual suspects. Hell, even fists and claws are better than Nikanas. It has almost all the strengths of equiped melee, with the addition that you can shoot the gun, don't have to bother with combos. What does melee has? Impair which is sort of useful and Blocking, which for most weapons is nigh useless because not even a 50% damage reduction is enough to counter guns ttk. Honestly Quickmelee shouldn't have knockdown on slam and should have reduced damage (not 50% reduced damage, but more like a 20-30%) (or just return channeling with a separate resource that isn't energy and reduce weapon's damage accordingly)
  3. Sick of overly nerfing good weapons.

    The whole point of the RMB combo is to be fast but weak. It's a gap closer. The Pause combo is for damage, which currently doesn't. It wasn't "broken op easy" as you say. It still required skill and proper ambush tactics to fully use. It's damage was too high but not "needs a 70% nerf" high. It only needed it's 3-hit thing removed and damage kept as it was, not removing the 3hit and nerfing the damage. It's not good actually. A super melee player can still get kills with it? No sh*t sherlock! But when you must be the very best just to get the same result you get from another weapon with little or average effort, then you know it's too weak. Nikanas right now are not competitive at all. Too weak in the alleged damage combo to be useful. Still good if you go for Slam>Shotgun (because quickmelee is still op as fk)
  4. Operator damage scaling... On max focus point pool.

    Gundam pilots don't have crazy void powers and megaman-like armcannons.
  5. Sick of overly nerfing good weapons.

    For those that don't know: Nikanas, one of the most used and powerful weapons in Conclave (due to a good combination of mobility, versatility and damage) was crippled into a waste of time. The Sudden Spring combo had a leap-strike that not only struck hard, but also had 3 hits. So DE nerfed both damage and made it only hit once. So instead of the 30% damage nerf that at most required it got a 75% nerf. So now it's completely useless. The basic combo and RMB combo don't really deal much damage either, so the only killing move the weapon had is now pointless.
  6. ash is still on a wheelchair

    This is true. The only real problem now is what the hell do we do with Shuriken since it's for all intents and purposes useless by comparison to BS.
  7. Stealth kill streaks and ranged weapons

    Sometimes it will break even if the second shot hits the dead corpse.
  8. Ash - Why use Shuriken?

    Right now, just marking large number of enemies. Since the recent change it has become the de facto replacement for shuriken. Regarding your footage. You stand still marking one or two enemies at a time with zero risk of being attacked. Try using it while bulletjump-backflipping and marking 10 to 15 dudes. You would be wiggling that thing like you had a seizure. And in both your footage and what I propose you would have been better just straight up shooting them. Fatal Teleporting, after the recent change, is only better for taking out high priority targets. However since the change also made teleporting to any enemy while BS is added cause you to join it, you can't really have both happening. So DE managed to fk up 3 abilities with a buff That's next level of shody design right there.
  9. Ash - Why use Shuriken?

    Welcome to the world of "Because with superspecific Z build/situation/enemy X gun/ability is good (design flaws in X or set X belongs to)" Notice how the OP is talking about base values vs regular starchart enemies (which is what the game is balanced around) and the counterarguments speak of very specific builds vs endurance enemies (which the game isn't balanced around). I still believe the same thing: Marking should be a natural part of Ash, a second, more gameplay oriented passive, and abilities tailored to work with it in different ways. Teleport allowing an "overdrive/rampage" on marked targets (essentially the cutscene), shuriken doing...something I can't figure out right now. Essentially, Ash needs an actual rework that keeps the essence without being limited by it (or by trying to hold to clunky outdated mechanics when they are a hindrance)
  10. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    Bold statement you made right there. It isn't faster actually. You just are no longer forced to participate of the slow execution, so you go join your team to wipe the enemies. Whenever I use it on a large group I kill roughly 70% of the enemies well before the clones reach them. I got your answer: lots of complaints and demands for an actual rework and unwillingness to do so.
  11. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    Usable, still niche. It's still slow as a snail, and the cost is too high if you aren't invisible, and it's still clunky in the targeting mechanic, and you can still go make a sandwich while it plays. But at least you are no longer forced to watch all the cutscenes, you can just cast it and go take other action, join or sit with a finger up your voidgate while the storm does it's own thing.
  12. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    translation: "DE's hack design doesn't live up to the basic logic of a player who knows the difference between good design and bad design"
  13. Slide mods

    PvE mods aren't usable at all in Conclave. We don't currently have mods that boost that beyond that one mod that increases Slide boost when used mid air.
  14. Map objects and hazards

    Or also randomly generated. Like one round you play on Corpus outpost with toxic clouds spawning and moving slowly trough the map, then you vote the same map and now the wind blows stronger affecting accuracy, or patches of ice or fire. The posibilities are big.
  15. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    Shuriken has become pretty much obsolete as a ranged attack that doesn't interrupt you though, as BS does it better. That is a fail in design right there. Funny how I actually suggested that as part of a Stance BStorm. Just make it a stance that makes Finisher attacks during it affect small groups of enemies around the main victim (so, say, you Finish one dude and 4 clones do the same on 4 nearby enemies in a 5-7m radius). That also made BS not overlap with any of his other abilities, actually have synergy with Teleport instead of more overlap and make for a more varied combat that was still apropiate for a melee oriented frame like Ash.