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  1. Correct. It is stated that Elucidator is less than 120cm long. It's also a one-handed longsword (it was an actual plot point that Kirito didn't use a two-hand sword, sword/shield or Rapier, until he revealed he could dual wield one-handed weapons)
  2. Behold!
  3. We do have a Spear stance with focus on thrusts. Sadly it's only usable in Conclave.
  4. Well, true to some extent, yes SAO Abridged is better, but SAO itself isn't terrible, it's just a good anime to turn the brain off and enjoy the visuals and the battles (if only they happened more often, sigh). I would prefer, from gameplay perspective, like DMC3/4, simple combos with lots of action and movement. The with high enough efficiency and Energize you can have Unlimited Blade Storms.
  5. You clearly haven't watched SAO Abridged.
  6. I wanted the rocket Nikana, but to be honest the kusarigama looks amaizing too. It was a heated contest, really cool stuff.
  7. Not really, just use the weapon with Conclave stats and make Teshin actively avoid the disc (and dodge glaives too). He's a master after all. I like the way you think! And if DE tweaks his AI to avoid enviroment dangers even better.
  8. Depends, does DE counts Me!Me!Me! as H or "artistic"? I want Me!Me!Me! Warframe version. R34 or not is irrelevant. It's like doing the Thundercats opening Warframe version (With Excalibur as Lion-O with a Skana/Exalted Blade, Ash as Tygra with a Lecta, Rhino as Panthro with a Shaku and driving the Corpus Hijack vehicle, Valkyr with her talons/bo as Cheetara, Vauban and Nova as Wilykat and Wilykit respectively, dropping grenades and antimater drops, a Kavat as a stand-in for Snarf and Teshin as a stand-in for Jaga's ghost , and then we see 3 Grineer soldiers in front of a voidgate and Vor as a stand-in for Mumm-ra)
  9. Well, a possible solution would be to make every warframe like Ash: 3 useless abilities, one near-useless utility ability and an overly specific passive.
  10. If you have enough slots, do all of them. I personally would like the opening sequence, and also I would like some hack here on the forums to remake the video with Octavia, the "final battle" looks a bit like the climax of Octavia's Anthem :3
  11. That actually makes sense.
  12. And usually they either have a cooldown, deal overall less damage than single target abilities or come at a high cost. Neither of those applied to old Teltace. In a tactical enviroment, sure, someone wipes the grunts while someone else kills high profile targets. With Teltace it was "teltace user effortlessly wipes everything, everyone else can move on and do nothing" which stood true for Simulor too (at least now they have to aim and choose if keeping a singularity or not)
  13. or, make enemies in Stasis to take damage from melee attacks but don't actually die until time resumes at which point the presumably become this:
  14. Okay, the only "Combat" melee specter. Roller is mostly a nuisanse you can summon as a short-lived distraction while you run away. And Ancients are just support units (that love wandering around instead of supporting you)
  15. Well, that's the idea. Justified as in TWW he was restraining himself instead of going all out, whereas in this sparring match, taking place within the safety of the Conclave, he goes all out on us. Also as a way to get those kickarse melee specters, the only melee specter we have is the Charger and it's.. not very good at it, but Teshin's purple specter could be very powerful.