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  1. Here's a funny unveiled riven...

    Don't want to derail the thread but aren't we all huge nerds?
  2. Ash BladeStorm Rework (again?)

    How does it work in Conclave? How does it mesh with his other abilities without overlapping? You see, rushed ideas are what led to current situation, we can't have that happen again. Hence why suggestions must be well thought out and expanded. Adding both statistics (raw numbers) and mechanical details (how the ability exactly works) is very important. We cannot allow another Ash Revisited
  3. Tiberon rework feedback please.

    I would like the alt fire, however, I would prefer if Tiberon remained a "raw damage" weapon, with little to no status or crit to speak of. In fact, if Tiberon Prime is released, I would like it to have zero crit and status chance, and be raw damage+cool additions instead, at the same time powerful enough to be on par with Crit and Status weapons like the Sybaris series.
  4. Concept Mechanic: Tenacity

    @SevenLetterKWord I didn't read that thread before, otherwise I wouldn't have initiated this discussion. And I agree with what you and @Witchydragon say. Respawn timers really is a more sensible aproach.
  5. What Happened to fixing the pvp system???

    Well, it could be set that Player Stalkers can ONLY attack players who are of a certain Master Rank, like 18 or above, by that point they should already have access to all the mods and, in theory, have Warframe's combat mechanics more or less mastered. That way lower players would be protected by fighting only AI Stalker.
  6. Cosmetic Elemental FX Mods?

    Hello Everyone! Title. Would be awesome if we could get from Teshin Melee Channeling mods that replace the FX of Channeling with Elemental FX like Fire, Toxin, etc. Similar to how we can add the Elemental Bulletjump FX mods for flavor. Who's with me?
  7. Concept Mechanic: Tenacity

    Hello Everyone. Okay, to the point. The idea is simple: when a either side (Sun or Moon) outnumbers the other, a "Tenacity" buff is applied to the other team granting 15% extra shield and health for the outnumbered team per extra player on the other team. So, if teams are 1v2, Sun team gets 15% S/HP. If the teams are 3v1, moon would get 30%. Discussion... BEGIN
  8. What Happened to fixing the pvp system???

    I should really play on Xbox, but I can't be bothered to buy one. I like being outnumbered, and in fact I play better when that happens. On the Topic: I would like a big expansive PvP map of Eidolon, could be like the UT2004 "Onslaught" mode (sans vehicles) I would also like PvP Archwing Racing. Stalker Invasions wouldn't actually be that big of a deal, at worst (for the victim) it's a Revive use (which while annoying it isn't a big problem) and at worst (for the Stalker player) they spawn and get oneshotted by a Riven powered weapon or massacred by a squad. It will just make Stalker less of a joke and more the dreaded enemy he should be.
  9. Ash BladeStorm Rework (again?)

    No, I don't bother with them, they know what balance is already, they just fail to apply it sometimes, usually with near harmless results, except for a few instances when they really really scr*w up... Ash is an example of the later. They KNOW it's bad, they knew it was bad but had no idea how to fix him, may I remind you that originally they were going with "World on Blade Storm" idea and actual players con dos dedos de frente pointed out how stupid and broken that would be? And they realised the players were right and went for...the second dumbest idea which savvy players ALSO pointed out was going to be terrible, and it IS terrible to the surprise of nobody with common sense. They haven't commented because they probably don't know what to do with Ash and because they are busy with other stuff, it's their usual MO to add/change something then never look back on it, recent additions to the game have forced their hand to go revisit old content, with mixed results, a good one (Limbo) some average (Oberon, Mag, Volt, Saryn) and one terribly bad (Ash) I know your game, it's called "use two mod slots: Streamline and Fleeting Expertise". But of course, I'm sure such skilled player like you can play Ash and do well with any build, even on default power stats, right? Would you mind sharing your builds? I'm sure you have such outstanding variety of them!
  10. Ash BladeStorm Rework (again?)

    I have all the mods, in fact my C build is just that, but before this sh*tty "revisit" came around, I could actually use other builds and still have a viable ultimate, now it's max efficiecny or no ultimate. Which is WHY it needs to be reworked. Or at least put on the same level of drain of other ultimates. The proposal to make it a timed 100 energy marking mode with marks not costing aditional energy would put it at the same cost as other ultimates, but it would still leave the stupid long cutscene, which can be adressed by making clones assist Ash so he does only a fraction of the attacks instead of all the attacks (only clones attacking would be dumb though). In the end we get... pretty much old BS with marking mode. Do you see where I'm going with this? They use the same frikin tag system! And presumably also use a few pizzas in the middle to replenish the 300+ energy you used in the process. If you didn't die after failstorm dumped you in the open without invisibility (because SS doesn't get frozen while on the cutscene for some unfathomable reason despite being a pointed out flaw months before the nerf/revisit was released). Then he needs a new ultimate, because "Fatal Teleport that costs roughly the same, twice or 3 times with seizure marking and actually deals less damage" doesn't really fly anymore. He needs an actual powerful Ultimate, which it must be a nuke or a super mode. Ash's function in team was the squad's dps... which he accomplished by having powerful single target AND mass killing tools, now he's a single target killin machine...on a HORDE GAME where you fight dozens of enemies per engagement. If you use 1 2 and 3, yes. For 4 you need infinite energy or max efficiency or both. I'm so fed up with morons like you who think the game must be balanced around that broken stat. I don't leave him at base energy, I have my primed flow on him. And STILL that isn't enough for Energy Sink Storm, because it requries 150 to 450 F*cking energy for 10 stupid enemies. I don't know why it's so frickin impossible to teach people what actual game balancing and good/bad design are. Maybe I am the wrong one here, trying to use logic, actual math and common sense in a forum full of players dumber than goldfish (with few exceptions).
  11. Ash BladeStorm Rework (again?)

    I don't actually exagerate, I use math with the actual in-game stats. Using Max Efficiency isn't a bad thing, making it a mandatory stat to actually be able to use the ability IS. It is able to delete 18 enemies, or 50 if you reach the mark cap, it just takes forever to do it and drains more energy than the frame has capacity for. And if you use it for dispatching hard targets Teleport or Smoke Screen with a good melee weapon are actually superior to Blade Storm and cheaper too. So Blade Storm costs stupid high amounts of energy, locks you in a cutscene longer than it should, the marking phase is seizure inducing and only fit for someone with parkinson (or is actually suffering a seizure) and overlaps with his other two abilities in function... that means Blade Storm is irredeemable pointless. And don't get me started with it's (astonishingly) sh*ttier Conclave version that deals half the damage of every other Ultimate for no justified reason and it's so impractical to use it's outright detrimental to Ash to even attempt to use such bad ability, and most of it stems from stupid Ash Revisited Update. Coincidence, right? Ah yes, Naramon, which is the other obscenely broken Focus, which may or may not get scrapped in the next iteration of the Focus System. And BS "cheaper while invisible" isn't enough. Because 30% reduced cost while invisible doesn't compensate for a 200-600% cost increase. Math proven too. Oh, I do kick arse with Ash, at any level, with my "all 100%" stat build, I just avoid using failstorm because it's utter useless sh*t by comparison to using... the rest of the kit. The nerf barely touched the max efficiency spammers (who were the problem of the previous version of blade storm) but flat out took away Ash's ultimate for anyone who didn't build for that stat. And most of the spammers abandoned Ash pretty much instantly the moment the mindless spam was "adressed" while others kept using the frame because the AFK time is longer when you are locked in animation time because DE increased it by 300% So what? I do that all the time, I even outdamage Mesa and Limbos on a regular basis if I bother to. Again, you fail to grasp the idea of "Playable does NOT mean good".
  12. Ash BladeStorm Rework (again?)

    Me neither. The fact they haven't said anything on the Megathread, or answered any question regarding Ash in other media is proof enough. By using Max Efficiency or Zenurik, both being broken mechanics to begin with. The revisit put mod choices in the grave by forcing two mod slots (Streamline and Fleeting Expertise) on players (on top of making Blind Rage impossible to fit). It is broken, but it's also "playable". But "Playable" doesn't mean "Good/Well designed". Saying 'Blade Storm' is "good" because it's "playable" it's like saying 'Big Rigs' is a good game because it's playable. Sure, because a power using up to 3 times the energy the warframe has capacity for, or using more energy than the frame will EVER be capable of acquiring, is not broken at all. Not really, that's just abandoning a frame because it's power is utter sh*t. Which I'm not going to do. The reason I push for an actual rework is because I care for the frame, otherwise I would have abandoned it the moment the massive nerf released. But I didn't, instead I push to solve the problems the frame actually has and DE blatantly ignored. And for some stupid reason this forum seems to be 80% morons who either want "press4 to win" to come back, or propose "solutions" that solve jacksh*t, or even more moronic players who say the frame is "fine because it's playable". Or players who outright hate the frame and don't want it getting any positive change, and curiously those very same players who hate the frame are able to tell the revisit was a massive nerf.
  13. Ash BladeStorm Rework (again?)

    Not really, DE can actually cobble together a working, fully functional and (almost) all-problem solving Stance Ultimate from existing assets they already have, no need to develop anything new (or reinvent the wheel). And considering how TERRIBLE Blade Storm already is, there's no way to meaningfully buff it into decency without going back to 'press 4 to win' , and even then the mechanics would still be terrible. It's not wether or not they could rework blade storm (they already can do it, and depending on what they pick, they could do it easily, or at least easy by comparison to the recent reworks) is that they must (because the terrible mechanics are holding back both the ability and what they can do). Tweaks are just going to be terrible or goodish, but not fix the core problems of the ability, because the problems are in the core itself. Calling for tweaks or simple stat buffs will only result in more failstorms like the one we currently have.
  14. Customization (Even Further)

    I did that, I have 2 Ash Prime (plus my original normal Ash) so I have 9 possible customization options. It's totally worth it. I change Fashionframe according to the mission I'm running or just for the hell of it. I'm considering getting a 3rd Ash Prime just to have 9 Ash Prime customization slots so I can use 9 out of 10 Conclave Loadouts with their own weapons and fashion schemes.
  15. Ash Smoke Screen Augment Change

    Well, he DOES have a point there. Smoke Screen is, by comparison to every other invisibility ability in the game, "kinda bad". Though I don't share the OPs idea of an Augment fixin the ability, rather the ability getting fixed. Idea: Smoke Screen creates a cloud of smoke that lasts 12s. Ash is invisible inside the cloud and for 8s after leaving it. Enemies inside the cloud choke and are stunned and open to Finisher moves. Enemies outside the cloud can't see trough it, effectively getting LoS-blocked. Ability can be Tap to create a cloud at Ash's feet or Hold (for a fixed 1s with automatic release to avoid holding it forever) to create the cloud at the location Ash is aiming (max range 20m, if the aimed surface is further away the cloud will be created 20m in the direction Ash is aiming). Smoke Shadow Augment then just makes the invisibility part affect Allies. Tear Gas Augment blinds opponents that are inside the cloud and for 2s after leaving it.