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  1. Hmm how about this: As Ash gains affinity, he charges Blade Storm (kind of like Syndicate procs). Once full you can unleash the storm which marks every enemy in ~25-35m radius and unleashes 3 clones to dispatch them. Press 4 while this is going on makes Ash join the storm as well as spawn 2 additional clones. BS wouldn't cost any energy and power Efficiency would reduce the affinity required to unleash the storm.
  2. Being good at mass murder doesn't mean being a stupid player. That has been happening since Warframe is Warframe xD On most mission I usually dispatch crowds with my melee, but my primary or secondary (sometimes both) is usually a precision weapon meant for taking out nasties, like the Juggy. My most memorable battle, however, happened due to a combination of host migration, bug and sheer luck (if it was good or bad is on the eye of the beholder): I was running an Exterminate Orokin Derelict with my friends, when Stalker G3 showed up, and the host lost conection, but instead of failing the mission and kickin us back to our orbiters the thing did a host migration and the mission proceeded as normal, except I was alone, against the G3, and then the flickering began, and Stalker (old one, the one that kick'ed your arse with Absorbs, Shurikens, Smoke Screens, Slash Dash and Dread shots), so I was alone with my Dog against the Stalker, the G3 backed by Grineer and a horde of Infested when suddently mid battle the Juggernaut charged in. It was the most intense fight I ever had. My Dog personally proceeded to kill the G3 singlehandedly (which is why I rarely use Sentinels and prefer his company) while I dealt with both Stalker and Juggernaut. I ended up victorious that day and completed the mission. It was a one-of-a-kind occurrence, but damn it was good. Anyway, awesome stories aside, whenever I go Pub I usually end up first or second in damage, but that's mostly to my playstyle than using Ash, as whenever I bring a frame with actual AoE everyone else enters into Walking Simulator unless I slow down voluntarilly, which I often do. I remember back pre-nerf I used to get the "oh dam another Ash noob" or something like that, and by the end everyone were thankful I wasn't a mindless bladespammer. I only used it to clear crowds that were free of Eximus, mostly using my melee, shurikens, teleport and sscreen to get by. BS wasn't even an "oh sh*t" button, since using it wrong could be disastrous in some situations. I miss BS being that useful yet requiring of tactical thinking to properly use. Current version is just garbage that will not help you unless you need to keep damage while reloading your (much more effective) gun. And even then it's largely pointless. It won't save your allies, it won't hold back the enemy, and it's a PITA to actually use the way it's intended to be used.
  3. I stand corrected. I was talking about mass murder, which is the bread&butter of the game (or more like a dead skunk and dogsh*t, depending on the case)
  4. True, but bar the Defense part, Ash is supposed to be good at dispatching enemies, so having those issues is a major flaw, specially when the pre-nerf version, flawed as it was, was actually good at that. Ivara may not be a great killer, but she's definetly a powerhouse in terms of support and stealth, something she is marketed as.
  5. I always consider first the baseline, if the baseline isn't good then no amount of minmaxing will fix it's core problems. For instance, my standard All-purpose-build consists of: 3 Umbral mods, Vigilante Pursuit, P. Continuity, Hunter Adrenaline, P. Flow, Augment (usually Fatal Teleport, Seeking Shuriken for specific content), Prime Sure Foot Exilus slot (used to be Handspring but P Sure Foot is very good) and Steel Charge. It's a well balanced build that allows me to clear most of the content, except the ones where killing large groups of enemies quickly (such as Arbys, ESO) , Defending something or enemies are inmune to Ash's abilities (Eidolons, Profit Taker, Disruption) unless I bring very specific weapons that deal with the problem on their own, the frame being merely a flavor. For example, if I actively use Blade Storm, no amount of rage tanking can keep up, because BS default cost is broken and invisibility discount only applies past 6 marks and isn't noticeable until around 12-15 marks. There¡s also the fact the mechanics and FX don't match. I can expand on this if you wish.
  6. Considering that reaching that amount of passive PowSTR requires gimping yourself a lot he was probably not far off the mark. Currently my only PowSTR mod on my all-purpose build is Umbral Intensify, so I only get to 160% (I have all 3 umbrals mods). Perhaps 237% STR is the max you can get without gimping Ash in some way.
  7. With all 3 Umbral mods maxed, Blind Rage, Transient Fortitude and Augur secrets you reach 375% Power Strength. If you add temporary buffs like Growing Power Aura, Coaction Drift (to boost the aura even more) and Energy Conversion you reach 458%. Add 3 Power Donation from allies and you get to 548%. Of course it's kind of a moot point since without Arcane Energize and Zenurik and a Trinity you wouldn't be able to use Blade Storm more than once due to it turning into an energy hog that eats everything. And you would have to be better at marking than D.Va cause Smoke Screen would be shorter than a gnat's d*ck.
  8. That would actually put it in the same spot pre-nerf Blade Storm was, except without forcing you into a Cutscene. Remember: Pre-nerf Blade Storm marked a target at 25m and then tagged every other enemy (up to 18) in 25m radius of that target (it didn't mark around Ash). This is something I have explained to others in the past: the only way to keep the current mechanical workings of Blade Storm is to revert it back to pre-nerf or buff it's marking until it's almost as good as pre-nerf BS. Blade Storm is supposed to be a mass slaughter weapon. For high priority target assassination you have Teleport. Teleport to dispatch heavies, BS to dispatch the grunts quickly. But current BS is so poorly designed it overlaps with Teleport AND Shuriken and it fails entirely at mass slaughter due to how slow the execution is and how clunky the marking process is. That would mark at best 10 enemies, which you could take out with guns or melee faster than Blade Storm does. And that's if you are at ground level or slightly above, if you are bulletjumping high to mark enemies from above you would need either Eldar-level reflexes or Parkinson to mark everything. True. Though the problem of old Blade Storm rested more on power Efficiency being broken and players being lazy than the ability being a complete failure of design. You could be effective without spamming it, and building for max range was a double edged sword that all bladespammed got slice with, BS was ideal to deal with large crowds of grunts, but you needed to be aware of Eximus and dispatch them beforehand to avoid getting stuck. That little tactical thinking got replaced by maniacal wiggling. And I'm 100% positive some jackas will mention "Oh but you just turn it on all the time and release when needed" which is the most retarded counterpoint I've ever read.
  9. Now that you put it that way I agree with you. In terms of damage Ash is like a jack of all trades, master of none, with more emphasis on the second part as 99% of the game isn't non-defense Endurance. And I already said that Ash and Ivara cannot be compared. Well yes, against Ivara that holds true to a degree (considering that Bladestorm can be outkilled by most guns, and if the map layout allows it, even a sniper can). If you go Ash vs Ivara then yes he wins the damage department, but if you compare Ash to other damage frames, he is at the bottom of the pit for his slow as arse kill rate. He CAN pull big numbers, but in WF numbers are meaningless unless you have the speed to back it up, AND pretty much every new content that is introduced is already made to counter Ash entirely. For example Disruption: I get Demolysts being inmune to Covert Lethality, but why Fatal Teleport entirely? Isn't Ash supposed to be an assassin ideal for dealing with high priority targets? Nope. Ash is just there to shoot and melee, and ocassionally use damage abilities to spice things up (cause they aren't anywhere as useful as a good gun is, and note I don't say OP gun, but just "good"). It seems most of you are focusing on the Ash vs Ivara part of the OP and not the rest. Expected, as that's the title of the thread, but you gotta read the rest m'kay?
  10. How about making BS not sock arse? How about making Teleport usable while BS is active? How about fixing ability overlap? How about making BS artistic style fit the damn mechanics? How about making Smoke Shadow and Rising Storm useful? There's plenty of room for upgrades to the frame.
  11. Let me fix that for you: Ash has: a passive buff that gives a nice 20% extra damage on bleeds and a pointless 50% duration buff to it, nigh worthless invisibility unless you gimp yourself into duration, a ranged single target ability that is USELESS against nearly all enemies worth using it on, and an ability that takes two weeks to kill 1 wave of enemies while your average gun can wipe 3 times that with average modding and not some super specific arcane powered garbage. This is a flat LIE. Take Ash to Sanctuary Onslaught and you would be lucky to see the 5th wave with his slow as snail kill rate. He hits hard, but so slow that it's pointless. Yeah, that sounds like fun, spinning your camera around like a jackas to release the button that kills 4 enemies because the other 20 died long before you even started spinning. Might as well just shoot them and be done with it. On the other hand. Pre-nerf Blade Storm, from a Design point of view, was actually superior to the current one. It did didled*ck against Eximus or other heavy units, which usually meant you got stuck to them and kept them alive. This may seem annoying, but it was great: an attentive and skilled Ash user could dispatch these high priority targets with Teleports (specially after Fatal Teleport was added) and then Blade Storm the grunts for a quick clear. Both abilities had very different functions and mixed well. Compare to current one where depending on level several things happen: at lower than 30 it's better to just use Shuriken than Blade Storm because of the hassle of going insane with camera wiggling and how slow BS is, or just ignoring enemies entirely and not wasting time or energy on them. At higher levels a good gun will outkill Blade Storm all the time, and at Endurance level Fatal Teleport and a goodish melee (or a CL Dagger) will outkill Bladestorm anyway because those bleeds take ages to dispatch (unless you have Arcane of Infinite Arsekickery and the Godsmasher Build, which also gimps every other aspect because BS is such a colossal catastrophe of as s.). And BS and Teleport can't be used together because DE were slow enough to not realise that making an ability unusable while another completely different ability was on is ridiculous. So BS overlaps with BOTH Teleport and Shuriken, being like a stronger and clunkier Shuriken or a faster and just-as-clunky Teleport and it fails to acomplish it's goal: kill sh*te fast. And we are talking about the BUFFED Ash Revisited, the original Ash Revisited, circa U19.1.0 was such a gigantic fck that it was counterproductive to even attempt to use it. Also, BS has been bugged since the buff came, when you join (not that you would want to, unless you want to go make a sandwich while the game plays itself) the clones bugger off to who knows where leaving you to bladestorm by yourself, therefore negating the buff entirely. Ash needs a rework that actually makes him relevant in current content, make him fun to play (without this camera wiggling BS, both senses) and with no more ability overlap. I do agree with the fact that comparing Ivara to Ash is comparing Rambo (First Blood) to one of Shreder's goons with smoke machines is not accurate.
  12. We all know the Outbreak invasions. So Here's some ideas to spice them up. Infested Victory: Every certain amount of time, Infested 1% ground against the local faction. Once they overrun the local forces the mission node becomes Infested for 24 hours. Plagued Relays: Alongisde the Fomorian and Razorback Armada a third bar shows up: Infested Outbreak on Relay, which must be cleaned by players before it gets overrun. The Relay Outbreak would start at 50% and infested would gain 2% every hour until they reach 100% and win or reach 0% and are defeated. Players must actively push against the infested to win. Outbreaks spreading: Every time the Infested Outbreaks "tick" they gain 1% ground on the node for every other Outbreak present on the planet, so the more outbreaks there are, faster their victory is. Also nodes that reach 90% Infestation will spawn new Outbreaks on nearby "clean" nodes at 25% Infestation. Phorid manifestation will boost all Outbreaks on the planet by 3% every tick instead of 1% but he won't override the mission or grow more % (so Phorid nodes remain pretty much the same, only boosting other outbreaks) Reclamation Efforts: Local forces would send Invasions into the Infested-controlled nodes over the 24 hours they last. If won (with help from players) they would retake the nodes. These reclamation efforts will start at 75/25 Infested/Reclamation progress and will show up 4 hours after a node has been overrun and if defeated they will return 4h later to try again.
  13. Yes, Blade Storm has changed since the start of the game (Ash was one of the 8 originals frame, with Excalibur being the first). I already gave a history of the ability, but if you are interested here it is again: Hopefully it will.
  14. I'm up for some more like that. But we're discussing Ash here, not general game mechanics. Shuriken requires no LoS, has no marking phase slowing everything down, and it's also onehanded so you can use it while you shoot. Blade Storm overlaps a lot with Shuriken I must say. Like a clunkier but stronger version of it. Would be nice if Blade Storm was turned into a super mode that improved Ash's other abilities, like replacing the 2 shurikens for 2 clone attacks. If you ally is down, then chances are Blade Storm is just as useless because it takes way longer to kill the enemies than they take to respawn and rush your friend's dying spot. The "shadow realm" or "predator mode" or whatever we call that is a problem in terms of how it's implemented. The marking mode points to Blade Storm being something you don't have on all the time as it doesn't provide any benefit and only drains energy (good thing DE made energy refund a thing, I have to give them credit for it) and you only turn it on when it's time to kick major arse, the ability to mark large groups of enemies quickly (in theory, as the pinpoint marking makes it posible only if you wiggle like a maniac or have some top twich reflex precision aiming skills). Design is not just numbers and how mechanics operate but also how they are presented. The ability is counterintuitive because the presentation has little to no relation to it's use. 2 marks = 24 energy. See? a slightly cheaper, stronger shuriken that is akward to use. May as well be the same damn ability. And SScreen by default costs 35 energy. So the first 6 marks you are paying them full price all the time. And modding for Max Efficiency was actually the PROBLEM of old Bladestorm. At 100 energy it was fine, it only became a mindless bladespam on max efficiency settings, so rather than nerfing BS DE should have nerfed Efficiency into oblivion instead, would have fixed similar issues all across the board. In open fields I have outkilled my BS with my Tiberon on burst fire, not even auto, and on closed spaces my Rubico's 5 bullets have killed over half the marks I did before the clones got to them. Anything that requires defending X is a no-no for Ash as he can't possibly keep up the kill rate on his own. Sortie Defense used to be viable as Ash could cloak the target but that got nerfed too for no other reason other than to nerf Ash further. Survivals are playable, in the sense that Superman 64 is playable. Ash can't keep the killrate to force enemy spawns to keep LS up. Similar things happen all over the place on endurance. And there aren't endurance-level missions of other types where guns still outperform Ash by miles. I suggest you take the time to read the rework I proposed, cause Press4ToWin it ain't. It's more about being Fun&Effective than being another Saryn or Memestrike Whipin'. I like throwing some flowery language ocassionally, you gotta admit the goat's thing was unexpected and somewhat creative 🙂 A marking mode like that would work if we were still in Warframe Circa U12, but in current WF is too slow and too clunky to be good. And as I said it's presentation is at odds with the mechanics. And I did mention current version is salvageable if DE fixes the core issues with it, but a rework of the frame while keeping the same thematic would be better (assuming they do it right this time and not fck it up even harder than they did with the initial Revisit, which even you have to admit was the worst thing ever) No. I can end with 50% the killrate on any missions without using slowstorm at all. Just using my guns, navigation skills and melee. And not an Ignis or something else with AoE, but with my trusty Tiberon P or Rubico and a Nikana with no Reach mods at all. I think it's bad because it's design is bad. Because it has so many obvious flaws that make it something you don't wanna use at all on most situations. I do use it, when my gun is reloading an enemy is out of melee range and I don't feel like going to them and chop them to pieces, otherwise I do so and not bother with the 4 key at all. In fact most times I press 4 is because I intended to swtich to Operator mode and misplaced my finger. And consider this is the BUFFED post revisit version. Original Revisit was outright detrimental to use.
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