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  1. I normally use Handspring on my exilus, so Enemy Sense always had a place in my regular 8 slots. Now I just replaced with Vigilante Pursuit.
  2. Exalted Bladestorm Concept!

    While I like how it looks. There's one glaring problem: Efficiency. You see, that stat is completely broken (and has been and will be, but that's not the point). So balancing around it is not advised. Why? Current BS is balanced around max efficiency, and without it you can't really use it as it drains too much energy. You need to balance the frame to work by default. If it works by default, any build will do, that gives players choice. On average, if you play melee, you will have 10 to 30 enemies in 15m radius around you. By your numbers it would mean a drain of 20 to 60 energy per second+10 each time you attack. That is insane. What's the problem? drain per enemy. Raise slightly the drain per second to 5 or 8, and remove the drain per enemy.

    At the very least get Hunter Recovery. You doge/kat will heal you whenever they deal damage, which means you can replace Life Strike on melee and just bring a pet along. Hunter Munitions is also very good, and Hunter Adrenaline is an upgrade to Rage. That's 3 mods you could have equiped for their benefits, and you get half set-bonus as a plus.
  4. Ash rework suggestion

    Very well, I stand corrected. Still, the fact it works at endurance levels doesn't meant it is well designed, as most players don't go that far. For most content (100 and below), simply using his oher abilities or his weapons is much better than using BS ever will. It has damage, but damage is nothing without speed, energy economy and build diversity. The Pre-nerf BS was bad, no doubt there, but it worked well regardless of your build, you could run with a Blind Rage it would still work, you could go with Overextended and it was still good (tho it was dangerous too), you could go Narrowminded and have less range but more control. That is lost with current BS. What's more, Old BS didn't overlap with Teleport. One was mobility+assassination, the other was "murder everything" tool, limited by not being able to kill disruptors or eximus, which were no doubt intended to be taken out before BS to avoid getting stuck (that didn't deter idiotic spammer players though). Current BS serves only as "get a few sec of invul, and kill targets one by one", which overlaps with Teleport. By now they could realistically be merged into a single dual-ability and there wouldn't be any problem, since both have the basic principle of "ash teleports to someone and stabs". And Ash get a new actual ultimate ability. It could be either a nuke (which would be redundant if current BS is merged with TP) or a supermode (which may be a temporary buff to his other abilities or an exalted weapon, or both). Clone Summoning is also on the table, but AI is not really good so that's the least reliable path. I actually deal with it, by rarely if ever using it (it's great to take out Helions and Dargyns mid flight), and among my builds is one that allows me to use it. But that doesn't mean one has to accept this insult of a revisit that didn't fix anything in favor of the frame besides the easy QoL of SScreen (Teleport to object is rather annyoing most of the time or useless, so it's more of a sidegrade or a downgrade). Specially whne you consider that all the reworks/revisit since then have been mostly upgrades and positive changes to the frames. Ash stands out of how a revisit shouldn't be done.
  5. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    I understand. But then they come up just 2 months later with Nidus, one of the best designed frames. 3 months later Limbo gets changed for good. Then Oberon is made viable. Then Hydroid is made viable. And Hydroid himself gets several on the fly hotfixes that correct design flaws the rework has. Ash took them nine months to give SS an easy QoL change, make BS garbage (despite Marking Mode being terrible been pointed out MONTHS in advance by players) and the unbroken silence about if they are going to fix the mess or not, really makes one go mad. The revisited Ash for the wrong reasons. They did it to shut up the whiners who complained about Ash bladespamming everything and locking eximi alive in animations, and ignored the actual fans of the frame. Yet you said it correct. Regarding Ash there are seemingly two kinds of feedback: bring back press4towin, usually as world on bladestorm or "just let the clones do evr'thin", and people who understand that both old p42w and current are bad by design and we need something new, and tackle that with creative ideas. Both agree that his other abilities need a look too, but not exactly in which form. My problem (I think) is that, while I give constructive feedback and point the correct flaws, I'm just going insane and becoming abrasive (mostly due to dealing with jerks who try to convince me BS isn't garbage because "with X super specific and expensive/verydififculttoget build BS works just fine!" which is another way of saying "I won't say this ability is sh*T because stacking multiple broken mechanics together makes it goodish"). I would have gone insane long ago if it wasn't for this:
  6. Ash rework suggestion

    They also need to be looked at. But this is an Ash Thread. And Chroma and Banshee didn't get scr*wed as bad as Ash was. He went from having a good ultimate to one of the worst ones.
  7. It's a joke ?? (devstream 101)

    They existed but rarely got used in combat, they were mostly for D meassuring. This.
  8. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    Or, considering they took nine freaking months for the shody revisit what happened was that they just of half forgot the revisit because they were busy makking Nidus and the TWW or whatever, the art team showed up with the deluxe skin ready, and they just said "scr*w it!" and released it the way it is hoping that dangling a shiny skin would distract players. Of course, it didn't work once players sat to do the math and actually play with the thing.
  9. Ash rework suggestion

    You guys are facing an endless debate. It will be along the lines of: "See, BS is fine as it is! Because with THIS ONE (very expensive) build it works totally fine!" "What if I don't have those arcanes and rivens or want a different build?" "Play another frame" Current BS doesn't even need to be scrapped. Just merge it with Teleport since they kind of do the same thing anyway. Then give Ash a proper interactive ult with synergy and build diversity. Everyone wins,
  10. Ash rework suggestion

    Actually, IF BS worked in Conclave as it does now in PvE it would be okay. The problem in Conclave is that DE made it deal half the damage of every other offensive ultimate, reduced the range to pointblank and made it impair Ash, all for no reason. Of course I do. Damage/energy would be okay if it was 15 energy for 3 marks, or what it's the same: 5 energy default per mark. Builds you have two paths: build for what you want, or build to make bladestorm not a waste of energy and/or time. And you only have 1 build to make BS decent. It has little synergy on invisibility, but it's not enough to counter the bullsh*t cost so it's as if wasn't there. And Agility Drift is rarely used :(
  11. O, Bunny-O, O Bunny-O...

    And shows that WF players are both classy, lectured and hilarious at the same time.
  12. Native American Frame

    Don't know the exact name, and I s*ck at drawing so I didn't add it. But he would have a small feather ornament with two or three feathers dangling. But when you activate 'Great Spirit' and trough all it's duration, it becomes the big chieftain-looking ornament with many feathers.
  13. Ash rework suggestion

    May I remind you that Shuriken in Conclave has almost non-existent tracking and deals half the damage of a Kunai ?
  14. Native American Frame

    There MUST be a catchy badass name out there!
  15. Ash rework suggestion

    It also drains ridiculous amounts of energy and and it's so slow that you need stacking energy sources and max efficiency to counter the first and Primed Fury+Arcane Strike+Riven with at least +40% attack speed to counter the second. And the marking mode adds nothing to the ability, the ability itself is entirely redundant and performs worse at all levels of content than other tools Ash may have at his disposal.