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  1. Well they don't technically "drop". They are syndicate rewards, however they are fairly cheap (only 2k) and require rank 1, so they aren't precisely difficult to get. They are also tradable. And if that fails, just put them on Rathuum alongisde other PvE stances, so each time you either get Endo or a random Stance. Thematically it fits, as Teshin's gig is training us, so adding a bunch of stances could count as teaching us a new fighting style. So far there isn't any logical reason to not make them usable in Coop Loadouts. They wouldn't displace PvE stances as the Conclave ones lack damage multipliers, the only stance that was straight up better was Rending Wind Machete stance being superior to Sundering Weave, which is now moot with Cyclone Kraken released.
  2. So, basically like the Arena system WoW used in WotLK, which iirc s*cked for everyone who didn't win every single match. You would get 10 to 25 points per victory and lose 100 to 150 per defeat, which was bonkers, specially considering the best gear required a certain amount of score to be available (which meant players who won more matches were getting better gear than the ones losing it, which kept the things pretty much where they stood). To me the only change that we could use right now is to make people with a certain number of kills or matches completed no longer eligible for Recruit Conditioning. It has been a common advice for new or inexperienced players to stay within RC until they can hone their skills and get the low rank needed mods before advancing. Making a beeline for the Typhoon often results in a lot of frustration. Granted, you can actually get to Typhoon with starting equipment and no mods and still do fine. We could use a warning when trying to upgrade from Rank 2 to Rank 3 saying "If you move to the next Rank Recruit Conditioning will be disabled permanently, are you sure?"
  3. What invisibility does is make enemies not actively attack you or go alert if you are within their LoS. The AI can certainly see you, but it checks if the unit in question should. If they hear gunshots, they will fire at the source, that is, you. If you melee them, they will try to shoot you too. If they are in a 'forced alert' like what happens with Capture missions or Arena modes or Endless modes, they will go to where you are and wait for the invisibility ends so the AI can tell "well, NOW you can shoot that 'invisible' ninja you were aiming at".
  4. A few extra changes: +Change enemy alarms to put enemies on 'Suspicious' status and rush to the alarming room, but not give the player's position in real time so a player can break LoS and wait for a chance to turn the alarms off. +Make Rollers and Ospreys no longer spawn naturally. Instead being deployed by terrain or alerted crewmen when alerted or an alarm is activated +Make enemy perception be affected by light sources, allowing players to hide in dark areas or be more visible in light areas. +Make all light sources destroyable, so a player can put a room in darkness. Alarmed enemies could gain flashlights that point where their weapons do. Shattering lights could alert nearby enemies for a period of time and lure them by noise to it. +Make certain security features like Grineer Magnetic Doors or even permanent Corpus Laser Grids deactivate when a friendly unit is nearby or passing trough it, or when a corpse is there. +Allow players to hack security terminals when an alarm isn't activated to disable security features like Cameras, Sensors and even security terminals so enemies can't activate them. Could be a temporary security window. +Add a mod for Throwing Knives (Kunai, Despair, Hikou, Spira) to create noise when missed, so a player can throw them to distract. +Make Stealth Finisher attacks destroy bodies without requiring channeling. Alternatively, add a mod that does just that. Also, add Stealth oriented missions: +Triggering level alarms causes a Mission Fail. +Add very powerful enemies that can bring down a Warframe easily in direct combat and even be resitant or inmune to powers, but are very vulnerable to Stealth Finisher attacks. +Add enemies that can see trough invisibility and even dispel it. +Add alternate paths to tilesets like vents with no enemy pathing on them (so they don0t wander in). Alternatively make those paths only active for alerted enemies.
  5. Bastet was a godess of home, harmony and happyness... when she was in a good mood. When she got pissed, she was terrifying and very violent, with a hair-trigger temper. Her usual Cat head turned into a Lioness head.
  6. Title. It's been requested since they were introduced back in the Specters of the Rail Update (8th July 2016!)
  7. Tranquil Cleave: One-handed fast stance. The pause combo can open enemies to Finisher attacks. Drops from Frontier Butchers and Arid Butchers. Decisive Judment: Two-handed stance. The pause combo also opens to Finisher attacks. Drops from Heavy Gunner, Arid Heavy Gunner and Grineer Prison Wardens. Blind Justice: Reverse-grip stance. The pause combo features a dash attack very effective for closing gaps. The RMB combo features a slam attack and can hit multiple oponents. Drops from Stalker when he retreats. Fateful Truth: Conclave-only stance. Pause combo features a slam attack and RMB combo features a dash attack. Obtained from Teshin for 2000 Standing at Conclave Rank 1. Currently cannot be used in PvE.
  8. There's a pressure plate on the ground, once you step on it, the spheres open the lower part for about 3s, during which you can destroy the crates. Once the spheres close again you can't collect the loot inside without Vacuum or destroy the crates without an explosive weapon with Fire Storm or any weapon with Punch Trough. Be wary of the Death Orbs on the ground though, because once you step on the pressure plate they will activate.
  9. Melee playstyle makes easier to build for EHP, as Sword Alone grants mobility and sprint speed, which is generally suficient to live a bit longer. Emphasis on "a bit". Your survivability and killing potential will depend on the tileset, the CTC Orokin Tower/Derelict and Cephalon Spire maps will be your Tomb, while Lua Ruins, Desert Settlement and Grineer and Corpus ships/reactors will give you plenty of places to fight.
  10. Nah, I was just making a joke. Suggesting a mode around Ash's underpowered abilities (by comparison to, well, every other warframe) would mean I accept them as they are, which is something that I, ash user and no-nonsense balance freak, would never do. You gotta admit I am right though, as everything I said is fact and true.
  11. Simple solution: instead of "you can't pick same frame for two rounds" just make everyone stuck on Ash. His 4 hits for half the damage of every other ultimate while being one of the, if not the most inconvenient ultimate to use. His 3 is nearly pointless for any actual practical use since bulletjump exists, his 2 lasts as much as a f*rt in a bag and his 1 is weaker than mk-1 kunai. If everyone is stuck with Ash, then you can really get it from 50 energy and all orbs spawning, since the chances of people killing just with powers will be next to zero.
  12. Your dojo is haunted by the angry spirit of a sh*tty programmer hehehe
  13. I think this mod should be a general 'Bow' mod rather than Daikyu-only, similar to how 'Lie in wait' is a general Sniper mod. Anyone in favor? Opposed? Explain why.
  14. That sounds better. Would also make the requirement for Impenetrable Offense less ridiculous, and Relentless Assault could be turned into the HP regen mod melee lacks but guns have. That's all true, but the problem is that while gunplayers compete among each other for ammo, melee needs to share it's resource with everyone, as energy is always on demand. Add to that melee weapons deal sh*t damage without channeling, making it required to actually have the same TTK a gun has by default. A finite resource is fine, but not if said resource is shared with other core gameplay feature like powers. Channeling moved to it's own, drain over time, resource would be much better and a QoL improvement both in PvP and PvE. The way to replenish it could either be Stamina orbs or a somewhat balanced recharge over time. About animation lock, that's a thing that really needs to be scrapped out of the system really. As I suggested in another thread, RMB combos should be gap closers without windup on the grounds that jumping (the most effective anti-melee evasive maneuver) doesn't have a windup. To balance that out, the Impair could be moved to the 'pause' combo and the Knockdown being an Equiped Slam-only function (and removed from the weapons that still have it on Quickmelee). And Channel Efficiency is the same for all weapons, there are no exceptions. Though there are weapons with higher Channeling multipliers, but they are horribly underpowered as they deal less channeled damage than non-channeling counterparts due to dealing way way lower base damage. Example of this is the Furax Wraith, which deals less damage than Furax both normal and channeling.
  15. I'm okay with energy supply being reduced as long as melee is given it's own channeling resource instead of said mechanic draining energy. Perhaps the return of stamina? Also, Ultimates are very unbalanced. How does Mag crush fraggs all but the tankiest of frames in AoE while the arguably single target BS deals half the damage every other ultimate does?