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  1. I¡m talking specifically about Conclave here. For PvE we need chained stance combos to be the main source of damage, not easily spammable attacks.
  2. Nazrethim

    Dagger for Ash

    If you proc a Rad onto an enemy then Fatal Teleport, you will completely refill your shields and get max overshields. You also get access to the Red Veil mod for a Viral blast. Superior damage and speed, but nothing else. If you plan on just fatal teleporting then it the most desired trait is Attack Speed to speed up finisher animations.
  3. Also Quicksteel (Hikou with trishot+Nikana slam>slash). And more Variants! Like... "You have no weapons but you have powers on a Cooldown (1s for every 10 points of energy spent by ability. ie: 25=2.5s, 50=5s, 100=10s) and 20 energy regen per second"
  4. Just reduce the potency and duration of CCs by 1% per enemy level up to 90%
  5. Nazrethim

    Abilities Cooldown & Mobility Normalization

    I would like a modifier of cooldowns instead of energy. Though I would prefer dynamic cooldowns. How would that work? When you start, your first 3 abilities are ready to use but the Ultimate starts on a 90s cooldown (all ultimates would share this). Each time you die or kill that cooldown is shortened by 3s. The first 3 abilities would have cooldowns based on power and/or utility of ability. And Augments would increase ability cooldown to counterbalance the upgrade. Of course Channeled abilities will need to be changed to set Timer.
  6. Nazrethim

    Ability to "Freeze" your account

    Some details: 1- I'm totally fine with it 2-I'm totally fine with it. 3- Does the game automatically gives you whatever item the tribute has, even randomized "choices" from the ocassional "pick one of 3"? Or would it merely add a "day" without actually giving you anything? 4- Not sure about the overcap thing, but from the wording it sounds kinda good. 5- Fair enough. You should also add a cooldown to "Freeze acount" too, like "you can't freeze your account again for 7 days after it's unfrozen".
  7. Would you agree then on adding cooldowns on a case-by-case basis depending on the overall power of a given ability? Or even shifting some frames towards different resource systems? What if Trinity had her old inmortality Blessing back, on the caveat that you have to charge it up beforehand by using her other abilities to support the team? I would like an Energy Regen base for every frame of 3-5e/s on the caveat that Efficiency no longer reduces the cost, it instead increases the energy regen. That for starters, then experimenting on different resource systems fitting to Warframe themes.
  8. Nazrethim

    Ash's Bladestorm Feels Unintuitive

    Pretty much the same as always. Someone points the gordian knot of bad design behind bladestorm and someone else saying "Ash/bladestorm is fine, look how big the damage numbers are!"
  9. Nazrethim

    Ash's Bladestorm Feels Unintuitive

    And even augmented BS is flat out superior, instead of each tool having a function. (Way way WAY back, BS was in a bit of a trade-off with Teleport, sure it could kill more targets quickly, but it's damage was vastly inferior to Teleport so TP was the de-facto single target kill for elite enemies. They way current BS works it just outperforms teleport unless you reach beyond broken levels of scaling), Shuriken sadly was always useless once you got BS. That "join in" mechanic should have been tied to Blade Storm's key when it's active, not disable another ability during it. That's a crystal clear poor design and cannot be denied. Because in terms of WF Abilities, Synergy should alter how they mechanically function (if only slightly). Think how Iron Charge deals Impact, but starts doing Blast if you have Iron Skin active. Reducing energy is more of a dependency with the way current energy system works. Synergy would be that clones are invisible or award stealth-kills (if oneshot) when you are invisible, something along those lines. Let's put it this way. Most people who complain against the marking mode do so about the 4>wiggle>4, to which defenders say "you just have to turn it on and play normally". Now I ask you: in a game as colorful as Warframe, is SEPIA the "normal" way of playing? Of course not! The Sepia tones and slightly muffled sound+ominous whisper point towards "4>action" and not a WoF "always on" approach, you can see how that makes the ability unintuitive. The visuals (and to a lesser degree the audio) cues (which subtly or not so subtly point towards the intended use) go opposite to the actual most effective way of using the ability. I have no problem marking, playing so much conclave gave me a good twich reflex, which means I can mark rows of enemies easily in the span of a bulletjump, but while it doesn't affect me directly, it is for anyone trying the warframe. Do you see my point?
  10. Nazrethim

    Ash's Bladestorm Feels Unintuitive

    Here I go again: Unaugmente shuriken is pointless, augmented is niche at best. Sscreen's augment could use a lingering cloud. Teleport pretty mich requires the augment otherwise bs makes it obsolete. BS makes obsolete both shuriken and (unaugmented) teleport, makes teleport unusable it's execution, the gimmick interaction with invisibility is just a poor excuse to leep a high cost on the guise of "synergy" (that's not what it is), it's visual cues make the ability unintuitive.
  11. Funny, I actually proposed a rework for Trinity that adressed that without being a straight nerf. You can read it here: Maiming Strike only needs a 3 seconds internal cooldown. The problem is that the "meta" is so ludicrously broken that makes pretty much impossible to add actual endgame where you test your skill and wits and not how much you grinded. It also makes the whole broken enemy scaling a necesity, as well as other bs mechanics (hello energy leeches!) if only to sort of counter our broken builds (not that it works depending on case).
  12. Nazrethim

    Individual Modding per ability.

    Yes. In fact I've been trying to push for it, mostly gets downvoted because my usual way is "nerf everything, enemies, weapons, warframes, everything!". This time I tried to go DE's route: add a system that further pushes the creep while being a grind (in this case, mod copies and Endo/credit sink). I still have to figure out the full ramifications of this proposal though.
  13. Nazrethim

    Individual Modding per ability.

    Title. Basically you mod abilities individually. How would this work? First, it wouldn't be a common thing. It would be a feature unlocked per Warframe via a special consumable item. Once you upgrade a specific warframe with it you unlock "advanced modding" which basically gives you a modding page for each ability of the upgraded warframe. These pages would only allow Power Mods (the normal ones, corrupted and Augment) and only have 4 slots per ability. Drifts and Set mods wouldn't be allowed. The kicker is that these work like Primary/Secondary vs Sentinel modding: If you equip, say Intensify, on Fireball, that specific mod can't be equiped on the Warframe or other abilities, so you need more copies of mods to upgrade everything. Equiping mods on the Warframe still affects all abilities, but only those that don't have a copy of it already. Say you equip Streamline on both Ember and Fireball, Fireball only is affected by it's own Streamline and not the Warframe one. So that's the system. What would be that item that unlocks this "Advanced Modding" and where it would be obtained I don't know (nor care for the time being) I want to know what you guys think about this little thought experiment. I summon @Azamagon to give me some insight.
  14. How about removing +Damage mods, nerf others mods from 90/60% to 45/30%, IPS mods from 120/90 to 45/30% (and also making them scale off the total damage of the weapon), make the old 30% IPS mods into 30% damage conversion (that is, changing 30% of the weapons' base total damage to whatever you equip)? That would make damage mods more or less just as useful as Utility mods and allow for more build diversity. The problem of Build Diversity in warframe doesn't come from lack of slots, it comes from Damage mods being way more useful than Utility mods.
  15. Nazrethim

    Ash's Bladestorm Feels Unintuitive

    Notice how ALL comments of "Ash is fine" always fall on "BS deals a lot of damage" and completely ignore all the other flaws that aren't related to damage, you know, the actual design and not the stats