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Enemies' Ragdoll Immunity?


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Putting this into its own thread.


I've noticed that with several weapons which cause enemies to enter a ragdoll state, once they recover they are literally immune to further ragdoll attacks for an extended period of time, making it impossible to further CC/disable them.


A good example I have from yesterday, where I used Kogake to try and kick an Ancient Disruptor off a catwalk during Io Infested Defense. He didn't quite make it over the railing, and slumped down. He slowly got up, and no matter how often I kept kicking him, he wouldn't move (even after he was back on his feet and moving). With only maxed attack-speed and charge-speed mods on the Kogake, there was little damage done to the guy so I kept kicking over and over, no ragdolling at any given moment. Ended up killing him with just fury-induced normal strikes.


Similar thing happens with the Kestrel. First hit works fine, then you have to wait for quite a few seconds before hitting the guy again with it will once again send him flying.


Is this a mechanic to avoid perma-CC, or just a flaw in the ragdoll code?

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