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Anyone got any ideea about this ?



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A lot of people have been having issues with that one. First off, make sure all the headshots you're getting are kills. If they aren't, they don't count. Also, taking Aim Glide mods like Patagium that give you more time in the air can help as well. Moreover, depending on your play style you may try taking an Ivara and using noise arrow to lure a group of enemies close together, then using sleep to keep them there while you line up your shots.

If high damage single shot weapons aren't working for you, you may try a higher fire rate weapon since you can get off more shots in a smaller amount of time. Since they all have to go down in the same aim glide, make sure you're going somewhere low level so you're practically guaranteed to one shot everything. I don't know if any of this helps, but I wish you the best of luck regardless.

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