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[DE]George and the sound team (devstream 84)


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I just wanted to say after watching the segment from @[DE]George on changing how we hear the sound effects, I was quite impressed.  It was pretty fantastic being able to actually hear individual sounds in the mission they previewed.

I've not played a lot of other games, lately or otherwise, but the ones I have played it was the sounds alongside the gfx that really set the tone and the atmosphere for me.  The ambient noises not being all mashed together will be a tremendous change to how we experience the game, I think.  It may even help with hearing our weapons feel more crisp and clean rather than just another noise in the background to ignore.

Anyway I felt this needed its own appreciation thread so if you agree feel free to comment on what you thought below.

Sidenote: I put this in general because it was about previews and not actually feedback about anything currently in game, I humbly apologize if this was the wrong forum for this type of topic.

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